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Contract Pack Help
Contract Pack
Q: What is different between Windows, Mac & Linux?
A: All of the Contract Pack material is cross-platform compatible and identical on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The only difference is the Windows download is packaged in an executable installer that creates some extra shortcut icons on your Desktop and the Mac and Linux download is packaged as a compressed ZIP file. Since the Contract Pack materials are documents, Acrobat PDF files and HTML pages, how they look and open is entirely dependent on your own word processor and web browser.
Q: What is the Desktop Organizer used for?
A: The Desktop Organizer is a mini web site on your computer that organizes all of the Contract Pack documents, instruction manual and other help information. It gives you fast access to all of the documents organized by categories. Each Contract Pack document has its own page in the organizer that has a button to open that document and extra information, including links to other alternate and related documents. The organizer is in the install folder on your computer and starts with Open Contract Pack. On Windows, look on your Desktop for the purple and white box icon titled Open Contract Pack.
Q: What if I deleted the Desktop icon?
A: You can also click your Windows "Start" menu, click "All Programs", click "Contact Pack" then click the "Open Contract Pack" entry. You can also browse to the install folder using My Computer, which is c:\ProposalKit\ContractPack_# and double click the file that is titled "Open Contract Pack". This will open the "Contract Pack" Desktop Organizer in your web browser.
Q: Where do I find the contract documents?
A: All of the Contract Pack material is contained under the install folder. This is c:\ProposalKit for Windows, or wherever you uncompressed the ZIP file for Mac and Linux. Look in the Documents subfolder to find all of the editable documents. Using the Desktop Organizer is an alternate way to browse and open your documents.
Q: How do the exhibits and schedules work?
A: Many Contract Pack documents include references to "exhibit" or "schedule" attachments. "Exhibits" and "schedules" are interchangeable terms that mean the same thing. Exhibits are used in U.S. documents and schedules are used in international documents. These are your payment terms, specifications and other common attachments. When you are using a document that references these, also open the referenced attachments and include them with your document. For more details read the chapter in the instruction manual titled "Use of Attachments (Exhibits and Schedules)".
Q: How do the contract documents work together?
A: Contract Pack is more than just a collection of individual documents. Many of the documents in your Contract Pack are designed to be used in conjunction with the other documents. An example would be using pre-project documents to protect your proposal, then using the primary contract to sign the deal, then as the project changes or is completed, use the various change and sign-off documents. If there are any problems along the way, there are documents to use for those situations as well. For more details read the chapter in the instruction manual titled "Use of Multiple Documents as a Whole System".
Q: How do I add my own logo?
A: Adding your own logo is easy. This is just a basic word processor operation. See your word processor's help for details. For example, with Microsoft Word, use the Insert tool and insert a Picture, then browse to your logo graphic file on your computer. This will place your logo in the document. Then use your word processor's picture formatting properties to size and position your logo in the correct spot and with the appropriate text wrapping (these are all features of your word processor).
Q: How do I deliver my contract?
A: Once you have completed your writing, your document will still be in your word processor's native format. It is not recommended to send your documents in this native format to your client as they may not display or open as you intended, and they can also be edited without your knowledge. The person you send them to may not have compatible software to view your document. Convert your final documents to the industry standard PDF format before transmitting them. You can find many free and low cost PDF creation programs on-line to use with your word processor if you do not already have one.
Q: Do I have to read the whole manual?
A: No you do not need to read the entire instruction manual. The manual covers many topics that have been asked by many people over the years. Use the manuals as a reference tool. Just quickly skim through the manual chapters to get an idea of what is included so you will know where to look for more specific information should you need it in the future. If you are new to proposal writing there are basic chapters on proposal writing to help you get started. Read whatever chapters are relevant to your situation. Other chapters merely describe how to perform standard word processing operations.
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