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Login and Download Your ORder Here
If you just placed an order and did not get the download emails submit this form to have the download emails resent. Read these instructions as to why you might not be getting the emails.

You do not need the confirmation email to download your order. Once you submit the form below you can login directly to the download page and download your order.

If you just placed an order and it is being held for manual review the emails cannot be immediately sent. In this case follow the instructions you were given to contact us about verifying and expediting your order as it may be held by the credit card processor for verification.
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Q: My userid and password were not included in the email. How long will it take?
A: Your order was flagged for manual review by the credit card processor.
If your download instructions say your order is still being processed wait until you receive the next set of download instructions that will include your userid and password. If there are any delays in receiving your userid and password it is usually due to our credit card processor requesting a manual review of an order for security purposes. If there are any questions about your order, we may also be contacting you to verify the order. If you have any special circumstances or need to expedite your order, contact us for assistance.
Q: I did not get my emails, where are they?
A: First check your junk mail folder.
If you just placed an order and did not get any emails from us, or if you ordered multiple products and you did not get multiple emails, the emails we sent were rejected as junk mail by your email provider or were put in your junk mail folder. White list our domain Then check your junk folders. You can also resend them to yourself from our "Contact Us" page. If you still cannot find or receive them, send us an alternate email address to send the emails to.
Q: I'm in a hurry; can I download it right away?
A: Yes, you can place an order and get started right away.
Use a business email address or a verified PayPal account to avoid potential delays receiving the download information after ordering. Also make sure to white list to ensure our emails are not put in your junk folder. Most cases of missing order emails are due to spam filtering by your computer or your service provider. Contact us for assistance if you do not get your material soon after ordering.
Q: What if I need to reinstall in the future?
A: Backup your files or you will have to upgrade in the future.
After you download your products make a backup copy for safe keeping. You can and should make a backup copy of your downloaded installer files on a CD, DVD or other backup storage device. Access to our download area is temporary and your login userid and password will not work for future versions. We do not maintain copies of old versions of products and you will have to purchase an upgrade if you have lost an old version and need to download a new copy.
Q: My computer crashed, how do I redownload?
A: You will have to upgrade if you did not backup your download files.
We do not maintain old copies of past versions. There were notices in your original download emails to make backup copies for safekeeping. If you had recently purchased this years current version you can redownload it again at no extra cost. If you had purchased in the past and there is a new version available you can upgrade to the new version. Submit the upgrade form which will take care of either redownloading or upgrading depending on your situation.
Q: How do I upgrade from an old version?
A: Submit this form to start your upgrade.
Enter your original order details into the form and click the Submit button. If you lost your order number you can look it up using your other details. If you are not able to locate the records, try to recall any alternate email address you may have used or contact us for assistance. Try searching your email archives for the subject "Proposal Kit Order Confirmation". Once you successfully submit the form you will get the upgrade instructions, prices and links.
Q: I'm not getting your e-mails, where are they?
A: Add our domain "" to your approved domain list.
If you are not getting our e-mails, contact your hosting company for assistance and check your filtered junk e-mail first. The most common reasons for not getting our emails is that they are junked by your personal SPAM filters, junked by your ISP before they get to your computer or you mistyped your email address in our order form.

Emails may also be delayed due to factors outside our control. For example, if an email is sent to your web server and it is not immediately available to accept the email it may take longer to arrive. Our mail server will continue to try to deliver the email a number of times. In most cases delayed email should arrive within an hour.

This form sends the download emails at the moment you click the submit button. Usually you should have the emails right away. If you are not getting any download emails they are either being blocked by your email server before they get to your inbox or they are in your junk mail. If you still cannot receive any download emails contact us for assistance and also send us an alternate email address we can try to send them to.
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