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Ian Lauder has been helping businesses and freelancers write proposals and contracts for over two decades. Ian owns and founded Proposal Kit, a leading provider of business proposal and contract products and services.
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Owner and Founder of Proposal Kit

Professional Bio

Early Career: Software Development and Technical Support

Ian's professional journey started in the 1980s, immediately following college, as a consultant and software developer for the database software provider Raima Corporation. At Raima, he supported the full suite of products, including db_VISTA, db_QUERY, and db_REVISE, contributed to the porting of db_VISTA to various environments, tested new product releases, and managed the enhancement and administration of the company's internal databases.

Consulting and Project Management: Vista Development Corporation

Following the spin-off of Raima's consulting division into Vista Development Corporation, Ian transitioned to Software Engineer. This role entailed direct involvement in diverse projects, managing client relationships, and leading numerous client-based projects as the sole project member. His consulting work spanned a prestigious list of companies, including Chase Manhattan, Rockwell, Fidelity Investments, Thomson Financial Networks, Magnavox, ADT Security Systems, GTE, IBM, Cybermedix Inc., Lincoln National Information Services, Coulter Electronics, Bull Information Systems, Pacer Corp., GSA, Goodwill Games, Scientific Columbus, among many others, showcasing a breadth of experience across industries and technologies.

Leadership in Software Engineering: LOG-NET, Inc.

The next phase of Ian's career saw him as Director of Software Engineering at LOG-NET, Inc., an international transportation logistics software company. He was responsible for a significant portion of the company's backend software and ensured portability across various operating and database management systems. He was instrumental in developing applications for external system interfaces and maintaining global database synchronization, serving high-profile clients like Nike, Toys R Us, Tommy Hilfiger, Skyway, Paris Presents, Applause, Butler, Bradlee, and P&O Nedloyd.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Cyberi, Inc. and Proposal Kit

Ian's entrepreneurialism started with the co-founding of Cyberi, Inc., where, as VP of Engineering, he produced multimedia presentations for a wide array of clients, such as West Coast Hotels, Renaissance Parc Hotels, Inn of Chicago, Four Seasons, Embassy Suites, Hyatt, Hilton, Summerfield Suites, Last Frontier Resort, Sheraton, Doubletree, Wellesely Inn, University Inn, Days Inn, Marriott, Horseshoe Resort, Olympic Data, Last Frontier Productions, Florentine Design Group, Diamond Communications, Advanced Laser Clinic, New World Network, Delta Dental, Biltmore Fashion Park, Hydrofoil Inc, Sky Ski, Hot Air Expeditions, Valentinis Fine Wine Line, Seattle Christian School, Andover College, Burr & Temkin, Marine Stewardship Council, Linblad Expeditions, and Send International. Concurrently, they pioneered the development of Proposal Kit, a solution born from the necessity to streamline proposal writing and legal contract drafting for small businesses. This venture capitalized on the nascent internet boom and quickly distinguished itself as a valuable resource for web developers and, eventually, a broader business audience.

Expansion of Proposal Kit

Ian started Proposal Kit in the late 1990s and has evolved the system since then, diversifying its content to accommodate an expanding range of business needs. This growth was fueled by customer feedback across many industries, including new documents and legal contracts tailored to various business situations that continued for decades. Ian's proactive approach to content expansion, supported by a handful of legal experts and writers, ensured that Proposal Kit remained a dynamic and evolving tool, catering to an ever-widening user base.

Photography and Media

Parallel to his achievements in software and business development, Ian also pursued semi-professional photography, achieving recognition as the official tour photographer for the Hydrofoil Pro Tour and senior photographer for Flight Magazine. His work has been published in National Geographic, Discovery Channel's Shark Week, Popular Mechanics, Shark Diver Magazine, SKIDFIN Unlimited Hydroplane Magazine, NANPA, Extreme Water Sports, WakeSurfer Magazine, Fun and Fitness Magazine, The Water Skier, Wakeboarding Magazine, Level X Wakeboard Magazine, Extreme Lives, Alaska Magazine, Ski and Snowboard Magazine, Flight World Magazine, WaterSki Magazine, Diver Magazine, Rodale's Scuba Diving, Popular Photography Magazine, Splash Magazine, Seafair Magazine, LA Times, Cape Times Newspaper, Race Center Magazine, Pacific Northwest Magazine, Seattle PI, Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, Waterski Hall of Fame, Burning Man, Shark Trust - and many more. His passion for photography enriched his pursuits and enhanced the Proposal Kit, integrating legal contracts and proposals specific to photography services.

Legacy and Ongoing Impact

Over the years, Ian has consistently leveraged his extensive experience in software development, project management, multimedia production, and photography to inform and enhance the Proposal Kit. From its humble beginnings as an internal company resource to its current status as a comprehensive tool used by tens of thousands of diverse businesses worldwide.

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