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Proposal Kit Privacy PolicyWe offer a conditional 100% money-back guarantee for our products within the first 30 days of purchase.

Eligibility for Returns

Returns are accepted under specific conditions where the product fails to operate within its supported environments, and such failure cannot be resolved. To initiate a return, proof of the issue, such as a screenshot of the error and details of the operating platform, must be provided.

Conditions Not Covered

Technical Requirements and Use

Limitations on Returns

Product Swaps

Suppose another product better meets your needs. In that case, you may swap your purchase for another product within the same category, such as a design theme pack for another design theme pack or a single template for an alternate single template. Subsequent returns are not accepted if a swap is made.

Processing Returns

Return requests must be processed by phone during regular business hours. We reserve the right to refuse returns deemed an abuse of these policies.

Policy Agreement

This return policy is detailed on our website and included in the click-wrap agreement during software installation. It is the sole recognized return policy of Proposal Kit, Inc.

Fraudulent Activity

Proposal Kit, Inc. does not tolerate illegal or fraudulent activity. All materials are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, and we will take appropriate action in fraud cases.

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