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How to Create Custom Top 40 Lists

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This video shows how to create your own custom lists of chapters to pick from for future proposals and documents. This is an optimization to speed up the creation of documents by giving you fast access to the chapters you will be using most often.

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In this video we're going to demonstrate how to use the Custom Top 40 lists to make your own lists of chapters to make it more efficient in selecting templates for your future projects. So this will come into play when you are in the Pick Documents screen here. So you'll see here the top 40 most common topics.

So this is the default Top 40 list that you will always see when you're first starting up the Wizard and creating projects because these are the most 40 common templates out of the thousands available. But you might want to have your own custom list of chapters show up every time you get into the screen to optimize the creation of your documents. So this is how we will do that.

So from the Wizard home screen you click the Preferences button and then click the Project Settings tab and then click this button Configure Top 40 Lists. Now you'll see we have lots of Top 40 lists created here and we have 10 set aside here. Custom 1 through 10 for you to fill up with your own lists of chapters.

So Custom 1 through 10 are turned off by default so you won't see them in the project screen. But we'll just go do Custom 1 here and you'll see it's an empty list. If we click Default Top 40 you'll see this is that list of 40 check boxes you saw just a moment ago.

Now you can configure this list if you just want to make a couple minor changes to it but if you want to create your own list from scratch so just go to Custom 1. We want to enable this so that way it will show up in the list from the project screen. We also want to set it as the Default Top 40.

So that way whatever you add in here will be what you first see in the project list. So you can fill this with any templates you want. So once you select a template click this arrow over button and it'll add it to the list and just add anything you want now.

Usually it's going to be a list of chapters that you are going to most commonly be picking from for your future documents. Another place this is used is if you're going to create multiple copies of one of our templates. If you have five different services templates or five different project templates or multiple staff resume templates or something you want to have available to check off the one you want for each future project.

Say if you have a number of different options you want to select and those options are going to be in separate templates you would create those in another screen here. There's another video on how to add your own templates into the system so those videos will cover how to add templates. And then once you've created multiple copies of a template then you'll add all those to say a Custom Top 40 list like this.

So we can demonstrate that in a second as well. Let's say we've selected a few templates that we always want to have available. We just save that.

Now that's all there is to it. This will show up in the project screen and once you click the Ok button the Preferences are saved. Okay now that we've saved our settings let's go add a new project.

And you'll see Custom 1 is enabled and it is now the default Top 40 that shows up. You can still get back to the original Top 40 just by clicking that. Scroll up in the list.

Custom 1 is our custom list. So that's how you create your own custom Top 40 lists to make it more efficient when you're selecting chapters for your projects. Now to show where this is most commonly used there is another video that goes into this in more depth but we'll just show it at the end here.

So you'll go into the Tools tab, Configure Proposal Files. We'll add a new document. Sort the list alphabetically.

It makes it easier to find the Services page. Let's scroll down to the Services Provided. Make this #2.

I'll just wait for it to make the copy. So what's doing is it's copying the stock Services. docx file making a second copy naming it to Services_A adding the second copy to the Wizard database lists.

And that's all done so if we're going to make five Services templates so we just repeat that process three more times. So we'd have Services the stock template and then four copies. I'll just illustrate with two Services pages for now.

So now we can go back to the Top 40 list, select our Custom 1 that we've been editing. Go down to the S's here. And you can see Services Provided and #2 that's the custom title we gave the second one.

We're just going to add both of these to the custom Top 40. Save that, click OK, get out of Preferences. And when we go into create a new document project when we get to the Pick Document screen now if we created multiple copies they would all be here if we added them all to the custom top 40 list.

So this is a quick and easy way for you to create multiple copies of stock templates to hold different options that you could want to select from at assembly time. Now there are other configuration options for Multiple Choice Databases and you know using Presets and pre–assembled templates. There's lots of different ways to customize the system for how you want to build documents, how your workflow needs to be setup.

So this is just one optimization for one particular workflow. But that is how you create custom Top 40 lists.

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