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How to write your own Legal Services Proposal

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Legal Services Proposal
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Anyone offering specialized services to potential clients.

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Legal Services Proposal

Case & Leeds Attorneys at Law 443 2nd Ave E. Suite Lebanon NH PH 555 522 0045 FX 555 522 0046 www.CaseLeeds.com Providing Specialized Legal Services Februrary 20XX Prepared for. Jack Nasri Owner

Prepared by. Arabella Leeds Senior Partner We can save you money because we have already developed standard contracts that are designed for your type of business and we are familiar with all the issues that may crop up in your daily enterprise. We are already the law firm of choice for many members of the Small Grocers Association of New England and we hope we’ll soon be yours. Proposal Number. 543 445 Is your grocery store or produce stand protected against lawsuits and potential financial injury. Check the following list to find out if your business would benefit from the services of Case & Leeds. Trademark Copyright Issues. Have you created your own products or brands. Is your good name protected against unauthorized use. Our attorneys can help you establish any trademarks or copyrights you may need to protect your business.

Employment Issues. Do you really know who is working for you. Have all your employees undergone thorough background check. Have you ever had money or goods mysteriously disappear. Our staff includes investigators who can pre screen prospective employees check out the ones you’ve already hired examine your accounts and security systems and investigate any other issues you may encounter in your place of business. Contractual Issues. Most grocers deal with dozens if not hundreds of suppliers. But disputes inevitably arise and it’s vital to know your rights. Do you have an iron clad contract with every supplier and delivery company to protect you in case of disagreement. Local State and National Regulatory Issues. In the United States many aspects of the food business are controlled by regulations. Do you fully understand your rights and responsibilities to these authorities. Do you know what to do in case of recall or other official order. We know the grocery business; we know the law; and we can help. Lawsuits and Insurance Issues. It’s inevitable that at some time your business will be sued for customer’s injury whether that’s slip and fall in your store stomach ailment from spoiled food item or something more serious. But did you know that large percentage of injury claims are false or exaggerated. Many small business owners feel that they must pay up or suffer irreparable damage to their reputations. Nonsense. If customer sues you for an injury of any kind our attorneys and investigators will make sure the claim is 100% valid before you pay dime. If you do owe damages we’ll handle the case to be sure you pay only what you rightfully owe. Case & Leeds is legal firm that specializes in legal services for grocers. It is our mission to help small independent grocers not only survive but thrive. How did we end up in the mix of law and groceries. In Roger Case graduated from law school and set up personal law practice in his home state of New Hampshire. His parents William and Margaret Chase had long owned two small grocery outlets in Concord New Hampshire. Over the next few years Roger received so many requests for legal services from his parents and their colleagues in the grocery business that he soon realized he’d found his legal niche.

In attorney Arabella Leeds joined the firm as full partner. Arabella is the daughter of Italian immigrants Mario and Paulina Donato who own several produce stands in Lebanon NH and the granddaughter of Giovanni Donato who owns Alimentari Donato in Naples Italy. Thus both law and groceries are in our company history. Case & Leeds has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of small grocers in danger of being forced out of business by the large chains. We also have had many successes in forcing suppliers of tainted or unsafe goods to pay damages rightfully owed to our clients. Case & Leeds is headquartered in Rochester New Hampshire with branch offices in Concord Manchester and Lebanon. Our legal associates currently serve small grocer clients throughout the state of New Hampshire. Services – Call us for help with contracts employment issues and legal issues involving local or national organizations or the general public. We know the law and we know the grocery business. How to Contact Case & Leeds You can reach us at our local branch office. Case & Leeds Attorneys at Law 3678 Bedford Drive Suite Lebanon NH Phone. 555 555 1294 Fax. 555 555 1299

E Mail. info@caseleeds.com URL. www.caseleeds.com February 20XX Jack Nasri Owner Nasri Organic Foods 9122 32nd Avenue Lebanon NH Dear Mr. Nasri

I’m writing to introduce Case & Leeds local law firm that specializes in providing legal services to small grocers. Why would you need specialized legal services. Because small grocers have special needs and risks. You do business with wide variety of suppliers and you need to have solid legal contract with each of those to protect both parties. Because you are in the food business you have risks that other businesses do not—the potential for receiving and or distributing spoiled or tainted foods the theft or improper disposal of spoiled foods recalls from suppliers or government agencies etc. In addition you have the usual requirements and risks of any retail business—the need to hire honest employees the need to protect customers in your stores and the need to protect against theft or fraud from both employees and customers. We are already the law firm of choice for many members of the Small Grocers Association of New England and we hope we’ll soon be yours. Sincerely Arabella Leeds Senior Partner Case & Leeds Attorneys at Law 555 522 0045 al@caseleeds.com

www.caseleeds.com Legal Services Proposal This sample was written using these Proposal Pack templates. Cover Letter Title Page Legal Considerations Company Information This sample proposal was created using Proposal Pack Justice #1. Purchase and download Proposal Pack Justice #1 IMPORTANT NOTE. You can use any of the Proposal Pack design themes to create your proposal with different accent graphics than this sample uses. For example you could use different Proposal Pack style and recreate this sample with different visual look. Proposal Kit also offers services to create custom design themes such as creating new page header graphics altering colors of existing designs changing font styles or incorporating your own logo into every template. This sample is intended for use as guide for you to get ideas on how to create your own proposal. Most proposals will start with Cover Letter Title Page Executive or Client Summary and Cost Summary or Estimate then will include additional material as needed.

Use the Proposal Pack editable templates to assemble your own framework and then fill in the blanks with the content just as this sample was created from Proposal Pack set of templates. Your proposal and quote could be just couple pages long or over hundred pages long depending on your needs all created with one affordable Proposal Pack. PDF samples are not editable. You MUST buy retail Proposal Pack for the editable templates. Sample proposals are included for illustration purposes to show how Proposal Packs can be used to create wide variety of business proposals and other complex business documents. Proposal Pack templates and samples may not be distributed as is or made publically available including but not limited to posting online. For example our sample proposals and stock editable templates may not be redistributed as is. You can use these samples and templates to create your own unique proposals to send to your recipients. Make sure to read the full license agreement included with your Proposal Kit product if you have any questions about how the materials can and cannot be used. The license agreement is also available on our web site at. http. www.proposalkit.com htm license.htm All Proposal Kit materials are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

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