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How to Build a Legal Contract with Proposal Kit

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This video illustrates how to create a legal contract using the Proposal Pack Wizard software. It also shows how to create a proposal with an invoice and contract at the same time.

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In this video we're going to show how to use the Proposal Kit when generating the legal contracts. On our website this is the list of 340 plus contracts and related documents that are part of the Proposal Kit Professional. If you get one of the six Contract Pack packages there will be a subset of these depending on which package you get.

But this is basically all the contracts that you would have access to through the Wizard software once you've downloaded it and installed it. In this video I'm going to illustrate how to create a contract through the Wizard software. A lot of times people would just want to grab one of those documents as a Word document out of the package.

You don't need to use the Wizard in that case, just open up whatever contract you want as a Word doc, edit it and so on. The Wizard is going to allow you to do a few extra things that'll be more time consuming, more difficult without the Wizard such as a lot of contracts have multiple exhibits that would be attachments to it. The Wizard will automatically attach those all together into a single document.

Some people would like to incorporate an entire contract into their proposal document so the Wizard has options I'll show that how to create a proposal with a contract separately or combine the two together. The Wizard will also apply some of the default styling of the Proposal Pack design theme that you got. I'm going to illustrate this with the the plain design so there won't be any extra colors and graphics and so on.

Once you have the Wizard installed, the Proposal Kit Pro or Contract Pack installed you just run it, add a new project and we'll go into the Pick Documents button. Now this is where you check off all the pages that will be in your project. Most of these are for proposals, reports, business plans and so on.

For the contracts just look for this tab Add a Contract. Depending on the package now I've got everything installed here you'll see whichever one of the six Contract Packs you purchased or if you only have the the Pro which actually combines everything in all six of these packs. You see Contract Pack Pro if you only have the Proposal Kit Professional.

This third drop down will have all the contracts in the package or if you want to narrow that down just use this second box and you can say I want only the Intellectual Property contracts or only the Computer System Contracts and so on. I'll pick only the Hosting Contracts and that will just narrow down what's in this third box. I can just scroll down and just decide which contract document we want.

All right, so I'm just going to pick the Software Co–development Contract and once we've highlighted something we can click Description get a little description of what it is. I can click this button and open it up in Word to edit it and when I do that it's actually going to open up every related exhibit. You could actually edit these.

Now if you edit these, you're editing the stock templates so any edits you make here will be reflected in every document you create in the future. So only edit these here if you want to change the stock template that'll always be built into every project. You can see here's what the contract looks like.

It's just a regular Word document. You'll see tags in here, anything with these arrow brackets the Wizard is going to replace these with the data in your project. So CustCompany, Company, StartDate.

These are all tags that will get replaced. Country and so on, CurrentDay, CurrentMonth. This is how you can customize contracts and other proposals.

Any documents you create out of the Wizard. You can work in tags anywhere you want that'll be replaced with the data in your project to help customize every document that you create. It makes it a little easier than manual editing all that stuff.

Now if you see these brackets with long sentences, that's not a data tag. That is just instructional information. Only if you see a single tag with no spaces anywhere that's a short phrase like StartDate, Company, CustCompany, and so on.

FirstName, LastName, Address, City, State, PostalCode. That kind of stuff. All right, you also see some checkboxes here.

Use Proposal Pack Graphic Header, if I have a graphic design theme with a logo, color scheme, and so on and I want that applied to the contract I can check that. I'm using the plain design theme so we're not going to have a graphic header included. Use Proposal Pack Document Processing, if you uncheck that it will pretty much just make a copy of the template and won't really do anything to it for processing.

Now this one here, Create the Contract in a Separate Document, so this is checked by default. It is when you create your project. If you've added a contract it will be created as a separate document.

If you uncheck this the contract will be incorporated into the proposal document. All right, so by default we create the contracts separately and in this example I'm not going to be creating a separate proposal as well, just the contract. All right, so we've added Software Co–development Contract.

I'll just click Add Contract. All right, Contract and Terms (Software Co–development Contract). All right, now you'll see two boxes here.

If we're creating a proposal or business plan or something else, those chapters will be over here on the left. Your contracts, all the documents that are created separately from the other document will be over here on the right. Okay, so don't worry if this is empty.

All right, so we have one document selected, we can fill in the Company Data and Client Data. Here this is just default filled in with my information. The Client Data I'll just fill this in with a dummy record.

Now these are the values that will get merged into those tags. All right so we just click the Okay, Save Project and now the Wizard is going to make a copy of that stock template. It will attach all the exhibits, it'll merge the data.

If there was a graphic design theme it's going to apply some logo and color information to the contract. Just sit back and wait for it to finish. All right, it's finished creating the contract and puts us in the editing screen.

I'll just open that and this is our client version. Now you can see there are some changes here. So my design theme has blue and orange as its color scheme, not black and gray and white.

You can see it just did apply a little color and it did put the Contract and Terms up here. You can delete that header if you want. You can see here it merged in company names, the dates, merged in all the tags.

If I scroll down it merged in this and you can see it has attached all of our exhibits. So we have everything into a single document ready to finish editing. All right, now I'll illustrate one more where we're actually using the Proposal Kit Pro to create a proposal and a contract at the same time and I'll illustrate it with a graphic design theme as well.

I think I'll just do a networking design theme. We'll pick a networking contract and proposal and I'll add a project. Now I'm just going to use one of our pre–made proposals here, a network cabling proposal.

All right, so you can see we have a proposal selected here. I'm going to go add a contract for it. Go to Add a Contract.

All right, so I've narrowed it down with the Computer Systems Contracts. I'm going to go pick a Computer Hardware and Networking Contract to go with the networking cabling proposal. I'm going to keep this as a separate document as well again.

We've got the Computer Hardware Networking Contract along with our proposal and this will also illustrate our line item quoting system. You can see this example, the networking example, we've got a line item database with Services, Hardware, and Installation. You can see all the line items and prices.

This is just from the sample of the networking proposal. You'll be able to see how everything ties together. The line item database system, the samples and the contracts all creating a cohesive proposal and contract.

Again, just use my stock company and client data we've got here. All righty, so everything's been generated. We have the proposal document (combined project document) and invoice which was created separately and our contract and terms also created separately.

All right, so I can pop this open and take a look at it. This is the proposal document – not the contract. We just scroll down we see this is the networking design theme, table of contents and so on.

If we look at the Contract and Terms now we've got the graphic for the networking design theme and the color scheme. You can see a slightly different color here that matches the Networking #4 design theme. If I just scroll down you can see it's basically another contract just like the other one.

It's got the exhibits all attached. It's got the data merged in and now we have a contract and a proposal and an invoice all created at once. You can see here the invoice is using the line item database.

So this is how you can use Proposal Kit to create complex documents such as a proposals and contracts along with custom line item databases for all the quoting in one easy to use package. So that's basically how to use the Proposal Kit with the contracts in conjunction with proposals if you want if you have the full Pro Kit. Now another option with the Pro Kit is if you want to have multiple variations of your contracts.

You can use the Pro Kits features to make copies of the contracts so you have multiple variations to select from. You can also use the Wizard to add your own contracts into the Wizard's database. So you can use the Wizard to manage all of your documents including ours and yours together.

There'll be other videos illustrating how to set up your own custom contracts or making variations of documents.

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