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These two Proposal Packs do not include graphic logo designs

Each of the 2 Proposal Packs in this category is sold separately - $79 each.

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Most people purchase a Proposal Pack that compliments their company logo and colors. Just add your logo and your proposal layout and graphic design will instantly look consistent across every page of your proposal. If you do not have a logo use one of our designs.

If you want the Proposal Pack templates without a graphic logo design already added get Proposal Pack for Any Business. This is the version to get if our pre-designed logo designs do not fit with your company logo or colors. It is the most brandable Proposal Pack and designed for customizing with your own logos, graphics and colors.
Every Proposal Pack contains
Business proposal example Thanks for the great

service your company has provided.  I had a very important sales proposal to prepare for a realty firm, and was given only a 1-day notice. I purchased and downloaded the sales proposal [Proposal Pack] with the Real Estate design, and it was exactly what I needed.  The forms were perfect, and the presentation went great.  We were told it was the best she had ever seen. Thanks for a great product, and for providing it in a pinch!"

Kevin Onizuk
Breakwater Mortgage Corp.
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