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Non-Disclosure Form (Long Version) Concepts
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How to write your Non-Disclosure Form (Long Version)

We include this 4 page template with IT/Software/Hardware Contract Pack and the Proposal Kit Professional. You will get more content and software automation for data merging, managing client documents, and creating proposals with line item quoting with a Contract Pack or the Professional.

The Non-Disclosure Form informs the prospect that the information contained is confidential. In some cases you might not be allowed to include a nondisclosure. When possible, include one to prevent your prospect from sharing your proposal with competitors. If proposals are being distributed to competitors, make sure to request copies of other proposals being submitted.
Document Length: 4 Pages
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Non-Disclosure Form (Long Version)

Securing Business Secrets with Non-Disclosure Forms

Navigating the complexities of protecting sensitive information in the business world is crucial, especially when sharing proprietary details that could define a company's future. This is where a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Form (NDF) becomes invaluable. Proposal Kit offers a solution that simplifies this process, providing peace of mind for businesses needing to secure their confidential data.

What is a Comprehensive Non-Disclosure Form?

A comprehensive Non-Disclosure Form is a legally binding document that prevents the sharing of confidential information between parties. It goes beyond primary forms by covering various information types and scenarios, ensuring more protection for sensitive data.

When is a More Complex Non-Disclosure Form Used?

This form is typically used when the information shared is of significant value to a company's operations, innovations, or competitive edge. It is utilized at the initial stages of negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships or when sharing any proprietary information that could potentially harm a company if leaked.

Crafting an Effective Non-Disclosure Form with Proposal Kit

Proposal Kit is the go-to resource for users seeking an efficient and cost-effective way to create their own comprehensive Non-Disclosure Form. The software offers a template that is easy to customize to specific needs and a data merging system for efficiently tailoring templates to each client.

Situations Requiring a Comprehensive Non-Disclosure Form

Comprehensive NDLs are used in a variety of critical business scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Discussing potential mergers or acquisitions
  • Sharing technical specifications or designs
  • Exploring joint ventures or partnerships
  • Engaging in strategic planning sessions
  • Presenting new inventions or patents to potential investors
  • Conducting market research with sensitive findings
  • Outsourcing development work with proprietary tools or methods
  • Negotiating manufacturing processes or supply chain details
  • Revealing unpublished pricing or financial forecasts
  • Sharing confidential customer lists or data


Comprehensive Solutions with Proposal Kit

Proposal Kit's suite of templates offers a complete solution for securing sensitive business information. By using these templates, businesses can ensure comprehensive protection for their proprietary data. These documents, available as Word format templates, can be customized and saved as PDFs for easy sharing and protection.

Success Stories

Elijah's Innovative Tech Startup

Elijah's journey began in the heart of Silicon Valley, where his tech startup was developing a game-changing technology poised to disrupt the industry. They had spent countless nights coding and iterating with a small but dedicated team, pushing closer to their vision. However, as they moved toward commercialization, Elijah recognized the critical need to protect their intellectual property before revealing any details to outside investors.

The challenge was to create a Non-Disclosure Form that was both ironclad and specific to the nuances of his technology. Turning to Proposal Kit, Elijah found a quick and effective solution. The software provided him with a comprehensive template that he could tailor to the exact requirements of his startup. This customization included detailed provisions for protecting software codes, algorithms, and the proprietary technology underpinning his innovation.

With the Non-Disclosure Form in place, Elijah confidently negotiated with potential investors. The document protected his startup's intellectual property and demonstrated professionalism and foresight that impressed the investors. The successful talks led to a significant investment round, providing the necessary capital to bring his technology to market. Proposal Kit was instrumental in this pivotal moment, safeguarding the future of Elijah's startup.

Fiona's Fast-Paced Marketing Firm

Fiona's marketing firm was at the forefront of crafting cutting-edge strategies for its clients. When a groundbreaking campaign idea was developed for a major client, the need to keep this strategy under wraps became paramount. With the campaign's launch imminent and external consultants needing access to the information, Fiona needed a robust Non-Disclosure Form-fast.

The pressure was on, and the clock was ticking. Fiona turned to Proposal Kit in her hour of need. She was pleasantly surprised by how intuitive the software was. It allowed her to select a template that explicitly addressed marketing strategies. She could easily customize the document to include the firm's concerns, ensuring the innovative campaign ideas were well protected.

The Non-Disclosure Form was ready in record time, and Fiona's firm could proceed with its preparations without fear of leaks. The campaign launched to great acclaim, significantly boosting the client's market presence. Thanks to Proposal Kit, Fiona's ability to meet the tight deadline not only secured her firm's innovative strategies but also reinforced trust with her client.

George's Specialty Food Company

George's specialty food company had carved out a niche in producing gourmet ingredients inspired by flavors worldwide. With a growing interest from international partners, George saw an opportunity to expand his business globally. However, sharing his unique recipes and production processes with potential partners abroad posed a significant risk to his company's competitive edge.

Understanding the delicate nature of his negotiations, George sought a solution to protect his proprietary information. He found his answer in Proposal Kit, which offered a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Form he tailored to the food industry's needs. The template allowed him to specify the confidentiality of recipes, supplier lists, and production techniques.

Armed with a vital Non-Disclosure Form, George could confidently engage with overseas partners. The form provided a solid discussion foundation, ensuring his unique recipes remained protected. This security paved the way for successful partnerships, expanding George's business into new markets and introducing his gourmet products to food enthusiasts worldwide. Proposal Kit played a vital role in this expansion, protecting George's culinary secrets while enabling international growth.


These situations illustrate the versatility and effectiveness of the Proposal Kit in safeguarding the proprietary information of businesses across various industries. By providing customizable templates for comprehensive Non-Disclosure Forms, the Proposal Kit enables entrepreneurs and businesses to protect their innovations, strategies, and unique assets as they explore new opportunities and partnerships. Remember, while these templates provide a solid foundation, having any legal documents reviewed by a local attorney to ensure compliance and adequacy for your specific needs is crucial.

Using Proposal Kit, businesses have been able to protect their valuable information and confidently pursue opportunities. Secure your business's future today with Proposal Kit, and rest assured that your proprietary information is in safe hands from start to finish in any business endeavor.

The complete Non-Disclosure Form (Long Version) - with the actual formatting and layout - is available as a single template or as part of a library of related templates in a Contract Pack or the Professional Bundle.
Non-Disclosure Form (Long Version)
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Non-Disclosure Form (Long Version)
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