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Sign up as an affiliate if you agree to these terms.
1) Signing Up

After reading and agreeing to these terms, sign up as an affiliate, making sure to check the no SPAM and agreement checkboxes.

After your application has been submitted, you will receive your affiliate code and password to allow you to start marketing your new program.

Only one (1) account per individual is allowed.
2) Web Site Approvals

We reserve the right to refuse affiliates from marketing our program on illegal or objectionable web sites.

Duplicate profiles, automated bot signups, falsified information, profiles using unreachable e-mail addresses, or otherwise not used to actively promote Proposal Kit will be disabled.
3) Terms

This agreement starts when you are issued your affiliate code. We reserve the right to terminate the program at any time or change the terms of our program at any time. You may terminate your affiliate program at any time. We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate who gives us reasonable cause to do so.

Proposal Kit, Inc. is not liable for any loss of data or interruptions of service on this web site.
4) Marketing Restrictions

You must not use unsolicited / SPAM / junk mail to promote this program. Any use of illegal marketing will be grounds for immediate termination of your affiliate status and forfeiture of any commissions.

All marketing materials owned by and supplied by Proposal Kit (including logos, marketing text, and republishable articles) may only be used to link to and promote
5) Copyrights

Proposal Kit, Inc. owns the copyrights to our proposal kits. Affiliate members and purchasers do not have the rights to redistribute or resell our products or derivative versions of our products outside of our license agreement as a reseller. Affiliates may market our products, but all sales must be processed through the site.

All Proposal Kit, Inc. products and web sites have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.
6) Money

Commissions on trackable online sales are paid on gross sales (i.e., the actual purchase amount, not including sales tax). Our cookies are non-expiring, so repeat visits that do not come directly from your site will still count towards your commissions if the cookie is not otherwise removed.

Commissions on sales are paid on initial gross sales actually collected from customers. Orders are not eligible for commissions until 30 days after the order is fulfilled and are paid at the end of the next month after the order was placed. Payments are made once a month.

Affiliates may purchase from their own link only if they agree to actively promote for at least 30 days via web site links or e-zine promotion.

First and second tier affiliates may not be the same entity (individual or company). When detected during commission calculations, such activity will result in deactivation of both affiliate accounts and loss of all commissions.

You warrant that you are acting as an independent party and as such are responsible for your own taxes and any other liabilities. You agree that you are not authorized to act on our behalf other than marketing our products and services as an independent party for a commission.

Payments are made monthly for all amounts owed. There is no minimum commission. Payments are usually available within 3-7 days after the first of every month. All commission payments are made through

It is your responsibility to keep your email address in your affiliate profile up to date with your account. Failure to do so may result in commissions not being received. We are not responsible for resending lost or missing payments past 90 days. Payments will not be resent unless they were first returned to our account by PayPal as unclaimed.

If you need to have a payment resent to a different e-mail address this process can take up to two months. The unclaimed payment will not be returned to our account by PayPal for one month, then the payment will be put back into the usual end of month payment cycle. A $10.00 handling fee will be deducted from the payment due to the amount of extra manual labor involved. You should temporarily add the e-mail address from the original payment to your PayPal account to receive the payment without incurring extra time or fees.

Commissions are only paid on orders that are paid in full. If transactions incur a chargeback, it will not count towards affiliate commissions. If commissions have already been paid on a chargeback, that amount will be deducted from future checks.
If you agree, then signup as a Proposal Kit affiliate.
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