Generate the proposal documents for your client. You'll need to replace the tags (those words in << >> brackets) with your own business and client-specific information and then save the documents for each client.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution for generating a proposal package, pick and choose the documents from this kit as you need them for each specific proposal you write. The larger the project, the more documentation and design will be required for you to be successful. There are many helpful tips in the Proposal Kit materials, such as advice on protecting yourself against ending up with a non-paying client after you have developed all or part of the client's project. By getting partial payment up front, you can make sure that your client has a financial stake in the project, and you can use a contract that binds them legally. Beginners often work on faith, only to get stiffed later sometimes. With no contract in place or financial stake already committed, there is little incentive for the client to pay your development fees if for some reason the client backs out of the project. Years of consulting experience has shown that clients do not always pay if there is no obligation on their part. Even with a solid contract in place and an advance monetary commitment, there is always a risk that the client will not make the final payment. The development milestones and contract documents should be written to cover this common problem. Don't save up all your costs and present your total bill at the end of the project; that's risky business. The larger the project, the more milestones and payments should be built in.

You must make a connection with your clients on a professional, cooperative level. Naturally, you want the clients' business, which can be translated as "What's in it for me?" And just as naturally, the clients are concerned about their own issues, which you should think of as "What's in it for them?"

You can bridge this gap and make the connection you want by helping clients realize they need the expertise that only you can provide. This is one of the most important concepts outlined in the all-time bestselling book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. We recommend this book to everyone.

Our Proposal Kits are designed to impress your clients and show them that you put their interests first. You do this by protecting them (and yourself) with a thorough, detailed contract, by offering them numerous ideas for marketing their products or services, and by extensively interviewing them to determine and understand their needs and concerns. Stress the matters that are important to them and state your desire for the success of their business. Do this by taking the time to understand their needs and business goals.

Proposal Pack WizardNo matter how expensive a proposal system you license, no system will write your proposals for you. You still have to research and interview your prospective client or customer, design the solution, write the proposal content, and edit it to polished perfection. Proposal Kit contains more material than automated systems available from other companies which cost thousands of dollars. Proposal Kit is the only comprehensive proposal and contract management system for individuals and small businesses in related wide variety of fields.

There are many ways to merge data into the templates included in Proposal Kit.

With plain text

The easiest (and non-automated) method is to highlight the text of the tag (those words in << >> brackets) and manually type over them with your data. You can also do a search and replace, using your word processing program. (Be sure to replace the brackets as well as the words inside of them.)

With Proposal Pack Wizard

The Proposal Pack Wizard software has a built-in contact manager and Mail Merge Wizard. This is the best option available. The Wizard is completely automated and self-contained and is the fastest and easiest method to use, especially if you're already familiar with basic mail merge techniques.

Use your word processor's proprietary mail merge

After you have opened a document and specified your data source (i.e., an external file, database, e-mail program, or CRM system), you can replace our tags with your data source's tags, and then save the document. Every time you create a new proposal, you can merge data from your unique data source. Consult your word processing program's help system for details on how to connect a document to a data source and how to insert proprietary merge tags into a document. Use this mail merge method to replace our plain text tags and integrate our documents directly with other systems.

Depending on how complex your proposal is as well as the size of your prospect's business, you will need to create documents to suit that specific proposal. For example, a small five-page "Mom and Pop" business does not need a thirty-page proposal with a lot of details. It's probably enough to simply include a cover letter and short form one-page contract with payment terms. On the other hand, a complex project might require detailed specifications, site storyboards, a schedule with a list of milestones, a comprehensive contract, a restatement of the interview worksheet information, an executive summary, a title page, a table of contents and all the additional marketing information you can muster to help pitch your qualifications for the job.

There are a number of complete sample proposals included in the Proposal Kit and Proposal Pack products. These sample proposals also include documentation on how the final proposal was created using the kit materials and background information about the project.

You can also order pre-formatted professionally designed variations on the proposal templates with our Proposal Pack. Proposal Pack contains a large collection of documents, templates and sample proposals ready to use as-is. Simply drop in your customized information. We have even included the original artwork files so you can quickly and easily extend and/or modify the look and feel of the graphics.
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