Many of the proposal documents are general, others are tailored for multimedia, web and other computer professionals, others are very specialized such as the contract documents, others are designed specifically for grant funding proposals and business plans. There will be sections you will want to change (such as adding your own logos to title pages, possibly editing some clauses in the standard contracts/agreements, etc.) The kit documents are in Word compatible formats.

Since every business is different you will most likely need to modify parts of some of the documents to best suit your individual needs. Not every proposal will use all the same documents and not every company will use the same documents. Pick the documents as needed for each project.

The Contract Pack documents are used for all types of multimedia projects including (but not limited to) web design, Flash animation, PowerPoint presentations, video, computer networks, SEO and CD-ROM productions. Most of the files use the term "Project" or "Presentation" to cover most needs. If a particular agreement uses the term "web site" and you need it for a Flash animation project, simply edit the text as needed for that project.

The Proposal Pack templates are usable by virtually any type of business in any industry selling a product or a service. They are not specific to technical projects.

For example, a very small proposal may only use a cover letter and the payment terms while a complex proposal may use 30 different documents. Pick the templates based on your needs and the needs of the prospect/client and the project.

Review the sample proposals included to see how a variety of project proposals of varying sizes and costs were created using these materials.

If you have also licensed the Proposal Pack Wizard, use the Wizard to help recommend a collection of proposal templates based on the size and type of the proposal. If you are not using the Wizard, you will have to manually decide which templates to use.

The following materials are included in the Proposal Kit products. Continue on through the tutorial for more detailed explanations.

Proposal Pack

Proposal Pack Document Index

Contract Pack

Contract Pack Document Index

Sample Proposals

Sample Proposals

Estimate Pack

Estimate Pack Document Index

Project Management Pack

Project Management Pack Document Index
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