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Project Management Pack
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Project Management PackProject Management Pack is an extensive library of material used to help manage your projects from start to finish. The Records Management Toolkit is also part of the Project Management Pack. We do not sell the Project Management Pack separately; we only include it as a component of Proposal Kit Professional.

We designed the Proposal Kit Professional for individuals, small businesses, and small teams within larger organizations—order and download for $199.

The Project Management Pack Includes
  • Includes over 110 documents
  • Over 450 pages of bonus material
  • Records Management Toolkit
  • 80-question interview worksheet
  • "Performance Marketing" diagrams
  • E-commerce and fraud protection tips
  • Web site development checklists
  • SEO reports
  • Web hosting price guides
  • Software testing plans
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Complex website design diagrams
  • Server configuration worksheets
  • Press release template
What Our Clients Say

Business proposal example Thanks again for your fantastic product. You made it possible for me to start my business - and move to profitable, large scale projects - by helping me become more professional in my project outlines. Your easy-to-follow and adaptable structure has saved me from expensive scope-creep as projects have moved forward."

Douglas Lampi
Quetico Internet Marketing
Product name:
Proposal Kit Professional (Includes Project Management Pack)
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Proposal Kit
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Proposal Kit reviews4.7 stars, based on over 800 reviews

Project Management Pack is a collection of materials used to conduct an extensive interview, design a project storyboard, and then develop, deploy, and market a project. The Project Management Pack is the first step in interviewing a client (or gathering information for internal projects) to assist in writing a business proposal or project design.

We include the Records Management Toolkit in the Project Management Pack. Records management projects are becoming increasingly important for many small and medium-sized businesses that manage an ever-increasing volume of digital data. The Records Management Toolkit includes project management, legal contract, tracking, and proposal content. Read this article on How to Use the Records Management Toolkit for more details.

You build the foundation for a successful estimate, proposal, and project by first gathering all the information needed. You use the Interview Worksheet for a comprehensive interview. Edit the questionnaire as necessary to suit your particular business needs. You can also create different interviews for each style of project you make, such as an HTML website, interactive website, or multimedia. Project Management Pack is low-cost and immediately downloadable. It supports many platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Word & Office, Microsoft 365, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages, and Appleworks.

Using the Proposal Pack and Contract Pack materials, you gather information during your interview. If you purchased Proposal Kit Professional, you will already have some or all of this material.

No software is required to use Project Management Pack other than your word processor, web browser, and, optionally, your web development software. You only need Visio and ConceptDraw software for use with the editable bonus diagrams.

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