How to write my Page Count Estimates

Page Count Estimates Recommendations for estimating the number pages for site splash pages count extra splash pages separate from page count standard site pages page per gallery image page per product page per job posting page per press release gallery index page per thumbnails index page per main topic home page page per main subtopic hook hallway page per site listing all site pages for search engine spidering support doorway page per keyword and phrase single pages designed rank high word phrase index page per set subtopic pages Create comprehensive storyboard layout generate page count estimate based components and pages required Page Type Pages Splash Pages Hook hallway pages Doorway pages Home Pages Admin Pages Index Pages Content Pages Series Pages Help Pages Commerce Pages Affiliate Management Pages Total Estimate Standard Page Definition limit content client receives per page for this estimate Follows our pre existing page templates completely custom sites may incur higher costs per page Body contains unique images minimal scan edit crop compress minutes each screens text hyperlinks Includes the building the basic navigation systems built into each page Creation the graphical menu bar with image slicing and rollovers rolled into the base price per page Time estimates account for setup analysis design implementation research information gathering customer queries multiple iterations design layout testing etc for each component and page.