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How to Build Proposal Template from an AI Outline

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This video shows how to build a Word format proposal template using the Proposal Pack Wizard software from an AI-generated outline. This video is illustrated with pre-created AI outlines of chapters that are pasted into the Wizard software, which then generates a Word document from the outline.

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In this video I'm going to show how you can take lists of chapters for various types of proposals that we have on our website that are not yet built into the software, but they make use of a new feature where you can copy and paste lists of chapters from our website into the Wizard and build a template for that type of proposal. So I'm going to illustrate a couple of these on our website. Now we do have hundreds and hundreds of curated lists in the software.

Normally you would check those first for the type of proposal you're building. If it's already built into the software you just select it and import it. We have many additional types of proposal layouts on our website where we have lists of chapters that were generated by ChatGPT for types of proposals using a custom GPT that we have written.

Now there's another video on using that custom GPT that will show you exactly how to prompt ChatGPT to create a proposal outline and then copy and paste those results into the Wizard. Now we've taken that a little step further here where we've already done that for some of these cases and we've pre–curated the lists a little bit to make sure that they load right into the Wizard without any extra work. So I'm going to show you how to do that.

This is an example of one here, an Agriculture Project Proposal Template. You'll see the Add to Cart buttons. Those are for the Proposal Pack for Any Business.

That's the plain text version of our Proposal Packs that has no extra graphics added to it. That's kind of what it looks like here in this little design theme. But on a lot of these pages we'll have examples of design themes that will match that type of layout that you're looking at.

This is an agricultural project proposal and we have the Agriculture #4 we're going to illustrate this with. So whatever design theme you purchase any of these layouts can be built and they'll be built in that design theme. So, if you don't want the plain version here, Proposal Pack for Any Business.

Just go down and select any one of these other design themes, purchase that and then you can use that design theme with a list of chapters that you see on this page. If you scroll down a little bit further there'll be a gray box that has a list of chapters. That's what you're going to want to copy and paste.

All right, so I'm I'm going to run our Wizard software. I'm going to Add a New Project, click the Pick Documents button. Go to the Select by AI tab.

I can copy this entire list of chapters. Hit copy then Paste from Clipboard. Now I have this entire set of chapters in this form.

I can click the Process Suggestions button and it mapped everything into my project. Now I have all of these chapters selected in my project and exactly matched here. Since these lists on these web pages were created by ChatGPT based on our prompts and our chapter list and has been trained on these lists.

They aren't always exact matches. What we've done is we've added some mapping ability to the Wizard so if there's a mismatch in a chapter here it will automatically get mapped to the proper chapters within the Wizard. What this does is this gives you the ability to just quickly create a proposal for many different layouts in addition to ones that are already in the software.

I can just click the Use Selected Templates, click the Save Project and I'm going to build this Word document in the Wizard in the Agriculture #4 design theme. All right, so we'll open the document. It starts off with the Cover Letter, you can see we got our Agriculture #4 design theme and the Table of Contents is right from this list we pasted in.

So this document is now ready to start editing. Now using the Wizard software, things like this Cost Summary can be fully automated with the line item database system that's built into the Wizard where you can just add in your line items and have it calculate everything and import it right into the document for you. Same with schedules, the line item database will automate that.

Budgets, all the financial and schedule tables can be automated with the line item database when you're using the Wizard software. All right, so there's the first one, the first example. I'll show another one here Advertising and Marketing Agency Proposal Template and I'm just going to do this one in the Any Business style so you can see the plain design.

This plain design is completely customizable. The color scheme, you can import your own logo and so on. If you get the Pro kit you've got all the features for creating your own custom design theme to match your business, importing your own custom front and back cover page graphics, your own logo everywhere in the document and so on.

All right, so just like the other one we can just scroll down here and you can see we do have a whole bunch of marketing and advertising related graphic design themes you can pick instead. So any design theme will work just fine. Just pick any one you like the visual look of that might match your company.

If you do get the plain text version that's what I'm going to show here. So we'll add a new project just like before. Now we do have hundreds and hundreds of pre–curated, human curated, created lists so there will be advertising and marketing layouts in here.

I'm just illustrating in this video the ones on the website that are AI generated and not in the Quick Start list yet. So I pasted in the list of chapters, hit process. It's imported everything and I can just go straight to building the document.

That's how quick it is loading in list of chapters that we've tailored a little bit to make sure they load in right away. That's opposed to going to ChatGPT directly and asking ChatGPT to create a outline for a proposal then pasting its output into that Select by AI tab. There's another video that goes into that process so make sure to watch that if you just want to use ChatGPT to completely create your outlines for you.

All right, the document has been generated and we start off with a Cover Letter, the front Title Page and Table of Contents. You can see this is the list of chapters over here and the rest of the document is ready to filled in. This is the plain text version and you can completely customize the fonts the colors and so on using the Wizard, import your logo.

If you are using the Pro kit you can completely design your own custom design theme or if you're using any of the design theme Proposal Packs then whatever visual design theme is in the pack is what this document will look like. There are countless variations on how these documents can be generated depending on the customizations and the design theme. All right, so that is how you take any of these lists of chapters for proposals that are on our website that are not yet curated into the Wizard software itself and build a document immediately from those lists.

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