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If you already have Proposal Kit Professional then QuoteWerks is the perfect compliment which adds higher end pricing and quoting automation to your proposals and contracts.

QuoteWerks is a third-party application sold separately by QuoteWerks. Download a demo of the QuoteWerks software.

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Proposal Kit Professional provides thousands of pages of proposal writing content, graphic design options, graphic cover designs, legal contracts, complete sample proposals and Wizard proposal assembly and management software.

QuoteWerks adds advanced quoting and pricing capabilities which inserts automated quotes into your Proposal Kit proposals.

While Proposal Kit Professional and QuoteWerks are independent and stand-alone applications, you get the most capabilities and features using them together.
QuoteWerks and Proposal Kit SampleSample of a food catering proposal

Examples showing  how to setup QuoteWerks and Proposal Pack Wizard- Expert Edition together to create proposals such as this sample are included in Proposal Kit.
  • Integrates with Proposal Kit
  • Comprehensive automated quoting
  • Web based tracking of client PDFs
  • Real time pricing and availability
  • Online customer collaboration
  • Quote approval and peer review
  • Publishing and delivery services
  • Supports ConnectWise
  • Supports Act!
  • Supports QuickBooks
  • Supports Etilize online content
  • See QuoteWerks for more information
Proposal Kit is a QuoteWerks Developer Partner

Proposal Pack Help Video: How to Integrate Proposal Kit and QuoteWerksHow to Integrate Proposal Kit and QuoteWerks

QuoteWerks extends Proposal Pack’s capabilities by adding higher-end automated quoting features. Use QuoteWerks to do your quote calculations and insert quotes directly into your Proposal Pack proposals.

Proposal Pack Wizard and templates provide the proposal and quote content and the proposal assembly. QuoteWerks adds advanced automated quote capabilities.

While Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition has its own extensive line-item database system that can be used for quotes, schedules and other business plan financials outside the scope of what QuoteWerks does - QuoteWerks does have higher-end quoting features than what the Wizard's built-in includes.

The image below illustrates the cost page from the Proposal Pack Networks #4 design theme that has been converted to a QuoteWerks layout file then merged in QuoteWerks with the QuoteWerks line items and quote data.

Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition can create layout files ready to use as-is within QuoteWerks with the click of a button. The Wizard will convert our documents by replacing our tags with QuoteWerks tags, replacing our cost, quote, invoice and work order pages with QuoteWerks table layouts matching your QuoteWerks Item Types and alter the document layouts to be compatible with how QuoteWerks works with Word templates.

Proposal Pack Wizard can also be used in other workflows such as creating just a quote page within QuoteWerks then assembling that quote into a more complex document dynamically using the Wizard to assemble documents more dynamically instead of using static QuoteWerks layout files.

Adding QuoteWerks quotes with Proposal Pack Wizard and a Proposal Pack
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