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Proposal Pack Wizard Software
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New 2023 Edition

The Wizard software is included in all Proposal Packs, Contract Packs and the Professional Bundle and it will run in either the Novice or Expert Mode depending on the product ordered. The Wizard software is not purchased by itself. Proposal Pack Wizard is the Word for Windows interface used with all other Proposal Kit template packages. It is not for use with Word for Mac. There is a browser based interface and pre-assembled templates for use with Mac included with all Proposal Kit template packages. The Wizard interface is not required for use with the Proposal Kit template packages and is included as a bonus optional interface for Word for Windows users.

The Novice Edition is bundled with each $79 Proposal Pack and $89 Contract Pack.

The Expert Edition is bundled with the $199 Proposal Kit Professional.

Novice Edition users can get the Expert Edition by upgrading to the Proposal Kit Professional through the Wizard program or logging into the My Orders page. Novice Edition users will see popups for upgrading to the Professional however it is not required to upgrade unless you want access to the advanced features or extra content.

Proposal Pack Wizard - Selecting Chapters
Proposal Pack Wizard automates the assembly, customization and management of the documents included in Proposal Kit Professional, Proposal Packs and Contract Packs.
  • Designed for small business use
  • Effective solution for one proposal or many
  • Used by individuals and freelancers
  • Partners collaborating on a proposal
  • Small teams within a larger organization
  • Generate documents in minutes
  • Helps ensure 'Best Practices' are followed
  • Includes extensive how-to manuals
  • Most cost-effective solution available
  • Download after ordering
  • One-time license cost - no monthly costs
  • Create unlimited documents no extra cost
  • Licensed for 5 computers / 5 users
  • Free product support
Q: Why upgrade to the "Expert Edition"?

A: Extra branding features, CRM database, automated calculations, tracking, integration with third-party software such as QuoteWerks, batch processing and customizing the content and interface. The best choice for creating complex proposals and documents.
  • Requires Microsoft Word 2010 to 365
  • Requires Microsoft Windows 7 to Windows 11
  • Also works with Windows in S Mode
  • Native 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Operating system compatibility chart
  • The Wizard does not run on Word for Mac
  • Not for use on smartphones
  • Not for use with App/Web edition of Word
  • 210 MB installation size
Features in the Wizard Software
"Proposal Pack Wizard - Novice Edition" Software
Word add-in software wizard application works with Word 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365
Portable USB drive install option (run on any PC with Word installed)
Training mode, quick start guide and built-in tutorials walk you through step-by-step
Numbered interface steps with pop-up help for novices and experts to easily follow
Customize every proposal and contract for each new client and increase your win rate
Your documents are branded as your own - your clients will not see Proposal Kit mentioned
Easy access to all installed Proposal Pack and Contract Pack templates
Modular design lets you add additional document packs at any time
Manage multiple installed Proposal Packs
Manage multiple installed Contract Packs
Manage multiple installed Title Page Packs
Data merge with 80 pre-defined fields for company, client and contract data
Use the data merge tags to auto-insert data anywhere you want in your documents
Customize default values for all 80 pre-defined data merge fields
Document selection recommend wizard helps you decide what to say
200 different Top 40 subcategories helps categorize and locate topics
Import the actual text and calculations from any sample proposal into your document
Auto-select a collection of templates for you based on 200 sample proposals
Auto-select a collection of templates from over 700 business situations
Auto-select a collection of templates based on your project size and type
Access to extensive on-line library of specialty how-to articles
Browse templates by category type or alphabetical order
Searchable database of proposal topics and library of Sample Proposals
Search can also display alternate or related topics to help give you ideas
Combines multiple templates into a single master document
Create an assembled document up to 50 pages long
Favorites lists make it quick and easy to locate your favorite samples and topics
Create unlimited proposals and contracts no extra costs
Change the order of selected templates before assembling
Allows customizing of a six color palette to match your own colors
Include your contract in the proposal or as a separate document
Ability to swap out the design of the front cover with add-on Title Page Packs
Built-in contact database and data merging into documents
Creates a new folder and copies documents for each new proposal
Automated creation of auto-updating Table of Contents and page numbering
Select from 32 titles including custom branding for the front cover title
Ability to convert graphic page headers to editable text
Imports your own company logo into the title page
Design themes are consistently integrated into every page - not just the cover
Adds pre-defined Word font Styles to created documents for consistent font formatting
Copies calculator spreadsheets based on selected templates to each new project
Output documents in many formats such as Word, PDF and HTML
No restrictions on how you can customize and deliver final assembled documents
Use your documents in any platform such as Windows, Macs, iPads and tablets
32-bit and 64-bit support and runs in Microsoft Office 64-bit for Windows
With any Proposal Pack or Proposal Kit Professional installed create any type of proposal
Ability to add new pages to existing proposals
Ability to create and manage PDF documents from Wizard
Wizard tests your edited Word documents for common mistakes before creating PDFs
Project document backup and recovery
A minimal set of document post processing tools
"Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition" Software
Create auto-updating calculations and schedules with OLE linked spreadsheets
Add invoice, letters, checklists and contracts from the project edit screen
Add Estimate Pack and Project Management Pack templates from the project edit screen
Company and client CRM database populates project data faster
No limit on the length of document that can be created
Multilingual translation support - Wizard translates page headers and other phrases into:
Canadian English, British/UK English, Australian English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
Convert currency codes from $ to hundreds of symbols, codes and formats
Currency symbol translation applied to Excel Spreadsheets and Word documents
Create lists of multiple choice content such as text, pictures and PDFs to insert
Define up to 32 custom logos to pick from for the front cover title page
Brand every page header of your documents with an alternate custom logo
Brand your documents with custom graphics by simply copying your graphics into a folder
Brand your documents with custom footer and background watermark graphics
Ability to swap out individual photos with your own in photo themed Proposal Packs
Brand your document's meta data fields such as author, company and keywords
Import a Word header or footer from an external document to brand your documents
Import and manage your own custom documents, templates and contracts
Import the contents of external documents into any location of your document
Automatically add your own custom files to each new project
Create preset template lists to auto-populate new projects with
Ability to open and edit stock Proposal Pack templates
Ability to open and edit stock Contract Pack templates
Ability to open and edit stock Title Page Pack templates
Combine your own custom Word documents into your proposals
Add up to 100 Word Sections for importing content with independent page settings
Ability to configure titles of templates and attributes for all stock and custom documents
Create multiple copies of templates such as multiple product lists, price lists, etc.
Expert, novice and administrator modes
Admin features to configure interface - restrict access or capabilities of end users
Team editing mode for multiple people collaborating on a project
Supports sales teams creating proposals from a common library of content
Locate templates and proposals in a central network repository
Works with virtualization and cloud based systems such as Citrix
Admin can export lists of templates for other users to import into their projects
Configurable interface options to customize the look and features available to users
Integrates with Microsoft Outlook
Integrates with third-party quote system QuoteWerks
Integrates automatic importing of other third-party created documents
Import/Export tools integrate with third-party systems using standardized XML files
Proposal and contract submission and status tracking with configurable statuses
Export tracking data to Excel and analyze your wins and losses
Customize the default assembly order of all templates
Customize the lists of Top 40 templates and add custom Top 40 categories
Change default values for many Wizard interface options
Create reusable master proposals
Ability to customize and save settings for up to 50 Word font Styles
Ability to add the 50 Word font Styles to any external Word document
Create up to 40 Font setting presets (50 styles per preset)
Customization options for custom company logo branding
Customization options for changing page borders and colors
Automatic remapping of data merge tags for third-party systems
Pre-defined data merge remappings for QuoteWerks
50 custom defined data merge tags and 129 total data merge tags available
Ability to customize the labels, tags and default values for all 129 data merge fields
Ability to define custom data merge tag wrappers
International date format support for data merge data fields
Ability to customize the creation of the auto-updating Table of Contents
Migration tools for moving data from old Wizard installations to the current release
Ability to reduce the number of pop-up information messages
Admin tools to test databases and repair registry
File location report tool shows where all Wizard related files are located
Ability to delete all demo Proposal Pack styles and demo projects
Create proposals, contracts and other documents of any length
Batch process multiple projects at once
Multiple customizable databases pre-defined for many specialty proposal types
Business Proposals, Federal Government Grants, Government Contracts, Educational Proposals, Technical Proposals, Non-Technical Proposals, Non-Profit Grant Proposals, Business Plans, Quotes and Contracts, Buying/Selling a Business, Business Documents, Project Proposals, Local Government Grants, Book Proposals, Resumes, Letter Proposals, Product Sales, Service Sales, Estimates, Sales Letters, Invoices, Request for Proposals, RFP Responses, Multilingual Proposals, Complex Reports, Studies and Plans
Windows SkyDrive support. Manage all of your documents in your SkyDrive cloud
Ability to clone a project to a new copy
Support for international paper sizes
Batch processing of external Word files to apply Proposal Pack features to documents
Ability to clone entire Proposal Packs to make customized versions of the template libraries
Creates and maintains document revisions
The full collection of document post processing tools
Other Things You Can Do
Proposal Kit does not restrict what you can do with your documents once they are created
Use any third-party features provided by your existing office software and services such as:
E-signing of your Word and PDF documents via third-party desktop, online and mobile tools
Add tables, charts and graphs to your documents
Import external media such as photos, video, spreadsheets, etc.
Collaborate on documents with team members
Digitally sign and protect your documents
Save your documents to the cloud
Deliver your final documents in any way you choose such as print, online, email and upload
Multiple people can edit a document at the same time using Word coauthoring
Proposal Pack Wizard guides you with step-by-step numbers and prompts to select your design theme, enter your data, select your chapters, create your documents, and edit them for delivery.

Proposal Pack Wizard is a Microsoft Word for Windows Add-in accessed via the Word toolbar.

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Proposal Writing Software
Configurable fast-access lists let you quickly check off the chapters to be assembled into your proposals, contracts and other business documents.

The Wizard gives you multiple configurable ways to manage your documents, such as fast-access checklists, presets, searching by name and building your documents from a library of hundreds of example business situations.
Proposal Writing Software
Proposal Pack Wizard - Viewing Sample Proposals

Automate Your Financial and Schedule Calculations
The Proposal Pack Wizard software automates many tedious tasks and takes the guesswork out of how to generate a business proposal, contract and other business documents. Any book can tell you how to put together a generic proposal; Proposal Pack Wizard creates specialized ones for you in minutes.
What Our Clients Say

Business proposal example Thank you so much for giving me everything I will ever need to write a business proposal. I did a lot of research before purchasing this program and I made a great choice! I now have a very complete, and professional business proposal. It was very easy to do and very cost effective. Thank You so much! I will recommend this to everyone!!"

Our products are designed to stand alone or work together, giving you the most options for cost vs. capabilities. You can use the Proposal Pack Wizard all by itself for plain and simple proposals, or use it with one or more Proposal Packs and Contract Packs and select from a wide variety of templates and styles. If you do not want the automation features of the Proposal Pack Wizard, you can use a Proposal Pack or Contract Pack by itself. But to make proposal creation as easy as it can be, your best and most cost-effective option with the most capabilities is to buy a document "Pack" and the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition together.
Product name:
Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition V16
Produced by:
Proposal Kit
Operating systems:
Windows, Mac, Linux
Software › Computer Software › Business & Productivity Software
$199 USD - Pro bundle price includes Expert Edition
Proposal Kit reviews4.9 stars, based on over 800 reviews

Proposal Pack WizardProposal Pack Wizard is a software plug-in for Microsoft Word for Windows 2010 and greater. Unlike the rest of our products, the Wizard does not work on Mac or Linux systems. The Wizard only works with a full retail desktop version of Microsoft Word. The Wizard will not run on stripped down free or limited versions of Word such as "Office Starter" or "Works". The Wizard will also not run if you are using an expired trial version of Word. You must be running a retail version of Word that supports macros. Word/Office Professional, Word/Office Home Premium and the latest edition of Home and Student support macros and will work with the Wizard software. The Wizard will not run on the App/Web edition of Word which does not include the Microsoft's automation features.

If you are using a Mac or Linux system you can still use the Proposal Pack and Contract Pack template products without the optional Proposal Pack Wizard automation. Many Mac users also use the Wizard on OS X with Boot Camp, VMWare or Parallel with Windows and Word for Windows installed on their Mac.

The Wizard also works on tablet computers running Windows and Word including the Windows Surface Pro and Windows in S Mode computers.

You can output your completed documents in any format your word processor supports. For example, when using Microsoft Word you can output in Word, PDF, HTML, XML, RTF and text formats. Word 2010 and greater automatically provide PDF output.

Proposal Pack Wizard is a low-cost and downloadable business development tool that gets you started writing your business proposals immediately. Use Proposal Pack Wizard to create the proposals and contracts you need to sell your products and services and respond to RFPs. Proposal Pack Wizard is an optional interface. It is not required to use the template products.

No proposal generation software can do all of your work for you. You still have to write (or cut and paste) your unique content about your company and your client into the proposal. However, Proposal Packs, Contract Packs, and Proposal Pack Wizard take care of the rest of the work, providing you with self-guiding templates and easy-to-use automation software complete with layout and design, at a more affordable price than you will find anywhere.

Proposal Pack Wizard is included with the purchase of Proposal Kit Professional, Proposal Pack or Contract Pack.

The list of "Other Things You Can Do" are features provided by 3rd-party software and services you provide and are not directly built into the Proposal Kit software. Unlike many other proposal and contract systems that use proprietary and restricted interfaces or online-only interfaces that restrict what you can do with their documents, Proposal Kit is an open system that allows you to use the documents, proposals, contracts, business plans, etc. created by our system with other business tools that can operate on Word and PDF format documents. Proposal Kit is not responsible for how 3rd-party tools and systems operate and some may require purchasing 3rd-party software or subscription services such as web based document e-signing.

QuoteWerks integration requires the 32-bit version of Microsoft Word/Office. If you are using the 64-bit Microsoft Word/Office, the Proposal Pack Wizard will run but some QuoteWerks features will not be available. You must have the desktop install of QuoteWerks to make full use of QuoteWerks features and to use layout files generated by Proposal Pack Wizard.

The Proposal Pack Wizard includes hundreds of business situations you can pick from to get you started building your customized document. Even if your situation is not listed below you can still create a custom document for any situation from the Proposal Pack's content library.
Create winning business proposals & contracts with minimal effort and cost. Downloadable proposal software, proposal templates, legal contracts and sample proposals.
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Create winning business proposals & contracts with minimal effort and cost. Proposal software, proposal templates, legal contracts and sample proposals.