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Having problems downloading or installing?
If you just placed an order and did not get the download email:

Emails are sent to you immediately upon submitting an order and whenever the upgrade/redownload form is submitted.

If you are not getting our emails that means you either mistyped your email address when ordering or the emails sent to you are being junked as spam by your email program or your email account provider before they reach your email program.

You do not need the download email in order to download your product. Login directly to the 'My Orders' page to download your order.
If you just placed an order and you are getting an "Unauthorized Access" error message when trying to login:

Read the help messages on the unauthorized access page. This means you did not enter the userid and/or password correctly. The help messages will cover every reason why this occurred and how to easily resolve the problem.

The most common mistakes are mistyping the userid/password or using copy-and-paste and accidentally pasting extra characters into the password field.
If you just placed an order and you are getting an "Unauthorized Access" error message when trying to login and your browser never asked you for a userid and password:

Switch to a different web browser or computer when logging in. Non-standard browser configuration settings and third-party download utilities such as download accelerators can cause problems logging in and downloading. Your web browser program is responsible for displaying the userid/password dialog box.
If you are trying to download a product installer and your download keeps terminating before the entire file is downloaded:

Change to a different download location. If you are trying to download from a location that limits the amount you can download such as a free WiFi hotspot you either need to change locations to somewhere without restrictions or request that restrictions be removed. This is most likely caused by the access service provider or your ISP placing restrictions on your connection.
If you are trying to download a product installer and your browser asks to 'Run' or 'Save' the file:

You must click the 'Save' option when downloading the installer files.

If you click the 'Run' option you may experience unexpected errors due to trying to run an incomplete download. Never 'Run' installer programs from the Internet. Always save them to your computer first and wait for the download to complete 100% before running them.
If you get an error message when clicking the download link in your email that the page has been moved or doesn't exist:

This means your email program has broken the link to the download page into two parts and the entire link is not clickable. This is a problem with your email program that is easily resolved.

All you have to do is manually copy-and-paste the entire URL in the download email into your browser URL window (i.e. it starts with https: and ends with .htm).

Or login directly from the web site to download the products here using the 'My Orders' link.
If you are running the downloaded installer programs and they are generating any error messages:

If you are getting an error message such as:

Not Windows 64-bit compatible, files are missing, catastrophic failure, or some other type of system error.

These are all related to the same problem. The download file was not completely downloaded 100%. You must download the installers completely before you can run them. Download the files again.

Make sure if your browser is asking if you want to "Run" or "Save" the download file that you click the "Save" option. Choosing the "Run" option can cause these types of problems.

If this problem persists then most likely something on your computer or your Internet connection is corrupting the download files or terminating the download prematurely. You will have to determine what software may be corrupting the download such as third-party download accelerator tools or what may be terminating your download such as a free WiFi hotspot with restrictions on how much you can download.

If you are getting an error such as:

Access denied or Feature transfer error related to a temporary (.tmp) file.

This is related to some third-party program running in the background on your computer that is interfering with the installer program while it is running. Usually it is security or backup software that is detecting new files being put on your computer and is trying to operate on them while the installer is still running. You must shut off whatever third-party software is running in the background then run the installer again.

The anti-virus software "Webroot" and the archive software Stuffit Expander's "ArcNameService.exe" are both known to cause these errors.

See this troubleshooting page for more details and instructions.
If you are having any other problems or questions:

Virtually every question and problem that is commonly asked or encountered is covered in the pages of the Help Center.

If you cannot find a resolution contact us for personal assistance.
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