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Q: Can I make money promoting Proposal Kit?

A: Absolutely! We have a generous affiliate program you can sign up for immediately. Click the affiliates link on our web site header to get started. As soon as you sign up you will receive your own personalized promotional material and you will get a commission on every product sale you send our way. You can put your promotions in your web site, blogs, opt in mailings and even offline promotions such as sales seminars and printed publications. Join now to get started!
Q: How much money can I earn as an affiliate?

A: There is no limit to how much money you can earn as an affiliate. Everyone's results are unique and dependent on many factors such as how many eyes you can get to look at your promotion and how qualified those viewers are. We have affiliates consistently making thousands of dollars a month. How much you can earn is entirely up to you. We have affiliates who have posted articles with their affiliate links and those articles still generate income for them 10 years later.
Q: What if I don't have a web site?

A: You don't even need to have your own web site to earn commissions from an affiliate program. The more qualified viewers you can get to see your promotion the better chances you will have of course. These days anyone can start a blog in a matter of minutes for no cost or join business forums and make postings. You can promote Proposal Kit in many ways that do not require a dedicated web site, such as forums on other web sites, blogs and social networking sites.
Q: What's the best way to promote Proposal Kit?

A: As a Proposal Kit affiliate, the best way to generate commissions is to write your own personal promotion instead of copying our marketing materials. If you write your own unique promotion in your own words it will carry more weight with your audience. Tailor your promotions to fit the needs of your own audience. If your audience are web site developers show them our web site developer materials, if you are in real estate show them our real estate material and so on.
Q: Do I get logos and marketing materials?

A: Absolutely! After you signup and login you will have access to an extensive library of logos in many sizes that will fit many different types of layouts. This will get you started faster without having to resize or modify our logos to fit your layout. We also provide an extensive library of pre-written marketing text you can paste right into your web site. We even allow you to deep link to specific pages of our site with custom coded tracking links that give you credit for any sales.
Q: How long has Proposal Kit been around?

A: Proposal Kit was created in 1997. We have two decades of experience creating winning business proposals and contracts. What started as a single small collection of material has grown into a line of hundreds of products used by businesses in all industries in over a hundred countries. Our mission has always been to provide high quality content at an affordable price to small businesses. We are also a long time member of the Better Business Bureau.
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