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If you do not want to uninstall and reinstall your Proposal Pack Wizard you can download a patch file instead by submitting this form. The patch file will only work if you have the most current major version of Proposal Pack Wizard installed.
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Enter the order number you were given when you placed your order. Also enter the name and e-mail address the order was originally placed under. This is the same e-mail address your order confirmation was sent to.

Order Number may be found in your order confirmation e-mail which was sent to you when you placed your original order. Look in your e-mail archives for an e-mail with the subject header that includes "Proposal Kit Order Confirmation and Receipt". Your order number will be at the head of that e-mail.

Use of SPAM software can cause automated e-mails to be filtered. Add our domain "" to your approved domain list if you are using SPAM filtering software. If you are not getting our e-mails check your junk e-mail first.
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