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How to Clone a Proposal Pack

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This video shows how to clone your Proposal Pack template collection and make an independent copy. This is useful when you need to make substantial customizations to the content and/or the visual design theme but you want to retain the original. One case may be multiple business units with variations on visual design themes. Another case may be a consultant creating documents for multiple clients and each client has a different design theme.

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Video Transcription
How to Clone a Proposal Pack

In this video we're going to show how to clone an entire Proposal Pack set of templates into a second copy. This situation may come in handy if you need to have say a different set of templates that are a different design theme and you want to be able to create proposals in two different design themes and have content that's different across both sets of templates. This might be used in the case where you have more than one business unit that is creating proposals and those proposal documents have to have a different visual design theme to them.

Say you're customizing the logo or the front Title Page, the sub page designs and so on and it's easier to just clone a completely separate copy of the Proposal Pack that will be completely independent of the other Proposal Packs. There are other features where if you just need multiple copies of one or more individual templates you might use that feature instead. There's other videos that will go into that.

This is if you need a complete independent copy of the entire set of templates for whatever reason. Now this is an Expert Edition feature not available in the entry-level Novice editions. So how you do this is you will just click the Document Styles button and click the Edit Style button and click the Manage Templates tab.

Now this Edit Stock Templates, that's for editing the individual pages within the template collection. The Clone Proposal Pack button, you'll click that to make a complete second copy. You can just alter the name.

Now you can give this whatever title you want and you can give it a new folder name as long as the folder and title are unique and don't match any other installed Proposal Packs. Just click the OK button here and just wait for the progress bars to complete. Okay, now the progress bars are complete.

You've got this message that it is done and now we can change between this design theme and the new copy. You'll find this cloned version down here at the end of the list. Now you'll only the installed styles you've purchased available here, we just happen to have all of our styles here for the demos.

Now we can select the cloned copy as our default style and now we can just switch between the Proposal Packs and customize the copy without interfering with the original copy. So this is a complete copy of the thousands of templates from the original pack into a new folder all set up in the database. We can show in the actual folders the Any_Business_1_v18 was our original and we now have a new copy.

This is a complete clone of the entire Proposal Pack just like it had been installed from an EXE installer. All the documents will be in the Word subfolder. That is all there is to cloning an entire Proposal Pack in the Expert Edition of the software.

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