There are multiple methods for delivering your proposal once you have written it. Pick the best one for each prospect. Ask your prospect how they would like the proposal delivered.

Depending on the size of your proposal and the size of the prospect's business, include a combination of the following documents (see the samples on the previous tutorial page for more details). The Proposal Kit does not include a delivery system. Printing, PDF creation and posting on your web site are tasks performed using your own word processor and/or web development and FTP tools.

Even though you may be using cutting edge multimedia development tools, save them for your portfolio and presentation. The final proposal should be delivered in a more common format, preferably printed on high quality paper and in a quality binder. High tech delivery solutions may look cool to a developer but a high level executive is more likely to want a high quality - low tech paper copy with copies for everyone who will be reviewing it as well.


Print your proposal on high quality paper and deliver it in a folder by hand or express mail. This is the recommended delivery method for important proposals. Then follow up with an e-mailed and/or online version below.

Our Proposal Pack graphics are designed and supplied in high resolution for quality printing.

If your word processor displays a warning about margins being outside the printable borders, your document may or may not still print correctly on your printer. Test it first and if the borders are cut off, adjust the margins to match your printer.


If your proposal is manageable enough to be sent by e-mail, consider this approach. Do not send each proposal document separately, import all of them into a single document then send the final word document.

If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat you can save your word document proposal as a PDF document from within your word processor. Some word processors also have a built-in PDF Export option which does not require the full Adobe Acrobat application. See the Proposal Pack documentation for more details on how to best package a proposal into a single PDF document. We recommend PDF documents for digital delivery.

We do not recommend sending your proposal as an editable document. This can lead to problems reading your proposal as your client may be on a different platform or word processor version, they may not have the same fonts or settings, file sizes for editable documents may be too large to e-mail as attachments, formatting may not display the same and more. If sending digitally it is recommended you save your final proposal as a PDF document.

Online Delivery

If you have a web site, you can upload your proposal documents to your web site so your prospect can view, print and/or download them. Use your word processor to save your proposal as HTML files or post an Acrobat PDF version of the full proposal for download. It is recommended you have a secure password protected folder on your web server so others cannot get into your online proposals.
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