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Who are the People behind Proposal Kit?

Ian LauderTom GrangerPamela BeasonJennifer WardDr. Allison Frazier JacksonAlexander Musgrave

Proposal Kit's History


Our story starts here. Back in 1997, there was no Proposal Kit. The creator of Proposal Kit, Ian Lauder, was a software engineer specializing in database development and software consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

Ian was also a part-time professional photographer building an extreme sports and nature stock photography portfolio.

High Impact Stock Photography

The Internet as we know it now, with competing web browsers and rich multimedia websites, kicked off between 1996 and 1998. We were there at the beginning.

Ian started building small business websites, combining his software development skills and photography to create online business presences for many small businesses. He needed a proposal to sell web design services and a legal contract. Back then, there were two options for writing a proposal: one PC-based product affordable only to larger businesses or a generic hardback book on how to write a business proposal. Amazon was getting off the ground.

We started, like many of you, needing to figure out how to write a proposal to a client at the last minute. Back then, we only had the resources of some generic hardback books. Now, with Proposal Kit, you have over 25 years of proposal and contract writing experience, templates, software, and samples at your fingertips.

Ian then created the seed of the material that would become the Proposal Kit: a short proposal, a collection of checklists, and other tools such as estimate spreadsheets. He hired an attorney to help draft a website development legal contract from scratch, as none of this material was available on the Internet then. After using these materials to run the business side of the website development business and being told numerous times that these were the best pitches and most detailed contracts his clients had seen from any competitor, he had the idea to package these documents into a product for sale to other aspiring website developers.


In 1999, the name Proposal Kit was decided on because it perfectly described the product: a content kit for writing a proposal. Initially, only ten documents were explicitly targeted at website developers. The domain was registered in 1999. Proposal Kit became website developers' first proposal and legal contract template product.


A few years later, Ian expanded the website development business to create rich multimedia presentations on business-card-sized CD-ROMs, becoming a new marketing fad. His expertise in software development, photography, website development, and graphic design was a perfect combination.

CD-ROM Business CardsFor these new business endeavors, more legal contracts and proposals had to be created for graphic design projects, CD-ROM development and duplication projects, Flash multimedia, etc. All this new content was rolled into the Proposal Kit product, and the market for Proposal Kit grew.

Key individuals like Tom Granger entered the CD-ROM development business during this time. Over time, Tom's company branched into website hosting and other web and software design specialties. Much of the proposal and contract material created by Tom's company has been acquired for use in Proposal Kit, expanding Proposal Kit into more IT specialties over the years.


Over time, as templates grew, we needed a software interface to help manage and customize them. The Proposal Pack Wizard software interface was created in 2003 when Microsoft released Word 2003 with the macro-support features our interface needed.


High Impact Stock PhotographyIan also created a stock photography website and was a professional event photographer. His work included being the official photographer for Seattle's Seafair event.

All of the proposals and contracts for photography from stock photo sales, model releases, copyrights, etc., created for that part of the business were rolled into the Proposal Kit as the Photography/Media Contract Pack.

We kept hearing from Proposal Kit customers about how they used the package for proposal writing situations we had yet to design it for outside the realm of Information Technology companies. We embraced this variety and continually expanded the content in the Proposal Kit to cover more types of proposal writing and more business situations and industries.

We started working with Pamela Beason, a managing editor at Microsoft. Pam has written many of the stock Proposal Pack templates and Sample Proposals and has proofread most of our content over the years since then.


In 2007, we heard from a long-time customer, Dr. Allison Jackson, who had used Proposal Kit since 2003 to write complex multi-million dollar government grant RFP responses. We hired Dr. Allison to create the government grant and RFP response content, samples, and manuals that are now part of the Proposal Kit.


Proposal Kit LogoIn 2009, we rebranded with a new logo and website design.

The logo represents overlapped pages with content blocks, which is how the Proposal Kit system is designed to work.


As the amount of content grew, we divided that content into different products. The Proposal Kit Professional bundle was the original Proposal Kit. We accumulated so many legal contracts that they were split into six different Contract Packs.

Proposal Pack Design ThemesAs time passed, more small businesses and people without design skills were using the Proposal Packs, and more help was needed to customize the visual design of their documents. We started adding visual design options that became our Title Page Packs, Proposal Pack design themes, and the software features in our Wizard for creating custom visual design themes.

Jennifer Ward was responsible during this time for creating hundreds of Proposal Pack logo design themes.


Many materials we created or acquired over the years have not always fit neatly into the proposal or contract writing categories; however, it is well-suited as additional material that can be used to manage various kinds of projects after a proposal has been accepted and that project has been started. We bundled this extra material into our Professional package as the Project Management Pack. Recognizing that many companies need to manage large amounts of data, we worked with a records management specialist to create an extensive collection of proposal and project management content specifically for larger-scale records management projects. The Records Management Toolkit is a subset of this material made for us by Leigh Woody.


With the increasing use of mobile devices, it was time to redesign the Proposal Kit website completely. In late 2015, we rebuilt our entire website, replacing it with a responsive, mobile-friendly design created by UX designer Alexander Musgrave.


We rolled out our 20th edition of Proposal Kit Professional. We also overhauled our hundreds of products with a new design and interfaces matching our recent website redesign.


Our entire line of hundreds of products encompassing three-quarters of a million documents was upgraded this year to bring all our document formats and software up to the most current versions of Word.


One of the most extensive features ever added was released at the end of 2023. A full-featured customizable line-item database system was added to the Proposal Pack Wizard. This system automates line-item quotes, schedules, and all other business plan financial pages.


While many proposal template and software programs have cropped up over the years since we started, most of them have faded away.

Proposal Kit grows yearly, driven by what we hear from people like you. We continually add new proposal and contract content, samples, articles, graphic design themes, and software features for every type of business and industry.

When we started, we pledged to keep our products modestly priced and available to everyone, including individuals and small businesses, and we continue to do so today. Our products are in the same price range as a decade ago, even though they now include material that has grown by several orders of magnitude.

We have heard from so many of you over the years that we have collected over 800 testimonials and reviews about how our Proposal Kits have helped you solve many problems, saved time and money, and helped you collectively close hundreds of millions of dollars in deals.

Scores of other people over more than two decades have contributed to the unique content in Proposal Kit, including attorneys and solicitors in many countries, professional business proposal writers, authors, graphic designers, photographers, clients, and software developers. Their combined efforts of over 25 years are contained in our Proposal Kit products.

Proposal Kit's Team

Ian Lauder

Ian Lauder

Ian started as a software engineer in 1988, after graduating from the University of Montana, and moved into website design in 1997, creating the first version of Proposal Kit soon after. Ian has also been a professional photographer with many book and magazine credits, including National Geographic, Seattle Seafair's official event photographer, and Flight Magazine's senior photographer. These days, Ian and his wife spend much of their free time volunteering with the Seattle Mountainee . You can find Ian's personal site here.

Ian is the CEO of Proposal Kit, Inc.

Ian Lauder on LinkedIn

Tom Granger

Tom Granger

Tom has run a world-class web design and development agency in Seattle for over two decades. He has been drafting, editing, modifying, tweaking, adjusting, and using Proposal Kit documents daily in his business. His firm, FDGweb, works for large and small clients, including Microsoft Tech All-Stars incubator startups and Fortune 500 companies. If you think of it, his firm can build it.

For over a decade, Tom has contributed hundreds of contracts, documents, memos, policies, and other situational content pieces.

Tom Granger on LinkedIn

Pamela Beason

Pamela Beason

Pamela Beason has held various jobs, including geologic research technician, freelance technical writer for multiple engineering and software companies, managing editor at Microsoft, and even private investigator, making her the perfect person to write content for Proposal Kit. In addition to publishing eleven "how-to" books in the past, she's currently a successful mystery author with multiple award-winning novels to her credit (see for more about that). Whenever she's not at her computer, you can find her hiking or snowshoeing in the Cascade Mountains, kayaking in the San Juan and Gulf Islands, or scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Pamela has been writing content for Proposal Kit since 2004.

Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward

Attending Washington State University to study Veterinary Medicine, Jennifer's artistic leanings changed the direction of her life. She received a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design instead of her DVM. Still, her love of 'four-footed' companions has directed everything from the name of her company, Pick of the Litter, the doggy decor of her office, and her co-workers Dexter and Graham (yellow labs). As the Co-Director of Save-A-Mutt (and puppy foster mom), her home never usually has just two dogs.

Jennifer created hundreds of the Proposal Pack graphic design themes.

Jennifer Ward on LinkedIn

Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson

Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson

Dr. Jackson founded her business in 1979 to provide market research to AT&T Communications Research and Bell Laboratories. Between 2006 and the present, she has used Proposal Kit to guide applications to diverse clients, i.e., Cisco Systems, Inc. Drexel University, City of Philadelphia, U.S. Army. She continues to use the diverse Proposal Kit designs and samples to meet funder needs. In 2016, her team won the first STEM Ecosystem Grant covering eight southern NJ counties for K-14 learners.

Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson wrote the government grant templates, samples, and the Government Grant Writing Manual for Proposal Kit.

Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson on Rutgers University

Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson on LinkedIn

Alexander Musgrave

Alexander Musgrave

Alexander is passionate about form meeting function and creating a frictionless user experience. Embracing visual communication mixed with new technology, he specializes in designing and building a project vision from the ground up. Having worked with a wide range of clients and companies – from corporate giants such as AT&T to small, local NPOs and NGOs to ambitious VC startups – Alexander has many project experiences to draw upon.

Alexander has developed our mobile-friendly website infrastructure.

Alexander Musgrave on LinkedIn

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