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Records Management Toolkit
Pin Records Management Toolkit
Records Management ToolkitThe Records Management Toolkit can help you analyze and organize your information assets and determine what content is essential and how to manage it. Records Management Toolkit is a component of Proposal Kit Professional.

We designed the Proposal Kit Professional bundle for individuals, small businesses, and small teams within larger organizations—order and download for $199.

The Records Management Toolkit Includes
  • Includes over 40 documents
  • Over 100 pages of material
  • Worksheets, logs, and forms
  • Plan templates
  • Proposal templates
  • Business case templates
  • Completed examples
What Our Clients Say

Business proposal example WOW! I wish I had this when I was consulting for clients! RM Toolkit would have saved me a lot of time."

Leigh Woody
Product name:
Proposal Kit Professional (Includes Records Management Toolkit)
Produced by:
Proposal Kit
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Successful information management relies on good governance and a well-thought-out process for organizing content. If you aim to propose, develop, or maintain an RM program, the Records Management Toolkit will get you started.

Many companies must spend thousands of dollars on an RM consultant or tens of thousands on RM software. Finally, you can get information that used to cost thousands of dollars at a price any company can afford.

We contracted with Records Management professionals with over ten years of experience creating Records Management programs and software to develop the Records Management Toolkit specifically for use in Proposal Kit Professional.

Records management projects are becoming increasingly important for many small and medium-sized businesses that manage an ever-increasing volume of digital data. The Records Management Toolkit includes project management, legal contract, tracking, and proposal content. Read this article on How to Use the Records Management Toolkit for more details.

Records Management Toolkit is low-cost and immediately downloadable. It supports many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Word & Office, Microsoft 365, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages, and Appleworks.

No software is required to use the Records Management Toolkit other than your office software.

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