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downloading & Upgrading
If you have an order for a current version of a product or are still covered by an upgrade plan submit this form to download your order.
If your upgrade plan has expired upgrade to the current product (upgrade fee may apply - submit form to find out). If you are unsure submit this form and it will tell you.
If you have the Novice Edition wizard software and want to upgrade to the Expert Edition submit this form. You will be given instructions based on your existing order.
Answers to common questions (upgrade plans, software patches, costs, grace periods, missing emails, how to use this form, lost software, free upgrade offers). If you have a more complex situation than the automated upgrade system works for contact us for assistance.
If you ordered from Amazon you will have a 5 or 6 digit order number and a custom email address in the shipped paperwork. Contact us if you need help locating it.
My Original Order Details
Required FieldOrder Number
This is a 5 or 6 digit number, leave blank if clicking lost order
Zip/Postal Code
Company Name
First Name
Last Name
Required FieldOrder E-mail
This must be the same email used when the order was originally placed
(even if it not valid anymore)
I Have a New E-mail Address
Send to E-mail

Q: What has been upgraded?
A: All products have been recently upgraded. Click here for what's new.
Q: What is the cost to upgrade to the Proposal Kit Professional Bundle?
A: You get credit for your past purchase of a lower end product.
Credit is given for up to 50% off the Proposal Kit Professional. For most people this will amount to $79 to $100 off. Submit the form and it will give you the download links and instructions based on your past order details. This is how you upgrade your Novice Edition wizard software to the Expert Edition. If you have a special situation that the form doesn't work for contact us for assistance.
Q: What is the upgrade cost?
A: Upgrades are 70% off the current retail price (all other discounts are not applicable).
The upgrade form will look up what product(s) and upgrade plan you have and your upgrading details. Submit the form and it will take care of the rest. These prices are for upgrading an old version of a product to the current version of the same product.
Updated Products
Retail Price
Upgrade Price
Q: I just placed an order recently, do I have to pay to upgrade?
A: It depends on which upgrade plan you have.

If you have a 1-Year Product Upgrade Plan you can download any new minor updates or major upgrades at no cost for that period of time from the date of purchase.

Otherwise you fall into the standard upgrade policy. If your last order number date is within 6 months of that product being upgraded, you are eligible for a free upgrade.

Submit the upgrade form to determine your eligibility for a free upgrade or a discounted paid upgrade. We also sometimes run special offers for free upgrades - submit the form to find out what specials may be available.

Q: I don't have my original software, how can I upgrade?
A: You do not need your old version installed. You will get the complete new version.
Q: Can I update my Wizard with a patch instead of a full install?
A: Yes, if you have the current major version of the Wizard but you just need a minor dot update you can download and install the patch. Patching your Wizard does not require a full install from scratch and all of your customizations will be retained. The Wizard software patch is available here.
Q: My computer crashed - how do I download my past order?
A: This is the same situation as doing a standard redownload or upgrade.

We do not maintain old copies of past versions of any products. There were notices in your original download emails to make backup copies on external media for safekeeping in the event of having to redownload.

If you had recently purchased this year's current version you can redownload it again at no extra cost. If you had purchased in the past and there is a new version available you can upgrade to the new version and get even more material than you had in the past.

If you are still covered by an upgrade support plan then you can download the current version of the product without having to pay for the upgrade. Submit the form and it will lookup your plan and either give you the download instructions or paid upgrade instructions.

Use the upgrade form which will take care of redownloading or upgrading depending on the product version you had. Since computer crashes can result in having to unexpectedly upgrade an outdated product submit the form to see what special offers for free upgrades may be available.

Q: How do I order an upgrade?
A: Submit the form with your previous order information.
You will be given a discount code. Then place a new order for the same product and enter the discount code into the first page of the order form in the "Referral/Upgrade Code" field.

Check your total before finishing your order to make sure the discount code was entered correctly and matches the product in the shopping cart.

Enter the Order Number you were given when you placed your order. Also enter the name and e-mail address the order was originally placed under. This is the same e-mail address your order confirmation was sent to. Look in your e-mail archives for an e-mail with the subject header that includes "Proposal Kit Order Confirmation and Receipt". Your Order Number will be located at the head of that e-mail message.

If you cannot find your Order Number, submit the form with the rest of the information to look it up. If it still cannot be located, include enough information such as your name, zip code and company and click the lost order number button to contact us for assistance.

If your original order email address is no longer in use, enter a new e-mail address to send to. You must still put your original order e-mail address in the first field in order to find and validate your original order.
Q: I'm not getting your e-mails, where are they?
A: Add our domain "" to your approved domain list.
If you are not getting our e-mails, contact your hosting company for assistance and check your filtered junk e-mail first. The most common reasons for not getting our emails is that they are junked by your personal SPAM filters, junked by your ISP before they get to your computer or you mistyped your email address in our order form.

Emails may also be delayed due to factors outside our control. For example, if an email is sent to your web server and it is not immediately available to accept the email it may take longer to arrive. Our mail server will continue to try to deliver the email a number of times. In most cases delayed email should arrive within an hour. In this case you can try using an alternate email address that is not on the same web server as your original email address.

This form sends the download emails at the moment you click the submit button. Usually you should have the emails right away. If you are not getting any download emails they are either being blocked by your email server before they get to your inbox or they are in your junk mail. Try using an alternate email address if you are having email delivery problems. If you still cannot receive any download emails contact us for assistance.
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