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Photography/Media Contract Pack
Pin Photography/Media Contract Pack
Photography/Media Contract PackDesigned specifically for photographers, videographers and photography related businesses and photography related web sites. Order and download for $89.

See our Proposal Kit Professional for the all-inclusive bundle including all of our proposal, contract, estimate, sample and project planning content.
Proposal Pack works on all platforms

  • Designed specifically for professional photographers
  • Pre-project protection
  • Photography services
  • Video
  • Events and weddings
  • Stock sales
  • Model and property releases
  • Problem notification and resolution
  • Adult, Title 18, Section 2257 protection>

  • Lifetime free online product support
  • Includes user guide
  • Includes desktop browser organizer
  • Documents work with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Wizard software requires Windows & Word
  • Sign & Manage Contracts on your iPad
  • Works on all platforms
  • Supports multiple operating systems
  • Supports multiple word processors
  • Downloadable from web
  • Create unlimited contracts at no extra cost
  • One-time license cost - no monthly costs
  • Licensed for 3 computers / 3 users
  • See detailed list of documents and samples
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What Our Clients Say

Business proposal example As a freelance photographer, I find myself dealing with a variety of clients. From corporate shoots, to weddings and sporting events, I have many customers with different needs. From contracts to model releases the kit offers everything I need to make it through my day to day photography jobs."

Business proposal example I've already spotted

three or four important clauses that our existing client contract overlooks."

Kalena Jordan
Web Rank Ltd
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Photography/Media Contract Pack
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Proposal Kit
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$89 USD
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Contract Pack contains a large collection of extensive contracts. Use them as-is, modify them for your own custom needs and/or use them to improve the quality and protection of your existing contracts with new clauses.

Photography/Media Contract Pack is designed for use by photographers and photography related businesses and is low-cost and immediately downloadable. Supports many platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft Word, Office 365, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages and Appleworks.

While you can use the Contract Pack as a stand-alone collection of templates on any operating system or word processor, you get even more power and capabilities when it's combined with the Proposal Pack Wizard Software. The optional bonus Wizard software requires Word for Windows that can run macros.

Using just one of our contracts, even if you require it to be reviewed by your own attorney or solicitor, will save you much more than the cost of the entire package. Using our materials as starting points, editing yourself, then having your own attorney or solicitor review it will cost you many times less than having one created for you.

To see for yourself, contact one or more attorneys and request a quote to have a contract designed. Then request a quote to have a contract you will supply with your notes simply reviewed. You may find quotes for $1000 to $3000 for the first request and $100 to $300 for the second request. Proposal Kit Professional contains over 340 contract documents (over 1000 pages of material).
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