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Contract Pack

Contract Pack is a large collection of contract and agreement documents including: human resources, web freelancers, IT companies, advertisers, marketers, contractors and photographers.

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Contract Pack             Contract Pack
 Pre-Project Contracts
   Pre-contract Design Protection Agreement     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Non-Disclosure Form (Short Version)     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Non-Disclosure Form (Long Version)     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Authorization to Start Work     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Engagement Letter     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Engagement Letter with Services Agreement         Y       Y     Y     Y
   Engagement Welcome Letter (Verbose)     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
 Web Development Contracts              
   Web Development Contract (Developer Centered)             Y     Y     Y
   Web Development Contract (Client Centered)             Y     Y     Y
   Web Site Maintenance Contract             Y     Y     Y
   Web Application Support Services Contract             Y     Y     Y
   Web Development Contract (Developer Centered) (Canada)               Y     Y
   Web Development Contract (Client Centered) (Canada)               Y     Y
   Web Development Short Form Contract (Canada)             Y     Y     Y
   Web Development Contract (Developer Centered) (Quebec)               Y     Y
   Web Development Contract (Client Centered) (Quebec)               Y     Y
   Web Site Development Agreement (UK)               Y     Y
   Web Site Development Agreement (Australia)               Y     Y
   Web Site Development Short Agreement (UK & Australia)             Y     Y     Y
 CD-ROM Development Contracts              
   CD-ROM Replication Contract               Y     Y
   Replication Quote Order Form               Y     Y
   CD-ROM Development Contract (US)               Y     Y
   CD-ROM Development Contract (Canada)               Y     Y
   CD-ROM Development Contract (Quebec)               Y     Y
   CD-ROM Development Agreement (UK)               Y     Y
   CD-ROM Development Agreement (Australia)               Y     Y
 Specialty Project/Service Contracts              
   Video and Multimedia Production Contract         Y           Y
   SEO Services Contract               Y     Y
   Outsourced Help Desk Service Level Contract               Y     Y
   Speaking Engagement Contract     Y               Y
   Audio Recording / Voice Talent Contract     Y           Y       Y
   Translation Services Contract     Y               Y
   Manufacturing Contract       Y             Y
   Social Networking Services Contract             Y     Y     Y
 Advertising and Marketing Contracts              
   Advertising and Marketing Agency Contract     Y               Y
   Advertising and Promotion Contract     Y               Y
   Email Marketing and Campaign Agreement     Y           Y       Y
   Email Marketing Creative by Agency Agreement     Y               Y
   Email Marketing Creative by Designer Agreement     Y               Y
   Pay Per Click (PPC) SEO Campaign Services Contract     Y             Y     Y
   Broker Commission Sales Agreement     Y               Y
 Graphics and Printing Contracts              
   Graphic Design Contract     Y           Y       Y
   Signage and Printing Order Form     Y               Y
   Print Quote Form     Y               Y
 Computer Systems Contracts              
   Computer Hardware and Networking Contract               Y     Y
   Computer and Hardware Consulting Contract               Y     Y
   Computer Support Contract               Y     Y
   On Site Computer Repair and Support (short)               Y     Y
   On Site Computer Repair and Support (long)               Y     Y
   Data Backup and Storage Contract               Y     Y
 Hosting Contracts              
   Hosting and Support Services Memorandum             Y     Y     Y
   Email Hosting (Shared Server) Contract             Y     Y     Y
   Web Site Hosting Contract             Y     Y     Y
   Adult Web Site Hosting Agreement               Y     Y
   Single Page Web Hosting Contract             Y     Y     Y
   Web Server Colocation Hosting Contract               Y     Y
   Colocation Hosting Short Form Contract               Y     Y
   Web Site Dedicated Hosting Contract               Y     Y
   Hosted Services ASP Contract               Y     Y
   Managed Hosting Service Level Agreement               Y     Y
   Web Hosting Change Addendum             Y     Y     Y
 Photography Service/Product Contracts              
   Photography Services Contract         Y           Y
   Assignment or Event Photography Contract         Y           Y
   Wedding Photography Agreement         Y           Y
   Royalty-free Stock Photography EULA         Y           Y
   Royalty-free Authorized Use Stock Photography EULA         Y           Y
   Rights Managed Stock Photography EULA         Y           Y
   Photo Reprint EULA         Y           Y
   Self Service Photo Reprint EULA         Y           Y
   Adult Content License Agreement         Y           Y
   Title 18 Section 2257 Record Keeping         Y           Y
   Title 18 Section 2257 Record Worksheet         Y           Y
   Model Release Agreement         Y           Y
   Model Release Agreement with Witness         Y           Y
   Special Event Multiple Model Release         Y           Y
   Special Event Multiple Model Release with Witness         Y           Y
   Minor Model Release         Y           Y
   Adult Model Release Agreement         Y           Y
   Multiple Model Release Agreement         Y           Y
   Multiple Model Release with Witness         Y           Y
   Property Release Agreement         Y           Y
   Property Release Agreement with Witness         Y           Y
   Multiple Property Release Agreement         Y           Y
   Multiple Property Release with Witness         Y           Y
   Agency Photo Shoot Model Release Agreement         Y           Y
   Pocket Photo Release Agreement         Y           Y
   Pocket Photo Release with Witness         Y           Y
   Photo Reprint Rights Agreement         Y           Y
   Photo Credit Waiver         Y           Y
 General Service/Product Contracts              
   General Project Work Order (No Deposit)       Y         Y       Y
   General Project Work Order (With Deposit)       Y         Y       Y
   Project Development Short Form Contract       Y         Y     Y     Y
   Services Retainer Agreement     Y     Y           Y     Y
   Hourly Services Agreement     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   General Services Agreement       Y           Y     Y
   Simple Work Authorization Agreement     Y     Y     Y       Y       Y
   Repair Estimate Quote       Y           Y     Y
   General Contractor Work Order       Y             Y
   Right of First Refusal Partnership Agreement     Y               Y
   Right of First Refusal with Non-Disclosure Agreement     Y               Y
   Works for Hire Agreement       Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Equipment Rental Agreement       Y     Y         Y     Y
   Projector Rental Agreement               Y     Y
 Contract Exhibits and Schedules              
   Exhibit A (Payment Terms)     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Exhibit B (Specifications)     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Exhibit B (Wedding Photography Specifications)         Y           Y
   Exhibit C (Developer Materials)     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Exhibit D (Addresses)     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Exhibit E (Additional Services)     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Exhibit F (Project Change Form)     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Exhibit G (Business Requirements)               Y     Y
   Schedule A (Payment Terms) (Can/UK/Aus)               Y     Y
   Schedule B (Specifications) (Can/UK/Aus)               Y     Y
   Schedule C (Developer Materials) (Can/UK/Aus)               Y     Y
   Schedule D (Addresses) (Can/UK/Aus)               Y     Y
   Schedule E (Additional Services) (Can/UK/Aus)               Y     Y
   Schedule F (Project Change Form) (Can/UK/Aus)               Y     Y
   Contract Milestones Checklist             Y     Y     Y
   Contract Specifications Definitions             Y     Y     Y
   Software Requirements Specifications             Y     Y     Y
 Contract Modification Documents              
   Project Change Request Form (During Maintenance)     Y     Y         Y     Y     Y
   Contract Change Form (During Development)     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Contract Signature Change Authorization     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Milestone Waiver Agreement       Y           Y     Y
   Project Consulting Override     Y     Y         Y     Y     Y
   Project Additional Expense Form     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Contract Renewal Form     Y     Y         Y     Y     Y
 Contract Acceptance Documents              
   Contract Milestone Acceptance Signoff Form       Y         Y     Y     Y
   Project Contract Acceptance Signoff Form     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Project Contract Acceptance Signoff Form (Verbose)     Y     Y           Y     Y
   Project Acceptance Partial Signoff     Y     Y           Y     Y
   Project Acceptance Simple Signoff     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
 Software Contracts              
   Software Development Contract               Y     Y
   Mobile Software Development Contract               Y     Y
   Open Source Application Development Agreement               Y     Y
   Open Source Software Installation Agreement               Y     Y
   Prepackaged Software Service Level Agreement               Y     Y
   Game Software Development Contract               Y     Y
   Software Co-development Contract               Y     Y
   Software Joint Venture Development Agreement               Y     Y
   Database Software Development Contract               Y     Y
   Software EULA and Warranty Agreement               Y     Y
   SAAS Software as a Service Agreement               Y     Y
   SAAS Software as a Service Client License               Y     Y
   SAAS Software as a Service Clickwrap Agreement               Y     Y
   PAD Software Distribution Clickwrap Agreement               Y     Y
   Software Trial License Agreement               Y     Y
   Software Reviewers Contract               Y     Y
   Software Beta Testers Contract               Y     Y
   Software Product Inclusion Contract               Y     Y
   Software Product Return Form               Y     Y
   Software License and Royalty Agreement               Y     Y
   Software Acquisition Contract               Y     Y
   Software Development Plan               Y     Y
   Software Testing Plan               Y     Y
   Software Project Test Task List Spreadsheet               Y     Y
   Software Build Requirements               Y     Y
   Software Test Use Case (Individual)               Y     Y
   Software Test Use Case (Master Plan)               Y     Y
 Intellectual Property Contracts              
   Permission to Link Agreement     Y             Y     Y
   Non-commercial Usage Agreement     Y       Y           Y
   Permission to Quote Author Agreement     Y               Y
   Reprint Rights Agreement     Y       Y           Y
   Permission to Reprint Testimonial Agreement     Y       Y           Y
   Affidavit of Original Work     Y               Y
   Affidavit of Original Work and Release     Y               Y
   Affidavit of Copyright with Release (Non-Original)     Y               Y
   Copywriting Contract     Y               Y
   Syndication Contract     Y               Y
 Ownership Transfer Contracts              
   Project Copyright Transfer Contract     Y       Y         Y     Y
   Writers Transfer of Copyright Contract     Y               Y
   Copyright Transfer Short Form Contract     Y             Y     Y
   Assignment of Domain Name Contract     Y             Y     Y
   Sale of Used Equipment Terms and Conditions         Y         Y     Y
 Policy Templates              
   Privacy Policy Template           Y     Y     Y     Y
   Internet Sweepstakes Rules Template               Y     Y
   Disclaimer on Services Agreement Template               Y     Y
   Interactive Service Disclaimer Policy     Y           Y     Y     Y
   Acceptable Use Policy Template               Y     Y
   Age Verification Policy     Y       Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Adult Web Hosting Acceptable Use Policy               Y     Y
   Adult Web Site Entrance Policy               Y     Y
   Affiliate Terms Policy Template               Y     Y
   Customer Complaint Policy         Y     Y       Y     Y
   Shipping Policy         Y       Y       Y
   Data Center Access and Security Policy Template               Y     Y
   Data Center Physical Access Policy and Agreement               Y     Y
   EU Safe Harbor Policy Template               Y     Y
   Spam and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) Policy             Y     Y     Y
 Contractor and Employee Contracts              
   Subcontractor Short Form Contract       Y       Y         Y
   Subcontractor Long Form Contract       Y       Y         Y
   Contract Salesperson Agreement       Y       Y         Y
   Employee Copyright Contract           Y         Y
   Employment Short Form Contract       Y       Y         Y
   Contractor Employment Resignation           Y         Y
   Employee Resignation Agreement           Y         Y
   Employee Resignation Agreement (Non-Compete)           Y         Y
 Reseller Agreements              
   Reseller/VAR Contract               Y     Y
   Web Site Hosting Reseller Short Form Contract               Y     Y
   Web Site Hosting Reseller Long Form Contract               Y     Y
   SEO Services Reseller Contract               Y     Y
 Notification of Problem Documents              
   Trademark Cease and Desist Notification Form     Y       Y         Y     Y
   Copyright Infringement Worksheet     Y       Y       Y     Y     Y
   Copyright Cease and Desist Notification Form     Y       Y       Y     Y     Y
   Copyright Cease and Desist Notification Form (Verbose)     Y       Y       Y     Y     Y
   Patent Infringement Cease and Desist Form               Y     Y
   Breach of Contract Notification Form     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Demand Release of Domain Name     Y           Y     Y     Y
   Contract Dissolution Agreement     Y     Y       Y       Y     Y
   Partnership Dissolution Agreement     Y             Y     Y
   Service Termination and Settlement Agreement             Y     Y     Y
   Service Termination and Settlement (No Migration)             Y     Y     Y
   Service Termination and Settlement (Server Migration)             Y     Y     Y
   Affiliate / VAR Termination Agreement             Y     Y     Y
   Security Breach Report Form           Y     Y     Y     Y
   Bug Report Template             Y     Y     Y
   Software Problem Report             Y     Y     Y
   Error Code Mapping Worksheet             Y     Y     Y
   Notice of Overdue Account     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Second Notice of Overdue Account     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Final Notice of Overdue Account     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Letter Before Debt Recovery Action     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Collections Letter for Invalid Payment     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Termination of Account Notice     Y     Y         Y     Y     Y
   Account Termination Notification Letter             Y     Y     Y
   Web Hosting Shutoff Notice             Y     Y     Y
   Customer Notice of Corrective Action     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Notice of Rejected Payment Letter     Y     Y     Y       Y       Y
   Claim of Lien       Y             Y
   Waiver and Release of Lien       Y             Y
 Miscellaneous Templates              
   Account Setup Template     Y     Y         Y     Y     Y
   Invoice Billing Template     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Purchase Order Template               Y     Y
   Statement of Work Template     Y     Y         Y     Y     Y
   Billable Services Reference Sheet     Y     Y           Y     Y
   Expense Report     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Customer Thank You Letter     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Customer Survey Form     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Essential Functions Priority List           Y       Y     Y
   Annual Corporate Meeting Minutes           Y         Y
   Continuity Plan Worksheet               Y     Y
   Affidavit of Fictitious Business Name     Y     Y     Y       Y     Y     Y
   Maintenance Contract Termination Letter       Y         Y     Y     Y
   Asset Destruction Loss Worksheet     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Notice of Intent to Vacate Property Letter       Y     Y     Y         Y
   Interactive Creative Brief Worksheet     Y           Y     Y     Y
   Vendor and Supplier Profile Worksheet     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Company Vendor Change Of Address Letter     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Notice of Rate Decrease Letter     Y     Y     Y       Y       Y
   Notice of Rate Increase Letter     Y     Y     Y       Y       Y
 Checklists and Logs              
   Permission for Written Material Log     Y       Y       Y       Y
   Permission for Photos Log     Y       Y       Y       Y
 Debt and Credit Agreements              
   Extending Credit to Client Application       Y             Y
   Customer Business Credit Application       Y             Y
   Approval of Business Credit Notice       Y             Y
   Decline of Business Credit Letter       Y             Y
   Request to Expedite Payment Letter       Y     Y       Y       Y
   Company Credit Reference Request       Y             Y
   Authorization to Charge Credit Card       Y         Y       Y
   ACH Transaction Authorization Form       Y         Y     Y     Y
   Client Debt Compromise Contract       Y     Y           Y
   Software and Services Quit Claim             Y     Y     Y
   Chargeback Reversal Agreement (Standard)               Y     Y
   Chargeback Reversal Agreement (Stronger)               Y     Y
   Equity Investment Contract               Y     Y
   Debt Transfer Agreement       Y             Y
 Internal Company Plans              
   Disaster Recovery Plan               Y     Y
   Software Disaster Recovery Plan               Y     Y
   Software Training Plan               Y     Y
 Human Resources Letters, Forms and Policies              
   Human Resources Guide           Y         Y
   Human Resources Guide Update Addendum           Y         Y
   Smartphone and PDA Usage Policy           Y         Y
   Personal Technology Usage Policy           Y         Y
   Wireless Networking Usage Policy           Y         Y
   Telecommuting and Remote Work Policy           Y         Y
   Petty Cash Policy           Y         Y
   Expense Reimbursement Plan       Y       Y         Y
   Wellness Reimbursement Request           Y         Y
   Company Equipment Checkout Form       Y     Y     Y         Y
   Company Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures           Y         Y
   Sexual Harassment Complaint Form       Y       Y         Y
   Company Job Description Form           Y         Y
   Application for Employment       Y       Y         Y
   Applicant Consent to Release Information           Y         Y
   Employment Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure           Y         Y
   Employment Verification Letter           Y         Y
   Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent Form           Y         Y
   Consent for Voluntary Polygraph Testing Form           Y         Y
   Financial Conflict of Interest Report           Y         Y
   Conflict of Interest Policy           Y         Y
   Offer of Employment Letter       Y       Y         Y
   Employment Interview Rejection Letter           Y         Y
   Employment Offer Rejection Letter           Y         Y
   Internship Agreement (Non-Technical)           Y         Y
   Internship Agreement (Technical/IT)           Y         Y
   Employee Performance Evaluation Form       Y       Y         Y
   Employee Performance Goal Setting Worksheet           Y         Y
   Employee Letter of Commendation           Y         Y
   Employee Letter of Excessive Absenteeism       Y       Y         Y
   Employee Notice of Corrective Action           Y         Y
   Employee Promotion Authorization Form           Y         Y
   Employee Transfer Notice Letter           Y         Y
   Employee Demotion Authorization Form           Y         Y
   Employee Demotion Letter           Y         Y
   Employee Reinstatement Notice Letter           Y         Y
   Company Internet and Asset Usage Policy           Y         Y
   Company Vacation Policy           Y         Y
   Company Vacation and Sick Leave Policy           Y         Y
   Exit Interview Worksheet           Y         Y
   Jury Duty Release Request Letter       Y     Y     Y     Y       Y
   Employee Overtime Authorization Form       Y       Y         Y
   Employee Notice of Salary Increase Form           Y         Y
   Employee Salary Reduction Letter           Y         Y
   Employee Injury Report Form           Y         Y
   Employee Grievance Report Form       Y       Y         Y
   Employee Leave Request Form           Y         Y
   Employee Absence Report Form           Y         Y
   Statement of Domestic Partnership Form           Y         Y
   Domestic Partnership Termination Form           Y         Y
   Employee Reprimand Notice Letter           Y         Y
   Employee Termination Letter           Y         Y
   Employee Suspension Notice Letter       Y       Y         Y
   Employee End of Probation Notice Letter           Y         Y
   Company Layoff Notice Form           Y         Y
   Company Layoff Notice with Severance Form           Y         Y
   Emergency Team Members List           Y       Y     Y
   Schedule Disruption Notice Letter           Y         Y
   Vehicle Rider Indemnity Agreement     Y     Y     Y     Y         Y
 Business Contracts              
   Joint Business Entity Agreement               Y     Y
   Letter of Intent Agreement     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y       Y
   General Release Agreement     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y     Y
   Durable Power of Attorney Agreement           Y         Y
 Records Management Documents              
   Application for Records Retention Form                 Y
   Authorization for Records Destruction Form                 Y
   Formal Record Hold Investigation Form                 Y
   Formal Record Hold Notice Form                 Y
   Release of Legal Hold Notice Form                 Y
   Record Retention Schedule Change Form                 Y
   Legal Hold and Discovery Log                 Y
   Records Disposition Log                 Y
Contract Pack             Contract Pack
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