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We know that different users have different needs, so we've developed a selection of products to satisfy our customers. You might be planning to do only one or two proposals for very specific purposes, so you'd like to focus on a simple look and use only a handful of templates. Or you might be planning to create a multitude of proposals for a wide variety of clients, so you want a choice of logo designs and all the document and contract templates you can get. Review the descriptions of our products below, and then decide which package is right for you.

Proposal Kit

Proposal Kit Professional is our most inclusive package. The most commonly used packages are bundled here into one convenient product, which we sell for a price that is far below the cost of buying all those packages separately. There are thousands of templates, tons of sample proposals, and spreadsheets to help you estimate projects, as well as reports and tips and guides to assist you every step of the way. If you're not sure how many proposal projects you're going to do in the future, or if you simply want to start off with the most complete package you can get your hands on, this is the product for you.

Proposal Pack Wizard

Proposal Pack Wizard is an optional add-on software application you can use to further automate your proposal development process. Proposal Pack Wizard can simply make your proposal writing project easier; it is not required with any of our packages. The Proposal Pack Wizard application is designed to be used with our Proposal Kit Professional, Proposal Pack and Contract Pack.

Proposal Pack

Proposal Pack is designed for general business use by any company selling a product and/or service to another company, pitching a project, looking for funding, applying for a grant, and so forth. You can choose a dignified plain look or a version with a graphic design that matches your type of business. If you know in advance that your proposal writing needs will be limited, this is your most economical choice.

Sample Proposals

Sample Proposals include examples of finished proposals that were created using Proposal Packs. Samples illustrate how proposals have been created using various Proposal Pack styles. The samples include proposals from nearly every type of organization, both for-profit and nonprofit. You can find examples that run the gamut: we've included all sorts in there, everything from sample applications for government grants to sales proposals for environmental cleanup services to book proposals and research studies. And there's no need to purchase this as a separate package, because the Sample Proposals are already included in every Proposal Pack and Proposal Kit Professional product.

Contract Packs

Contract Pack is a large collection of contract and agreement documents for many types of business. Every contract included is designed to be customized by you for your particular purpose. We've worked to include the most common legal clauses and structures; you always start with the most complete contract template, and then edit out the clauses that you don't need. We've assembled a broad assortment of contracts to meet a wide variety of needs. However, if your contract needs are simple, you can purchase lower cost subsets of the Contract Pack. Specialized subsets are available for any business's human resources needs, web freelancers, IT companies, advertisers, marketers, contractors and photographers.

Estimate Pack

Estimate Pack is a collection of estimate spreadsheets that help you figure the cost of various multimedia projects such as web sites, CD-ROM/DVDs and video. Estimate Pack is not sold as a separate product. Instead, all spreadsheets included in the Estimate Pack are included in the Proposal Kit Professional bundle.

Project Management Pack

Project Management Pack is a collection of materials used to conduct an extensive interview, design a project storyboard, and then develop, deploy and market a project. Included are worksheets, guides, reports and all sorts of tips that will make your professional life easier. Project Management Pack is not sold separately, but is included in the Proposal Kit Professional bundle.

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Proposal Kit
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