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Proposal Pack for Any Business (sample proposals plus proposal templates) Purchase Proposal Pack for Any Business (sample proposals plus proposal templates)
Proposal Pack works on all platforms

Option #1 Get Proposal Pack for Any BusinessOPTION #1: Get "Proposal Pack for Any Business"

This is the most brandable pack. Designed for you to brand with your own logos, colors and graphics. If you want a package with logos and colors already added, look below.

ORBusiness Proposal Templates and Software

Option #2 Get Proposal Pack with a Graphic Logo DesignOPTION #2: Get a Proposal Pack with a unique logo design

Look through the categories below to see the 275 available logo designs and pick one that works with your company logo and colors (each logo design is sold separately)
Q: What pack do I get for (insert your situation here)?

A: Any Proposal Pack will work.

Simply put - you get all the chapter topics for every kind of situation (both general purpose content and specialized industry specific content for all kinds of businesses) so you do not have to worry about which Proposal Pack to choose.

Logos and colors are the icing. Which Proposal Pack is "best" for you is this simple. What do you want it to look like visually?

Most established companies want to brand their documents with their company logo and colors - so the "best" one is usually 'Proposal Pack for Any Business'.

Otherwise, we have hundreds of colorful design themes to pick from to add a polished look to your documents right out-of-the-box.

Each of the 275+ logo design themes are sold separately. Just pick any one Proposal Pack. And yes - you can add your own logo and customize the templates.



Proposal Kit Professional BundleSpecial Offer: Get your choice of any one of these 275 Proposal Packs free with the Proposal Kit Professional bundle. Add both the Proposal Kit Professional and your choice of Proposal Pack logo design to your shopping cart for this limited time offer. The Professional bundle gives you the most content and highest level of software features.

Proposal Kit

Proposal Pack design themesThink of your proposal, business plan or other type of business document as a long letter you're going to write. The contents of that letter are all the words you will write and any graphics you will include. In other words, the content of your proposal is all the information you put into it.

Simply put, you get all the topic pages you need for all that information with any Proposal Pack. It doesn't matter what sort of business you're in - the same collection of topic pages (templates) is in every Proposal Pack. We include topics for all types of industries to ensure everyone gets the specialty topics and information that apply to their market or industry.

By giving you all of the specialty material for all types of businesses in a single package it greatly simplifies the decision of which Proposal Pack to get because they will all work. You do not have to wonder what pack to get if you are a security company, accountant, IT professional, real estate developer, contractor, medical professional, and scores of other types of businesses. You are covered with the content no matter which Proposal Pack you choose.

Think of the different designs of the various Proposal Packs as the stationery on which you want to print your letter. Do you want a colorful flowery look or a heavier industrial look to your letter? Do you want a specialty look that more closely matches your industry such as real estate, healthcare, security, etc.? Choose a Proposal Pack as if you're choosing a pack of stationery on which to print your letter. You want a design that best represents you and will appeal to your reader.

So remember, all the Proposal Packs have the same content - the same samples, the same collections of topic pages, but each has a different "look" to the pages.

Most established companies want to completely brand their documents with their own company logo and colors. If that's true for you, the best Proposal Pack to pick is usually the simplest theme: 'Proposal Pack for Any Business'.

Proposal Kit

Proposal Pack contains the following:

Business Proposal Software

All of the Proposal Packs include the same proposal content and sample proposals as the 'Proposal Pack for Any Business'. The only difference between all of the choices is what the graphic logo designs look like.

We have already done the tedious work creating the structure, outlines, layout and graphic design so you can be well on your way to having your proposal completed before you even start.

Proposal Kit TestimonialHonestly, I haven't

found another product that even compares to what the Proposal Kit provides."

Tina Burnett

Proposal Kit TestimonialThanks for the

great service your company has provided.  I had a very important sales proposal to prepare for a realty firm, and was given only a 1-day notice. I purchased and downloaded the sales proposal [Proposal Pack] with the Real Estate design, and it was exactly what I needed.  The forms were perfect, and the presentation went great.  We were told it was the best she had ever seen. Thanks for a great product, and for providing it in a pinch!"

Kevin Onizuk
Breakwater Mortgage Corp.

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