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Non-Disclosure Form (Short Version) Concepts
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How to write your Non-Disclosure Form (Short Version)

We include this 1 page template with IT/Software/Hardware Contract Pack and the Proposal Kit Professional. You will get more content and software automation for data merging, managing client documents, and creating proposals with line item quoting with a Contract Pack or the Professional.

The Non-Disclosure Form informs the prospect that the information contained is confidential. In some cases you might not be allowed to include a nondisclosure. When possible, include one to prevent your prospect from sharing your proposal with competitors. If proposals are being distributed to competitors, make sure to request copies of other proposals being submitted.
Document Length: 1 Page
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Non-Disclosure Form (Short Version)

Crafting Effective Non-Disclosure Forms

Navigating the complexities of business negotiations and information sharing can often require a robust yet straightforward method of protecting confidential data. This is where a Non-Disclosure Form becomes essential. Utilizing Proposal Kit's software and contract template library, individuals and businesses can effortlessly create tailored non-disclosure forms to secure their proprietary information.

What is a Non-Disclosure Form?

A Non-Disclosure Form is a legal agreement that prevents one party from revealing confidential information provided by another party. This form plays a crucial role in maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information during business dealings.

When to Use a Non-Disclosure Form

Typically, a Non-Disclosure Form is used at the initial stages of a project or negotiation. It ensures that all disclosed information remains confidential, paving the way for open and trust-based discussions.

Simplifying the Non-Disclosure Agreement Process

Proposal Kit is an ideal resource for those seeking a quick and cost-effective solution to draft a Non-Disclosure Form. Proposal Kit offers a straightforward template and integrates a document management system for data merging contact and financial information into documents when used with a complete package.

Situations Requiring a Non-Disclosure Form

There are myriad scenarios where a Non-Disclosure Form is indispensable, including:

  • Sharing business ideas with potential partners
  • Discussing new products with suppliers
  • Presenting financial overviews to investors
  • Exchanging technical information during a merger or acquisition
  • Collaborating on proprietary research
  • Hiring employees with access to sensitive information
  • Consulting with external experts on business strategies
  • Negotiating sales of patents or other intellectual properties
  • Outsourcing development work
  • Testing products with focus groups


Are you facing a situation where protecting your information is paramount?

Comprehensive Solutions with Proposal Kit

Proposal Kit's suite of templates offers a holistic approach to tackling your contract needs. These templates, including the Non-Disclosure Form, are designed to work together to provide a comprehensive solution for various business scenarios. They are available as Word format documents, which can be edited and saved as PDF files for delivery.

Real-world Use Cases

Alexa's Craft Brewery Expansion

Alexa's journey began when she decided to take her local craft brewery to the next level. She envisioned expanding her brewery's reach to new markets and introducing her unique beer blends to a broader audience. However, her recipes and brewing techniques were the heart of her business, developed through years of experimentation and passion. The thought of disclosing these secrets without assurance of protection was unthinkable.

Understanding the importance of securing her intellectual property before entering into discussions with potential investors, Alexa turned to Proposal Kit. She found the software's user-friendly interface and comprehensive template library incredibly helpful. The Non-Disclosure Form template was exactly what she needed. With minor customizations, she created a document that reflected the specific needs of her brewery's expansion plans.

Using this form in her negotiations instilled a sense of trust and professionalism among the investors. It protected her proprietary information, allowing Alexa to discuss her business's potential without fear openly. The negotiations were successful, leading to a significant investment in her brewery.

Ben's Rushed Project Proposal

Ben's situation was one of urgency and pressure. He was tasked with preparing a comprehensive project proposal within a tight deadline, so he knew that including a Non-Disclosure Form was crucial. The proposal contained sensitive information about his company's plans and innovative solutions that could not risk being leaked to competitors.

Discovering the Proposal Kit was a turning point for Ben. The software offered a streamlined process for creating the necessary Non-Disclosure Form, saving him invaluable time. The template was thorough, covering all the essential clauses to protect his company's confidential information effectively.

By meeting his deadline with a well-prepared proposal and a professional Non-Disclosure Form, Ben impressed his boss and safeguarded his company's competitive edge. The proposal was well received, and the project moved forward without any leaks of the sensitive information it contained. Ben's story highlights how Proposal Kit can be a lifesaver for employees in high-stakes situations, providing them with the tools needed to succeed under pressure.

Cara's Tech Start-Up Collaboration

Cara's tech start-up was at a crucial juncture, exploring a potential collaboration with a leading technology firm. This partnership could catapult her company to the forefront of innovation in her industry; however, the partnership required sharing technical data and proprietary algorithms, which were the backbone of her start-up's value proposition.

Recognizing the need to protect her company's intellectual assets, Cara utilized Proposal Kit to create a Non-Disclosure Form tailored to the tech industry's specific dynamics and her start-up's unique needs. The template allowed her to specify the scope of the confidential information, the obligations of the receiving party, and the penalties for any breach of the agreement.

The Non-Disclosure Form facilitated a transparent and secure dialogue between Cara's start-up and the technology firm. It laid the groundwork for a successful collaboration, enabling both parties to share critical information confidently. The following partnership brought groundbreaking solutions to the market, cementing Cara's start-up's reputation as an innovator. Her experience underscores the importance of protecting one's business interests with comprehensive legal documents, a task made effortless with Proposal Kit.

These situations illustrate the versatility and effectiveness of the Proposal Kit in addressing the diverse needs of business owners, employees, and entrepreneurs. By providing a solid foundation of trust and security through well-drafted Non-Disclosure Forms, Proposal Kit enables businesses to confidently pursue growth, innovation, and collaboration.


The protection of confidential information cannot be overstated. Proposal Kit provides an accessible, reliable solution for creating Non-Disclosure Forms and other essential documents. While these templates are a valuable resource, it's crucial to remember that they are for informational purposes only and not a substitute for legal advice. Always consult with a local attorney before finalizing any legal document.

By leveraging Proposal Kit's comprehensive tools and templates, businesses and individuals can confidently navigate the complexities of information sharing, ensuring their innovative ideas and sensitive data remain protected. Whether you're a small business owner, a start-up, or an employee facing tight deadlines, Proposal Kit is your go-to resource for drafting Non-Disclosure Forms that cater to your specific needs. Secure your information today with the Proposal Kit and take the first step towards safeguarding your business's future.

The complete Non-Disclosure Form (Short Version) - with the actual formatting and layout - is available as a single template or as part of a library of related templates in a Contract Pack or the Professional Bundle.
Non-Disclosure Form (Short Version)
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