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Title Page Pack Volume #1
We include five title page designs in Title Page Pack Volume #1. Each design is in 120 color schemes for 600 total Title Page templates. We give you a range of colors that allow you to convey your look and message precisely.

  • Match your company logo and colors
  • Match your prospective client's colors
  • Go with greys and blues for a conservative look
  • Go with reds and oranges for a bold and vibrant look
  • Match an event, occasion, or holiday season
  • Match a meaning such as purple for luxury, blue for trust, or green for health
  • Learn the meanings of colors and how to use colors effectively

Title Page Packs are optional add-ons for Proposal Pack and Proposal Kit Professional. You get 600 editable title page Word documents, each with a custom graphic background.

You use these optional front cover design pages with our complete Proposal Pack and Professional bundle products. These $8 Title Page Packs do not include proposal writing content, sample proposals, legal contracts, or other content. They are only optional replacement designs for the front cover title pages in our different proposal writing templates and software products.

You can use these documents in any word processor and platform, such as Windows and Mac.

  • Licensed for five computers
  • One-time license cost - no monthly costs
  • Downloadable - you can start now
  • Add your logo and customize layouts
  • Easily customize fonts using Word 'Styles'
  • Output in many formats - Word, PDF, HTML
Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

I really like the versatility of proposal Title Page Packs because I will recoup my investment in the software on my first completed project. I like the fact that my proposal will not be plain in looks and style."

Product name:
Title Page Pack Volume #1
Produced by:
Proposal Kit
Software › Computer Software › Business & Productivity Software
$8 USD
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Because the visual look of business documents is one of the most variable aspects of the document creation process, Proposal Kit offers various graphic design options. We have pre-made photo and line art designs integrated through every page of the documents. These are our Proposal Packs and are suitable for people who want a pre-made design theme right out of the box.

Others need design themes that are specific to their business and that match their company colors, website, and logo. The Proposal Kit Professional includes features allowing you to make your own custom design theme.

Then, there is the more basic and conservative approach. Some people want a plain and conservative-looking document with a more straightforward design for the front cover. You can use these Title Page Packs when you wish to add a basic multi-color design to the front page that may match your logo.

Because color schemes are significant in the overall look of your documents, we have created many color schemes to pick from that should allow you to match one to your logo. Look through the Title Page Packs and find one with an overall design theme that personally suits you. Along with either the Proposal Kit Professional bundle or the Proposal Pack for Any Business, you can easily create a more custom-tailored document to fit your visual design needs using Title Page Pack Volume #1.

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