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How to Switch to the 3rd-Party Integration Enabled Wizard

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This video will show how to switch from the default non-integration version of the Proposal Pack Wizard software to the 3rd-party integration enabled version. You must be running a compatible version of Microsoft Office to use the 3rd-party integration features.

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In this video we're going to show how to set up the full version of the Wizard which is the integration version that includes the features to integrate directly with Salesforce and Quotewerks. By default the Wizard always installs a version of the Wizard that does not have the integrations included. That is because with so many different variations on people's systems between the Windows OS variations on Microsoft Office the integration version requires a couple extra key things to be in place.

So by always starting with the non–integration version that ensures everybody has a version of the Wizard that's going to run in almost every version and variation of Windows and Word. Then you can use that as your version that's going to set up the full version. You'll have the Wizard desktop icons and this Run Proposal Pack Wizard icon will be linked to the non–integration version.

You can right click these shortcuts and bring up the Properties. If you look at the target this will actually show you the exact file ProposalPackWizard_Win10S_V15 and the folder it's starting from. These shortcuts also actually have a direct link to your Word's EXE file which is going to be tied to the most recent version of Word that you had installed when you installed the Wizard.

Also, if you just bring up your install folder. In this case we've installed the Wizard on this computer into the D: drive in the ProposalKit/ProposalPack folder. By default it'll be in the C: drive.

So unless you did a custom install and changed where you installed it into look in the C: drive and then find the ProposalKit folder and then the ProposalPack folder. You'll see two copies of the Wizard document in there. ProposalPackWizard_Win_V and then whatever version number you have installed.

For ProposalPackWizard_Win10S_V and then the number. The 10S version, this is the non–integration version of the Wizard that is installed by default. We want to set up the full version here so i'm just going to start the normal 10S version.

A couple things to note is you will have to be running the 32–bit version of Microsoft Office to use the integration features. We have the Wizard running, just click the Preferences button, click the Integrations tab. Note these are all Expert Edition features.

The basic Novice Edition of the Wizard is always going to be running the non–integration version of the Wizard so this is only applicable to Expert Edition users using the Proposal Kit Professional. We can do a quick test for compatibility and this is just going to check your system and make sure you're using a 32–bit version of Office. You'll want to click this to make the desktop shortcut.

That is going to make a new desktop shortcut which is going to be the integration version of the Wizard. Now it's going to ask if I want to close this copy of the Wizard. Let's just say yes.

Let the Wizard close. Now instead of this 10S version (the non–integration version) you'll see there's a new icon Run Proposal Pack Wizard with Integrations. I can just double click this and now i'm running the new copy.

Now note because we've never run this copy of the Wizard document on this computer it will ask us to enable the content. Now we can run the Wizard from the Add–Ins tab or just close this and double–click the icon again. Now we have the full version of the Wizard running.

If this works fine you can just remove this icon and just use the integration icon from now on. Now we can go into the Preferences and now you'll see we have access to all of the integration feature screens. We can turn on QuoteWerks, Salesforce, Outlook and so on.

That is all there is to switching from the non–integration version to the integration version of the Wizard.

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