Proposal KitProposal Kits are used by any type of business. Our mission is to provide the business tools used by developers to improve business, land more clients and in short make more money at a price any company can afford.

Do you know what various proposal and contract solutions cost (most systems on the market are designed for large businesses). Proposal Kit is the most (if not the only) comprehensive proposal and contract management solution at a small business price.
  • $40 : A plain paperback book on how to write a proposal.
  • $89 : Our Contract Packs - contract templates for web and tech professionals.
  • $69 : Our Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition - automation software for proposal development.
  • $79 : Our Proposal Pack - professionally designed proposal templates and graphics.
  • $199 : Our Proposal Kit Professional bundle - professional proposal and contract bundles.
  • $500 to $2,500 : Competitors grant writing software or templates.
  • $500 to $5,000 : Next step up in automated single-user proposal generation software.
  • $400 to $1,000 per day : Hiring a graphic designer for layout and artwork.
  • $400 to $2,500 per day : Hiring a professional proposal writer.
  • $300 to $3,000 each: Hiring a specialist attorney to review, create or edit a single contract.
  • $6,000 to $25,000 : Automated web server/multi-user proposal software.
  • $100,000: Proposal software that creates proposals from users Q&A input.
How much time would it take for you to find thousands of pages of contract, proposal and related material, all in a cohesive system, ready to use? How long would it take to try and write it yourself (if you are or have an attorney, proposal writer and artist on staff)? How much would it cost for you to hire it out, even if you licensed a high end automated system which did not include the artwork or contract materials?

No matter what your situation, you win by saving time, saving money or both by using Proposal Kit Professional, Contract Pack, Proposal Pack Wizard and Proposal Pack.

Use our Proposal Pack Wizard software along with our Proposal Pack and Proposal Kit Professional template collections to automate your proposal development and get started even faster. Using Proposal Pack Wizard you can have your proposal frameworks created in just minutes.

Proposal Kit is a collection of business materials from a number of web, software and multimedia companies and a large collection of additional material created on request for other developers.

There are so many components to Proposal Kit now that no one person or company will use all of them. Even if only a few documents fit your needs the price of the entire kit will cost far less than having to hire an attorney or writer to create, edit or simply review even a single agreement for you. However, we do not recommend ours or any other pre-written agreements as a complete replacement for competent and local legal advise. You should always seek local legal advice with any contracts you intend to use with your business.

You can and should use our agreements as a starting point, make modifications specific to your needs, then have the final agreement with your notations reviewed by a local attorney. This method will cost many times less than simply asking a local attorney for a the same type of document from scratch (and many times they will just start with a pre-written boilerplate document anyway and still charge much more than a review of material you supply). Also, feel free to get a second opinion. Legal opinions and experience with these types of material do vary.

The heart of Proposal Kit is in the proposal and contract management. We have added a lot of additional material to help develop an overall business development strategy for those developers just getting started. Established firms usually have their processes in place and find more use in specific contract documents. New developers will find a huge amount of material beneficial that can be used right away and down the road as they grow.

The time savings alone having to gather a haphazard collection of just some of these materials from other sources, hiring a writer or writing them yourself will also pay for the kit as that lost time can be spent elsewhere. A good example is one of the most commonly used agreements, the web development contract. When we started, we could not find a usable contract anywhere searching free web resources so we worked directly with our attorney to create a web development contract that suited the needs of most web developers and ourselves.

That one document alone cost over $1000 (USD) to have written. To have attorneys in the UK, Australia and Canada (including Quebec) edit that version of the contract in multiple variations for each country cost over $300 (USD) each. We supply those same contracts in Proposal Kit along with many more. Even if you need a single contract to start with and have reviewed and edited for use in a new country or location, starting with ours will more than pay for the entire cost of the kit. The same goes for any of the other contracts and agreements we supply.

In every new release we work as many requests from users as we can into the new materials. New materials used by the companies who develop and use this material in the first place are also added. The end result is a collection of materials virtually any business can benefit from.

What is the one common request we have not fully included? Proposal Kit is not a software program that does all of your work for you with the push of a few buttons. That kind of software does not exist anywhere. We do have a proposal automation software tool available called Proposal Pack Wizard which will automate many common and tedious tasks. One thing you still have to provide is the content specific to your company, your project and your client, which you will enter into our proposal framework.

The next step up is a fully automated proposal generator program and those start around $500. And that's just the single user license fee. If you actually want content expect to pay $1500 or more a day to have it written, and you may spend days just setting up boilerplate documents and databases. And you can forget about those high priced systems providing any web or multimedia related content and you will not get any contracts or agreements. You could spend many thousands of dollars more (like we do on each new version of Proposal Kit) to hire attorneys and writers to do it for you. Other web enabled proposal systems can run in the 5-figure range and a multi-user system for a small sales force can also run into the five-figure range.

You can have a $500+ proposal program let you type content into a box which then spits out a document for you to finish customizing manually. Or you can start with our pre-written and tailored templates, customize it quickly with mail merge, replace the remaining template tags with the same type of content and have a professionally designed Word document to finish customizing for about 5 to 20 times less the cost. A higher end system will have additional bells and whistles, but are you going to use all of them? You can always move up and take Proposal Kit with you to set up your next system.

There is nothing wrong with more full featured automation of course. It just costs a small fortune. Part of our mission is to keep Proposal Kit and Proposal Packs priced where anyone can afford them and usable on many platforms which no other companies support. Which means we will continue to improve automation, tutorials, add more proposal and contract templates, sample proposals, spreadsheets, checklists and more, just as we have for the last few years.

We provide the automation tools, materials, samples and content. There are many great books on the subject of writing killer proposals, which are all applicable to the materials we supply. Much of the how-to knowledge revolves around making the right pitch to the right person at the right time and is better covered by books already written on the subject. Proposal Kit provides what books and higher priced systems do not provide. The actual proposal and contract content you need, already written and ready to quickly fill in the blanks and customize, as you need with a large collection of sample business proposals.
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Create winning business proposals & contracts with minimal effort and cost. Downloadable proposal software, proposal templates, legal contracts and sample proposals.
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Create winning business proposals & contracts with minimal effort and cost. Proposal software, proposal templates, legal contracts and sample proposals.