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How to Post Process Graphic Chapter Headers to Text

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Video tutorial on how to use the document post processing tools to change the graphic chapter headers to editable text, change the chapter header font styles and set the positioning of all the chapter header logos. This is an efficient way to make mass changes to documents that have already been created.

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In this video we're going to show some of the post processing tools that are available for manipulating the documents after you've created them to make your editing a little easier for some custom situations. We're going to illustrate this using our Real Estate #8 design theme. The design theme doesn't matter we have hundreds and hundreds of design themes.

We're going to add a new project and we're going to build using a graphic design theme. This demo is going to show a feature for how to change the graphic chapter headers to text and then change the font type and then adjust the logo chapter headers all using the post–processing tools. We're going to illustrate this using the Real Estate Occupancy Proposal example.

Again, it doesn't matter what proposal you're creating we're just using this for illustration purposes. So, it can be any design theme any list of chapters, any document you're creating. We're just going to show at the start how a stock document is created and then we'll show the post–processing tools to manipulate that document.

Once we've generated our stock document then we will show how the tools work. Okay, so our document is ready to start working on. I'll show what the stock documents in a graphic design theme look like that we're going to be modifying.

You'll see all these chapter headers if I select them these are just graphics. The actual word Project here is actually part of the graphics uneditable text same thing with every chapter header, Table of Contents, the logo. This is one combined graphic.

The reason we create all of our design themes like this is because we use custom fonts for the chapter headers to work with the design theme and not everybody has these fonts on their computers. If you want to use editable text you actually have to have the font type actually installed as a font type on your computer and in order for you to have the exact font types you want to use in our design themes you would actually have to purchase these font types separately, install them on your computer, make sure you get the exact same correct font type that's used in the Word documents and so on. So it's very difficult for anybody to have the proper setup to get the nice design graphic headers with the design theme that we're shooting for.

Now with the body text we use fonts that everybody has on their computer already which are very standard general purpose across the board fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and so on. You can change all these fonts through Word font types. Any fonts you have in your computer.

What we're going to illustrate in this video is how to make an editable text version of these headers because sometimes people do want to make text edits to some of our chapter headers to customize them a bit or to create completely new chapters that we don't have templates for and to do that we have to split the logo and the text up into two parts into an actual logo by itself and actual text. There are a couple ways to do this. You can do this ahead of time.

There's an option in the Document Styles section where you can tell the Wizard to generate the document using text instead of graphics and it will do all this work ahead of time. Or, once the document's been generated you decide you need to change a graphic header or you want to change it to a different font type. It's a lot more efficient to have the software do it especially if you have a lot of chapter headers because you don't have to manually do this for every single one.

It takes a little different work to set up the Table of Contents to work with a text version of the headers versus graphics so these tools will do all this work for you. You'll see over in your editing screen all these tabs there's a Document Processing tab. We're running the Expert edition and we have all the tools available.

In the basic Novice edition you're only going to have a handful of tools and this operation we're showing you will be available in the Novice edition as well. We'll show you how to change these into editable text. We'll close the document and we're going to select the Convert Graphic Headers to Text tool.

We'll just show one tool at a time. You can actually combine multiple tools at the same time. When we convert the graphic headers to text the position of the logos is going to change a bit in relation to the text so you'll want to run two tools after this one.

We'll do a reposition and we'll show you the sequence to do this. So, click the Convert Graphic Headers to Text first and leave the backup options checked. It's going to make a backup copy of your document and then click the document you want to process.

Click Process Documents and just skip this for now because you don't know the exact repositioning that you're going to want. Now the Wizard has told us it's replaced all 14 chapter headers. We'll open the document.

We have to go over to the Project Documents tab, click the Open button and you'll see it is now split up into the logo and editable text. We default to the Arial Black text so you'll see it's not quite the same design as before but this uses the font type that everyone has on their computer. We'll show in another tool how to change back to a different font type.

If you scroll down you can see this is now editable text. Every chapter header is editable text but you'll see the logo is a little offset and doesn't look quite right. What we're going to do is click with your mouse we'll drag it up to see where we want it positioned.

Just line it up just right. Okay, so that's about where it was before. Now we can right click, click Size and Position and we'll see it's 0,9 inches below the top of the page.

We're just going to copy that or write it down. Just remember 0,9 inches. We'll close the document without saving it.

Actually it doesn't really matter if you save it or not. Now we'll go back to the Document Processing and we're going to click a different tool Reposition Chapter Header Logos. We've already have a backup so we're not going to back it up again.

Now Distance From Top 0,9 inches so this tool is now going to run through all 14 chapter headers. It's going to reposition all 14 to be that exact distance, it saves us a bunch of time. Now if we scroll down every chapter header logo is lined up perfectly with the text.

That's all there is to it. Now we have editable text versions of every chapter header. For the title page one you'll have to manually drag this to reposition since this is only one graphic, not a big deal.

There we go. What if we want to change the font type now. So now you can change these font type headers to any font that's installed on your computer.

This design theme used the font type Proxima Nova Semi Bold so you would have to if you want to exactly match our design theme with text you have to go and find and download and install the Proxima Nova Semi Bold font type on your computer. Some font types you can get as a free download, some you have to pay a license fee for something like thirty dollars, sixty, seventy dollars. That's one of the reasons we don't include font types is because we don't have the rights to bundle different font types into the package and give them to you.

If we did that could almost double in some cases the cost of our Proposal Packs for something that very few people would ever do. There's a couple different ways we can change the font type so we can do it manally or we can do it through another tool. Now if we're going to do it manually we're going to want to change multiple Word Styles.

There are three different Word Styles at least that we have to change. We have to change the Proposal Kit Page Header font type. We have to change the Proposal Kit Faux Page Header type and then the word style for the body pages.

The tool will do all of this for you so we'll go back to the document processing tools. We'll just click Change Font Styles because this tool will apply this font type to every related Word Style that we use. We're not going to change the body page type.

If you wanted to change the Times New Roman of the body text you just pick this and change it to anything else you have you on your computer. We're just going to change the chapter headers. If I pick Proxima Nova A Semibold we'll get back to exactly the same design theme that we had before in the graphic chapter headers.

What if you want to set it to a font type that you use for your company logo or your website you can change it to that type of font type which will help match the documents to the rest of your material. I'm just going to pick Proxima Nova A Semibold, click OK, Batch Process because it's complete it's possible we might have to readjust the chapter headers if we change the font type. We'll see here real quick.

You'll see now, yep, so now we're using Proxima A. Let's readjust this a little bit. Obviously we're now back to a text version that exactly matches the original design theme that was in graphics.

And yes, we do have to readjust the logo again so we'll just do that again real quick. That looks like it lines up, check the Size and Position. Instead of 0,9 we're going to go 0,84.

Go back to the tool Reposition Chapter Header Logos and now we'll set everything to 0,84 inches. Open the document again and now every chapter header is lined up again with editable text versions of every chapter header. This is one of the things you can do with the post processing tools is if you have to make a whole bunch of manual changes that can be a little tedious and time consuming you can do those through the document processing tools.

This is one of the more common situations where you need to create editable text versions of the chapter headers. This also gives you the ability to change these chapter header logos that are stock logos to your own logo. You could right click and Change Picture from a file go browse to a file on your hard drive that has your logo that's in the similar size and you can brand the document better to your logo.

If you're using the Expert edition and you set up the custom branding where you have your company logo in the MyGraphics folder that will trigger the Wizard to automatically do this operation when the document is first being generated. That's another option for custom branding is to use the Professional edition and set up your own logo in the MyGraphics folder and let the Wizard swap out all of these stock graphics like this footer, the background watermark, the bullet point, chapter header logos, title page logos and backpage logos. The Expert edition makes it much easier to do a complete branding and change out all these chapter headers.

That is how you do editable text versions post processing with the Proposal Pack Wizard.

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