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Covid-19 Related Proposal Writing Support

During the covid-19 pandemic crisis we are including our Fast Track Proposal Framework Creation (normally $117) with every Proposal Kit Professional or Proposal Pack purchase.

Covid-19 Related Proposal Writing Support

The Fast Track service reduces the learning curve of using the proposal software. Instead of navigating the software, instructions and videos yourself to learn how to assemble customized templates for unique situations we will assist you.

By helping you figure out a list of topics from our template library and getting them assembled into an editable Word document you can get started faster writing your content and producing your finished documents.

Proposal Kit ProfessionalProposal Kit Professional - $199
Proposal PackProposal Pack - $79

We have already worked with several companies recently creating custom layouts and those new layouts are now included in Proposal Kit. See below for a list of these layouts. As we work with you to create new layouts, we will continue to add them to the software.

Covid-19 Related Proposal Layouts

This is a small sample of the over 600 business situations included in the Proposal Pack Wizard software.

These layouts can be customized with alternate chapters adapted to each persons specific situation using the library of over 2200 chapter templates included in Proposal Kit Professional and all Proposal Packs.

Even if your specific situation is not listed you can create a layout of chapters using the Proposal Kit software and content library. The Fast Track service gets you ramped up faster as we can help you match the things you need to talk about in your proposal, business plan or report to a set of chapters in our library. You must write your own content into the templates however you will save hours or days assembling a complex Word document template.
  • PPE Shortages Report

    This template was used to write a report outlining problems with PPE shortages and how it relates to the supply chain. The report has templates to talk about ideas for future proofing and summarizing the conclusions.
  • Shifting Production from Commercial to Consumer Proposal

    This set of templates was used to write a proposal to shift a company's commercial product packaging and distribution to a consumer market.
  • Resource Sharing Proposal

    This set of templates was used to write a proposal to share resources to save costs between two entities which could be a company or a government agency. The idea is to coordinate stockpiling, storing and distribution of resources between entities as needed when there may be more need in one location than the other at different times.
  • Business Model Change Planning Rolling Shutdowns Proposal

    This set of templates is being used for an internal company proposal to change their business model to support rolling or waves of future shutdowns. This has implications of managing finances to support reductions of staff and inventory followed by ramping back up. This type of business model change is being considered by companies dealing with the covid-19 pandemic crisis.
  • Infectious Disease Response and Mitigation Proposal

    This set of templates was picked for an internal proposal for how to implement an infectious disease response and mitigation plan in response to the recent covid-19 pandemic. Companies that rely on in-house staff are being forced to make health and safety changes in response to ensure ongoing operations are minimally affected.
  • Business Plan to Restart Shuttered Business

    This set of templates is a modified version of a standard business plan used for a company preparing to restart a shuttered business. With large numbers of small businesses being shuttered due to the covid-19 pandemic crisis many will need to figure out how to restart operations, ramp up staffing, restock supplies, secure funding and restructure business models to account for future possible temporary shutdowns.
  • Outsource Supply Production Locally Proposal

    This set of chapters was picked by a local company writing an inhouse pitch proposal to outsource the production of components they need to a local company.
  • Supply Chain Disruption and Risk Report

    This set of templates was picked for a company needing to write a report on the risks and disruptions to their global supply chain. It also includes topics to discuss alternate solutions and recommendations.
  • Stockpiling Emergency Supplies Proposal

    This set of templates was picked for a company proposing to build up its stockpile of emergency equipment. This can also be used for rebuilding a depleted stockpile of supplies.
  • Retooling Production Line Proposal

    This set of templates was put together for a product manufacturing company retooling a production line to produce a different product.
  • Moving Training Services Online Proposal

    This set of templates was used by a training services provider to move their in-person training sessions and courses into an online format. Many companies are having to move in-person education and training into virtual platforms due to the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Event Reschedule Proposal

    This set of templates was selected for use in writing a proposal to reschedule a major event due to a disaster. In this case a major event with a venue and performers must be changed to a new date due to the covid-19 pandemic. This means issues such as safety and risk management are critical factors as well as the uncertainty of if the rescheduled dates will even be possible.
  • Mental Health Support for Employees Proposal

    This list of chapters was put together for a mental health services provider offering counseling services to a company for their employees dealing with the stress of working at home and working in a more hazardous environment. In unprecedented circumstances such as dealing with a pandemic the mental health of a workforce is an important factor in being able to maintain a business.
  • Relocate Manufacturing Domestic Proposal

    This set of chapters was used for a proposal to move a company's manufacturing from a foreign location to a domestic location. The recent covid-19 crisis has many companies rethinking their global supply chain strategy to improve their resilience and reduce reliance on foreign suppliers.
  • Product Supply RFP Response Proposal

    This set of templates was originally selected for use responding to a military RFP in Afghanistan to supply bedding to the military from a local business. The set of templates will cover any kind of product supply proposal outlining prices, warranty, quality control and other issues.
  • Strategic Plan for Mobilization and Deployment of Project

    This set of templates was picked by a company having to develop a strategic plan to mobilize and deploy building projects.
  • Organizational and Managerial Structure Report

    This set of templates was selected for a business that needed to write an internal report outlining their organizational and managerial structure to support short term rapid and long term deployment of their projects.
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Crisis Report

    This set of templates was picked for a financial firm writing a report on an expected influx of bankruptcy cases and foreclosures due to the covid-19 pandemic crisis.
  • Healthcare Epidemic Outbreak Prevention and Response Proposal

    This set of templates was used for a healthcare proposal to help prevent and respond to an international outbreak of a disease.

Graphic Design Themes

The business situations companies are facing cross all industries and types of businesses and we have design themes suitable for all of them. Using our Proposal Kit Professional software features you can also create your own custom branded design theme using your own logo, photographs, backgrounds, fonts and color schemes.

We have designs for healthcare/medical, transportation/logistics, manufacturing/engineering, security/safety, food service/grocery, construction/contracting, information technology, community/spiritual, training/education and more.

Proposal PackProposal Pack for Any Business covers this type of proposal and includes samples. There are also some commonly used specialty design themes available:
Proposal Kit Covid-19 Support

How to Use Proposal Kit to Respond to a Covid19 Situation

This video outlines how companies have been using Proposal Kit recently for writing business proposals, plans, grant submissions and reports dealing with the covid19 crisis. We have worked with several companies recently helping them to create templates using the existing content in Proposal Kit. We have also included these new layouts in the software and will be continuing to add additional layouts. Some examples of new layouts are for a company writing an infectious disease response and mitigation proposal, retooling a production line to manufacture a new product, changing business models to support work from home and remote clients an IT proposal to move training services online and many more.

Here are some related templates

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