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How to write your own Statement of Proposed Development Tasks Worksheet

This editable document is included in Proposal Kit Professional. Order and download for $199. Follow these steps to get started.


Use the Statement of Proposed Development Tasks Worksheet to outline tasks from start to finish (from creative design to development to installation and deployment) of a software development project.
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1. Get Proposal Kit Professional that includes this business document.

This Statement of Proposed Development Tasks Worksheet is included in an editable format that can be customized for your own needs.

2. Download and install after ordering.

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3. Customize the project template with your own information.

You can customize the project document as much as you need. You can also use the included Wizard software to automate merging in name/address data.

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How to write my Statement of Proposed Development Tasks Worksheet document

The following is a list of tasks to be performed for. Insert project/reason for this list here.

Creative and Presentation Layer Tasks:

Company Name will create two flat mock-ups of design concepts for you to review. Company Name will develop a final third mock-up based on one or more elements in the mock-ups provided based on client feedback. If client desires additional mock-ups to be produced, Company Name is able to produce those for an additional charge.

Architecture and Development Tasks:

Company Name will deploy Insert system description on a development server or demo area on client's existing web server for purposes of development. Company Name will " skin" the Insert system description to allow the various pages, categories and sections - allowing content to then be created and categorized.

Installation and Deployment Tasks:

Company Name will work with Company Name to transfer and install the content they want from their existing website into the new framework. When the website is ready to be pushed live, Company Name will facilitate deployment of the website; any changes needed to the DNS and any migration duties.

Administrative Tasks:

Company Name will provide up to a half-day of training for client or client's employees on using the system. Company Name is happy to take on any day to day administration tasks you may need with your new system.

Product Purchases or Third-party Labor/Tasks:

Description Time/Cash Allotted.

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The editable Statement of Proposed Development Tasks Worksheet document - complete with the actual formatting and layout is available in the retail Proposal Kit Professional.
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