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Proposal Pack Wizard - Generating Documents

Proposal Pack Wizard automates the assembly, customization and management of the documents included in Proposal Kit Professional, Proposal Packs and Contract Packs.

While this graphic illustrates how the Proposal Pack Wizard software can be used along with a template package to automate the generation of business proposals, business plans, reports, studies, RFPs, contracts, etc. the software is only an optional Word for Windows interface. A Proposal Pack can also be used as a collection of Word format documents without using the automation software. This is how it is used on a Mac or a Windows computer that does not have Microsoft Word for Windows installed. Some features in the illustration are only included in the Proposal Pack Wizard - Expert Edition of the software such as directly linking Excel Spreadsheets into the generated Word documents for cost, invoice and other financial pages.

There are hundreds of Proposal Pack design themes. Whichever design theme you purchase will determine the visual design of the pages such as illustrated here. You can also use your own logo and images. There are options that range from a plain design with no added logos or design that you can also brand with your own logo to creating your own custom design theme using the Expert Edition software features. Or you can use one of our hundreds of premade logo design packs. This gives all your documents a consistent looking design across all the pages.

In addition to creating a comprehensive and custom document for a business proposal, business plan, report, study, RFP, etc. you can also create additional supporting documents.

If you have created a sales proposal you can also generate a matching invoice either at the same time you create the proposal or at the time the invoice is ready to be sent. Proposal Kit also supplies ready-made cost and invoice Excel calculator spreadsheets. If you are using the Expert Edition you can also directly link the cells of the spreadsheet to your proposal and to the invoice. This allows you to modify the line items and calculations in the spreadsheet and your documents will automatically update with the changes. This allows you to also send a sales proposal with an estimate then if the final invoice is different you can adjust the calculations in the spreadsheet which will update the invoice.

You can also add supporting letters such a customer follow-up letter, counter proposal letter, expression of interest letter, etc. There is a large library of prewritten letters to choose from.

You can also add a legal contract document to your project. Each individual Proposal Pack includes a handful of general purpose contracts. If you have a Contract Pack or the Proposal Kit Professional bundle you will also have a large library of specialty legal contract templates to choose from.

One of the many features of the Proposal Pack Wizard software is merging data into the generated documents. There are many data fields you can fill in for each project such as names, addresses, phone numbers, titles, contract details, etc. that will be inserted into the proposal, business plan, contract, letters, invoice and so on as they are created. This saves you time setting up every document, reduces the chances of making editing mistakes and helps you customize your documents to make them appear more personalized.

Create winning business proposals & contracts with minimal effort and cost. Downloadable proposal software, proposal templates, legal contracts and sample proposals.
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Create winning business proposals & contracts with minimal effort and cost. Proposal software, proposal templates, legal contracts and sample proposals.