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With a one-time purchase, you get lifetime use of your purchased Proposal Kit product: no subscriptions, unlimited uses, and less cost than ongoing online subscriptions. Download once, and it's yours for life.

Elevate Your Proposals: The Pro Bundle

For just $199, dive into the ultimate proposal writing solution with our Proposal Kit Professional Bundle. Tailored for any industry and designed to tackle any proposal challenge - from business plans to government RFP responses - this bundle packs 20 of our top products at an unparalleled discount. Loaded with templates, samples, and our Expert Edition quoting and branding software, it's your one-stop shop for winning proposals and contracts.

Flexible Solutions for Every Need

On a budget? Choose a single Proposal Pack at $79 for a cost-effective solution that still delivers impact. Start with one of hundreds of design themes, each with templates and samples; it's perfect for crafting compelling proposals in any industry. It also includes Novice Edition Wizard quoting software for ease of use.

Contract Essentials Made Easy

Do you need just contracts? Our $89 Contract Packs offer a comprehensive suite of templates covering many contractual needs, including IT, media, graphic design, marketing, contracting, and human resources. Simplify your legal documentation a focused pack of contract templates.

Proposal Kit Professional Bundle

$199 New 2024 Edition

Get Proposal Kit Professional if you want proposals and contracts, project management, estimates, the most comprehensive package, and the most advanced Expert Edition Wizard software.

This bundle contains 4 Proposal Packs, 6 Contract Packs, Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition software, one extra logo design Proposal Pack of your choice, 5 Title Page Packs, plus additional packages at a steeply discounted price.

Proposal Pack

$79 New 2024 Edition

If you need to write one or more proposals with templates, samples, and entry-level proposal writing software, get a Proposal Pack. It also works for business plans, invoices, quotes, RFPs, grants, resumes, reports, studies, plans, and other business documents. It works for all types of businesses.

There are many visual design themes to choose from. You can brand the design to your company logo and colors or pick from hundreds of pre-made logo design themes, including vector artwork and professional stock photography. We sell each design separately.

Contract Pack

$89 New 2024 Edition

If you need specialty legal contracts with entry-level contract management software, get a Contract Pack.

Contract Packs are available for information technology, internet services, graphic design, human resources, photography, media, advertising, marketing, and general contracting.

Proposal Pack Wizard - Proposal Writing Software

New 2024 Edition

The Proposal Kit Professional Bundle already includes the Expert Edition Wizard software.

If you already purchased a single Proposal Pack or Contract Pack, you can upgrade your entry-level Novice Edition software to the Proposal Pack Wizard—Expert Edition by purchasing the Proposal Kit Professional bundle.

Free eBook - Leveraging AI to Assist in Your Proposal WritingFree AI eBook: Get our exclusive guide on leveraging AI for proposal writing with every purchase.

Why Choose Proposal Kit?

Comprehensive Solutions: From proposals to contracts, we've covered you with industry-leading tools.

Designed for Success: Choose from various visual themes to match your brand and make a lasting impression.

Expert Guidance: Free technical support by real humans. You'll never deal with a chatbot.

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