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Operating Systems and Word Processors Supported
Our template products are cross-platform compatible and will work on all versions of Windows, Macintosh OS and Linux.

Proposal Pack Wizard automation software only runs on Microsoft Word for Windows 2010 and greater. The Wizard is not required for use with the templates and is an optional component.

Mac users running Parallels with Windows in a dual boot system can run the Wizard in the Word for Windows partition.

Our templates also work in many word processors, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft 365, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages and Appleworks.
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Word Perfect and Appleworks use file translators which may require some manual reformatting of some documents the first time used.

Not all Word processors on all platforms can display all of the elements included in our templates. All templates use standard Word features but some features may not be supported in all 3rd party Word processors. Best results will come from using Word for Windows, Word for Mac or OpenOffice on Windows or Mac on a full desktop or laptop.

Proposal Kit products also work on Windows in S Mode without needing to purchase and download from the Microsoft Store. Windows in S Mode installers can be downloaded from our website after ordering as they are not restricted from being downloaded as Zip files.

Proposal Pack Wizard is an optional add-on software utility which only works in the full retail desktop versions of Microsoft Word 2010 and greater for Windows that support macro scripts. Wizard is not for use with Web/App edition of Word.

While all other products work on Mac and Linux the Proposal Pack Wizard software will only run on Microsoft Word for Windows. You can still use the other products without the Wizard software. Mac users with a dual boot system running Word and Windows in a virtual machine can use the Proposal Pack Wizard. For example, if you are running Parallels on your Mac OS with Windows running in dual boot mode.

Are you on a tight budget and can't afford office suite software like Microsoft Word? Consider the free word processor for Windows, Mac and Linux.
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