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Estimate Pack Spreadsheets
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Estimate PackEstimate Pack is a set of pre-designed spreadsheets for estimating various projects. We do not sell Estimate Pack separately. We include Estimate Pack as a component of Proposal Kit Professional.

The Proposal Kit Professional bundle is for individuals, small businesses, and small teams within larger organizations—order and download for $199.

The Estimate Pack Includes
  • Includes over 90 spreadsheets
  • General project estimates
  • Website and e-commerce estimates
  • Computer maintenance estimates
  • CD-ROM/DVD estimates
  • Video estimates
  • Graphic design estimates
  • Photography services estimates
  • Financial calculators
What Our Clients Say

Business proposal example Specifically, the Web Site Project Estimate Spreadsheet and CD-ROM/Flash Project Estimate Spreadsheet, which you can't find anywhere and I'm always asked about in my projects, got me a job which was well coveted by over 20 other firms."

Andrew Huffman {CEO}
Altered Web Studios
Product name:
Proposal Kit Professional (Includes Estimate Pack)
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Proposal Kit
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Estimate Pack is a set of pre-designed spreadsheets for estimating various projects. Our template collection has been designed by and for web, computer, and other technology professionals. The collection as a whole will meet many of your needs. We created the spreadsheets to facilitate fast and easy calculations for project estimates. You can fine-tune these estimates over time to become more and more accurate.

Every web, computer, and other technology professional has a unique combination of skills, experience, overhead, and value-added benefits. Enter your hourly rate and estimates for various project components, and then adjust the final estimate based on your unique situation. It supports many platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft Word & Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages, Numbers, and Appleworks.

Once you have interviewed the prospect and have a straightforward design, you will have a list of all the components needed to create your project. We designed the spreadsheets to plug in your rates along with the costs and quantities of each project component, including commonly overlooked hidden costs. Our web, media, video, and general project estimate spreadsheets will calculate three payment plans. You can plug the calculations into the Contract Pack payment plan documents.

After each project, use the Per Page Average spreadsheet to calculate how much you over or underestimated the project. Then, edit your estimate spreadsheet for the next project to account for the difference. For example, if the page creation took a longer than expected increase, your time per page will be accordingly, so the next estimate will be closer to the actual time. Estimate Pack spreadsheets can be used alone or with our proposal, contract, and web planning materials.
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