First, place an order for a product

Once your order is purchased you will receive a confirmation e-mail which includes step by step instructions to install the product along with the required passwords. You will be sent one e-mail with download instructions for each product ordered. The emails are sent as soon as you submit your credit card so you should receive them within a few minutes.

If you do not receive the download e-mails you can use this form to resend the download emails to yourself. Also look in your junk mail folder if you cannot locate the download emails.

Make sure to keep a copy of your confirmation e-mail as your order number and original e-mail address will be required for future upgrades.

Also backup the download file(s) from our server. Users frequently request downloads when they have lost the original file, had a hard drive crash or are looking for an updated version. We do not maintain continual download access for individual users on our download site. Passwords change periodically. We do not retain older copies of downloads and if you need a new download and we have upgraded the software you may be required to order the upgrade.

Here are the steps you will encounter after placing your order and receiving your download instructions on-screen or by e-mail.
Second, Download the Product Installers

Product Download and Installation Video

First login to the download page. In some cases the credit card processor or our order system will flag an order for manual review before the download passwords can be released. If you have been given a message in the download instructions to call us, you must contact us, otherwise your order may be voided after a few days.

The userid and password are in your confirmation e-mail. These passwords are temporary and subject to change, so you should download the kit as soon as possible after ordering. Also backup your downloaded files and store them with your order confirmation information.

Your browser will popup a dialog box prompting for the download userid and password. These are located in the order confirmation e-mail along with the link to the download page. If you receive a server error, such as an authorization failure, either your browser is not displaying the login dialog box or you did not enter the proper userid and password. If you were not prompted for the login information you may need to reboot your computer and try again, or use a different browser or computer for the download. You can then move the installer file after it is downloaded to the actual computer it will be installed on.

If you are getting an Unauthorized Access message, read the help instructions on that page. If you just placed an order you are just entering them incorrectly.

If you are using Google Chrome and are getting a Web Page Not Found error after entering the userid and password, this is just a bug in Google Chrome. All you have to do is click the Google Chrome's refresh page button and you will see the download page. Or just switch to another web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

If you get a corrupted download file most likely there is a problem with your connection. Our kits are downloaded every day and corrupt files are very rare. If you are downloading using a proxy server, proxy servers have been known to corrupt downloaded files. Turn off your proxy server and/or try a different connection or computer.

If you are using a "download accelerator" program that was not a standard part of your original web browser disable it. 3rd party download accelerator programs frequently are the cause of corrupted download files.

Click the download file link and save the download file to your hard drive. DO NOT run the download file remotely.

Windows, Mac and Linux users can download from the same page. Make sure to run the right download on the right computer. For example, do not try to run the Windows .exe installer on a Mac or Linux computer.

If you are on a Mac or Linux system the download file is a Zip file format. This is a built in format automatically recognized by Linux systems. If you are on a Mac you may need an updated Stuffit Expander. You can get the free Stuffit Expander from

We do not bundle or ship Visio, ConceptDraw, Word, Excel, Flash, Adobe Fonts or any other third-party software with our products. It is your responsibility to supply any required software.

Third, Install the Product(s)

Run the downloaded file once to install the product. You will be prompted for an install password. Your install password is listed in your order confirmation e-mail.

Once you enter the install password the kit will be installed to your hard drive. You will have the option to specify where on your hard drive including drive and path to install. Do not run the installer or install the kit directly into your operating system desktop folder or existing system folders. It should be run from a temporary download folder and installed into a new folder on your hard drive. By default it is installed into your C:\ProposalKit directory into a new folder.

Our products support virtually every Windows operating system and Mac and Linux. Proposal Kit is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and freelancers world-wide with very few install problems. Virtually every installer problem is due to out of date user software, corrupt hard drives or other system instabilities on the users computer.

Most install problems are related to user configuration problems on the host computer such as installing on Windows without admin privileges with access to the registry, not enough space on the C: drive for the installer, installing over a remote connection, etc.

If you experience an install problem, reboot your computer from a complete power down. Do not run any other software in the background. Login with admin privileges (if your OS has restrictions). Copy the installer program to the same computer it is being installed onto.

If you experience an error message during installation, there are a few things you should try, as the problem is most likely due to a problem on your computer.

If you experience a corrupt download, there are a few things you should try, as the problem is with your connection to the Internet or your computer.

Fourth, Access to required software

Proposal Kit Professional, Proposal Packs, Proposal Pack Wizard, Contract Packs and other products are primarily a collection of content. Documents, spreadsheets, web pages, etc. You must have the native software installed first (such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, a word processor and a web browser).

If you get an error message clicking any of the kit documents that a required program was not found, then you need to check to make sure it is both installed AND your operating system is setup to recognize that file extension so it can launch itself properly.

For example, for a PDF document to launch from the kit organizer you need to install Acrobat Reader which will also setup the ".PDF" file extension so that the OS associates the extension with the reader program.
Fifth, Running the product interface

The kit and pack interfaces are designed to walk you through the organization of a collection of material making up the kit.

The interface is broken into multiple sections in the order they are generally used by a company or individual. Each section contains a number of links to specific documents, spreadsheets, other sections of the interface and links to our web site for additional information.

Look over all of the categories first, check out the sample proposals, read the documentation and the tutorials.

Watch the getting started videos.
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