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Estimate Pack

Estimate Pack is a collection of estimate spreadsheets for helping estimate the cost of various multimedia projects such as web sites, CD-ROM/DVDs and video.

Each line is a document. Each checked column is what product the document is included in. Example: The "General Project Estimate Spreadsheet" is only included in Proposal Kit Professional.

Business Proposal Estimate Spreadsheet TemplateCompare Business Proposal Products
Estimate Pack       Estimate Pack
   Project Estimate Spreadsheets
      General Project Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Complexity Cost Calculator          Y
      Software Services Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Web Site Development Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Web Site Programming Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      E-Commerce Development Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Flash Animation Project Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      CD-ROM Production Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Video Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Photography Services Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Graphic Design Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Printer Project Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Help Desk Support Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Network Server Setup Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Computer Repair and Maintenance Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Event Planner Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Catering Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Wedding Planner Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Lawn Care Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
      Janitorial Estimate Spreadsheet          Y
   Project Estimate Documents        
      Page Count Estimates          Y
   Project Tuning Spreadsheets        
      Per Page Average Spreadsheet          Y
   Financial Spreadsheets        
      Expense Report      Y      Y
      Balance Sheet Current Year Calculator      Y      Y
      Balance Sheet Three Year Calculator      Y      Y
      Monthly Budget Calculator      Y      Y
      Annual Budget Calculator      Y      Y
      Budget Calculator      Y      Y
      Project Budget Calculator      Y      Y
      Marketing Budget Calculator      Y      Y
      Advertising Budget Calculator      Y      Y
      Projected Versus Actual Budget Spreadsheet      Y      Y
      Cash Flow Current Year Calculator      Y      Y
      Cash Flow Three Year Calculator      Y      Y
      Cost Benefit Analysis Calculator      Y      Y
      Breakeven Analysis Calculator      Y      Y
      Cost of Ownership Calculator      Y      Y
      Capital Calculator      Y      Y
      Operating Costs Calculator      Y      Y
      Cost Summary Calculator      Y      Y
      Fee Structure Calculator      Y      Y
      Price Structure Calculator      Y      Y
      Estimate Calculator      Y      Y
      Quote Calculator      Y      Y
      Payment Terms Calculator      Y      Y
      Product Cost Summary Calculator      Y      Y
      Services Cost Summary Calculator      Y      Y
      Project Cost Summary Calculator      Y      Y
      Your Investment Calculator      Y      Y
      Startup Capital Calculator      Y      Y
      Funding Request Calculator      Y      Y
      Future Funding Calculator      Y      Y
      Hourly Rates Calculator      Y      Y
      Income Projection Calculator      Y      Y
      Invoice Calculator      Y      Y
      Accounts Receivable Calculator      Y      Y
      Cash Receipts Calculator      Y      Y
      Sales Report Calculator      Y      Y
      Purchase Order Calculator      Y      Y
      Bill of Materials Calculator      Y      Y
      Aging Report Calculator      Y      Y
      Depreciation Calculator      Y      Y
      Debt Service Coverage Calculator      Y      Y
      Payment History Calculator      Y      Y
      Profit and Loss Statement Current Year Calculator      Y      Y
      Profit and Loss Statement Three Year Calculator      Y      Y
   ROI Calculators        
      Return on Investment Calculator          Y
      Return on Assets Calculator          Y
      Server Software Return on Investment Calculator          Y
      Outsourced Services Return on Investment Calculator          Y
      Pay Per Click Return on Investment Calculator          Y
      Conversion Rate Return on Investment Calculator          Y
      Records Management ROI Calculator          Y
   Sample Spreadsheets        
      Web Site Estimate Sample          Y
      Combined Project Web Site Estimate Sample          Y
      Combined Project CD-ROM Estimate Sample          Y
      CD-ROM Development Estimate Sample          Y
      Per Project Average Estimate Sample          Y
      Sample Records Management ROI Calculator          Y
      Projected Versus Actual Budget Spreadsheet Sample          Y
Estimate Pack       Estimate Pack
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