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How to Add New Documents to a Project

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This video shows how to add additional documents to the project. In addition to the main proposal, contract or business plan you can add additional files such as an invoice, letters, contracts and supporting documents, checklists, spreadsheets and project management documents.

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In this video we're going to demonstrate how to add additional templates to your project once you've generated your main proposal documents or a business plan or study, report, whatever you're creating. We're demonstrating this with our Decorator #3 design theme. This might be a good design theme for an interior decorator or a painter but whichever of the hundreds of design themes or custom branded design themes doesn't really matter.

So we're just going to create a document to get started with. We'll just run through this real quick. Since this is for an interior decorator we will actually just find a layout for this situation.

Just go to the Quick Start tab to get started real quick. You can find layouts for many many different kinds of businesses. So usually you are going to pick a layout that actually matches the design theme and the type of project or proposal you're creating.

So yeah, we have an Interior Decorator Design Services Proposal layout. We're just going to import that. And this one actually happens to have some sample content to go with it so we'll import that.

So this part here selecting the templates is pretty standard for creating any document. Now one of the differences in this video is we're going to be illustrating an Expert Edition feature because we're going to show how to add add–on contracts after a document has been created. Those contracts are all included in the Professional Edition also the Project Management Pack templates, the Estimate Pack templates and so on now.

If you want to add an invoice document or external letters you can do that with the Novice Edition through the Pick Documents screen. So this video is going to actually focus on how to do that from the Edit screen which is an Expert Edition feature. So if you do have the Novice Edition and you want to add letters and invoices do that initially in the Pick Documents screen.

So I'll just build the document here to get started with. Okay now that we've generated our documents we'll be in the Document Project screen. In our Combined Project Document is the one we just assembled.

Again see it's in our Decorator #3 design theme. But the purpose of this video is to show how to add additional documents into the project now and as we noted this is an Expert Edition feature to use these buttons down here. The legal Contract Pack, Estimate Pack and Project Management Pack templates are only included in the Professional Edition.

The invoice and letters and check lists can be added to your project but without the Expert Edition you would add them to the initial project screen or you'd have to go back into the project screen and add them. Using the Expert Edition you can add them right from the edit screen. So say we want to add an invoice so this project, also if you're using the Expert Edition this invoice can be actually linked to an Excel spreadsheet that is linked into the Word document.

For example, if you're using the Cost Summary spreadsheet and you have that linked into your document for the proposal this process will actually link that spreadsheet into the invoice template as well. So that way you can do your calculations in one place and have them auto–update both documents. So now that we've added the invoice.

Now we turned off the Excel spreadsheet linking in this demo just to make it a little faster. So here's the invoice template added to our project. It pulled in the same data and so on.

So you can just fill in the amounts here. Now these line items here would actually be auto updated using the Expert Edition spreadsheet linking. Now if we want to add a letter to the project so say we want to add a follow–up letter to send to the customer.

We just click that and the Wizard added a follow–up letter to the project. Now if you want to add a contract the Professional kit has hundreds of templates. So say this is a large painting project and all of a sudden we have a project change request.

So some of the things we can add are notice of overdue accounts. Templates to deal with a problem customer or project sign–off and so on. So we can search, so let's just say we want a sign–off or an acceptance template.

So we have a project contract acceptance sign–off form. Let's just add that to our project. So in our example situation here painting contractor or interior design contractor.

Maybe they want to have the customer sign–off at the end of the project that the customer accepts the work. We have the sign–off form here, open that. You can see the contract, it actually applied our Decorator #3 design theme and color scheme.

So whatever design theme you have it will apply those graphics and colors to the contract templates, or you can leave them as a plain black and white text. Now if you add Estimate Pack documents these will just add additional Excel spreadsheets into your project folder. Since this is a decorator painting contractor maybe they need a time line calculator or even a schedule calculator.

So just add one of those to the project. And since that is a spreadsheet it'll be over here in the Spreadsheets tab. We'll find it under the custom spreadsheets.

Anything from the Estimate Pack will have an EP_ in front of it. So I can open that up. Now we have a Timeline Calculator that might help with our project.

And if you want to add a Project Management Pack document, now most of these are going to be IT related, this is just an extra collection of documents that we've gathered over the years that don't fit into proposals and contracts. So any other documents we've added you might find them in here so if you find something useful great otherwise you know these are just kind of extra material like maybe a project milestone. You can see it added a project management document, the project milestones and it also applied our Decorator #3 design theme and color scheme.

So you can keep adding as many documents as you want. Now there's only one invoice that'll get added but you can add multiple letters, multiple contracts, multiple estimate and project management documents. So say if you want to add another letter or just add a customer thank–you letter.

Now I have that letter in the project. If you want to get to the actual files you can always open up the project document folder. Now all the individual chapters that get assembled into the document that's combined will be in here as well so those you just ignore.

But like thank you letter, the timeline calculator, the milestones project acceptance and so on are also in here. So that is how you add additional documents into your project after you've created your initial combined document. Now you can add your own documents into these lists using other Expert Edition features to add your own letters and so on.

You can customize all these templates as well and there's other videos on how to customize our stock templates or add your own custom documents into the Wizard database.

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