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There are 3 choices:
Buy the Proposal Kit Professional Bundle, a single Proposal Pack or a single legal Contract Pack. Everything is downloadable and you can get setup quick and easy right after ordering.
Proposal Kit Professional Bundle
$199 New 2016 Update
If you want both proposals and contracts, project management, estimate spreadsheets, the most comprehensive package, and the most advanced expert wizard software then get Proposal Kit Professional.
This bundle contains 4 Proposal Packs, 6 Contract Packs, Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition software, 1 custom logo design Proposal Pack of your choice, 2 Title Page Packs plus additional material at a steeply discounted price.
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Proposal Pack
$79 New 2016 Update
If you just need to write one or more proposals with templates, samples, and entry level proposal writing software get a Proposal Pack. Also works for business plans, invoices, quotes, RFPs, grants, resumes, reports, studies, plans and other business documents. Works for all types of businesses.
There are many visual design themes to choose from. You can brand the design to your own company logo and colors or pick from hundreds of pre-made logo design themes. Each design is sold separately.
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Contract Pack
$89 New 2016 Update
If you just need specialty legal contracts with entry level contract management software then get a Contract Pack.
Contract Packs are available for information technology, internet services, graphic design, human resources, photography, media, advertising, marketing and general contracting.
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Graphic Design Variations
Each Proposal Pack includes the same documents but the pages are enhanced with a custom logo design with a single consistent logo and color theme worked into every page of your proposal. 285 logos to pick from.
Proposal Packs and the Proposal Kit Professional Bundle already include some custom title page designs. Get even more choices for your front-facing title page with these Title Page Packs. 24,000 title page designs available.
Wizard Software Upgrade
The Proposal Kit Professional Bundle already includes the Expert Edition wizard software.

If you have a Proposal Pack or Contract Pack you can upgrade your entry level wizard software to the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition for a discounted price.
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Proposal Kit
Create winning business proposals & contracts with minimal effort and cost. Downloadable proposal software, proposal templates, legal contracts and sample proposals.
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