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Sample Estimate Worksheet Network Server Setup Estimate SpreadsheetView Worksheet Sample
This spreadsheet is used to calculate the estimate for setting up and configuring a computer network server.
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Category: Project Estimate Spreadsheets
This spreadsheet is used to calculate the estimate for setting up and configuring a computer network server.
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Network Server Setup Estimate Spreadsheet
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Writing the Network Server Setup Estimate Spreadsheet

Network Infrastructure Estimate Hourly Rate Actual Hours CustCompany Day Rate Actual Total Incidents ProposalNumber Tax Rate Support Time Estimate Support Price Estimate Component QTY Estimated Time Price Total Price Total Est Time Total component cost Set Web Server Apache Total daily rate Set Mail Server POP3 Set Exchange Mail Server Set Web Server IIS Payment Option front Set Web Server Other pay front off est Set Mail Server Other Set Misc Services Payment Option front Installation Server payments final approval Installation Hardware Total Set Server Control Panel Set Backups Software includes tax Set Backups Hardware Set FTP Server Set CRON Automated Tasks Set Database Server MySQL Additional Costs Set Database Server MSSQL Travel Set Database Server Post GRE SQL Equipment Supplies Set Database Server other Outsourced Services Set Print Server 3rd Party License Fees Set DNS Server Equipment Rentals Security Hardening Printing Fees Network Conectivity Switching Managed Unmanaged Consulting Fees Set Wireless Access Points Duplication Set VPN Messengers Training Shipping Documentation Other Other Other Other Total Other.
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