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Automated Quoting Systems

Proposal Kit integrates with QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks is a third-party quoting application which integrates with Proposal Kit templates and Proposal Pack Wizard. Proposal Kit templates and our Proposal Pack Wizard are used to create your proposal content (i.e. layout, design, graphics, narrative text, contracts, etc.)

While Proposal Pack Wizard includes its own built-in comprehensive line-item database system used for quotes it also can create templates for use within QuoteWerks.

QuoteWerks then adds additional automation features such as database driven quoting and estimating. Get a trial download of QuoteWerks.

Graphic Design

Pick of the Litter - As a full service design firm - Pick of the Litter does it all. Logo and stationery design; print design such as flyers, brochures, posters, magazines and newspaper ads, postcards - including direct mail services; web design; outdoor and promotional products. Competitive prices and real world results. Pick of the Litter has created many of our Proposal Pack skin logo designs.
Document Management Software Tools

deskPDF - Docudesk’s deskPDF family of products provide a simple yet elegant solution for creating PDF documents. In a single click, users can produce high quality PDF’s from almost any application. deskPDF provides all the features of more costly products and more, plus the industry’s best customer support, making deskPDF the best value on the market.

Adobe Acrobat - Adobe Acrobat PDF files are the standard for documents on the web. Use Acrobat in conjunction with your word processor to create PDF files you can post on your web site. Use Adobe Acrobat when you need the the most capabilities in a PDF creation tool.

Microsoft Word and Excel - Microsoft Office and related products are a full featured suite of business development tools which will meet the needs of any business. The latest versions of Word also create PDF documents out of your proposals and contracts. - The is a free office suite of business development tools including a word processor and spreadsheet. can be used with our Proposal Kits and related products and supports all of the platforms our products were developed for, such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Process Street - Online checklist and process management. Create checklists, workflows and processes to manage your proposals and project management.
Diagramming Software Tools

Visio - We use Visio tools to create our web site storyboard diagrams. Their tools make it easy to create and change web site layouts. We currently use Visio Professional. Available only for Windows.

ConceptDraw - The midrange diagramming tool that runs on both Windows and Mac (supports Mac OS X). They also have a Visio conversion service.

RFFlow - A lower cost alternative diagramming tool is RFFlow. Their package also supports creating web site diagrams. Available only for Windows.
Government Resources

US Copyright Office - If you do not register your intellectual property all the copyright notices you stamp on your site and documents will not do you much good. It generally is not worth pursuing copyright infringement when your work is not protected. You works must be registered with the US Copyright Office prior to an infringement to get the most protection and ability to recover damages (consult a copyright attorney or other legal resources for details). All Proposal Kit, Inc. documents, computer programs, scripts and web sites are registered prior to being released to the public. Protect your rights as well by filling out the Form TX and submit it with the payment and 1 or 2 copies of your work as required.
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