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How to Write a Training Proposal

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This video shows how to write a training related proposal such as selling training services, products, pitching a training project, responding to an RFP, etc. You can also create training plans, reports, studies and business plans. With hundreds of design themes available and a library of thousands of chapters you can create an unlimited variety of custom tailored documents.

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In this video we're going to show you how to create a training related proposal using Proposal Kit. Proposed Kit can be used for writing any type of proposal any type of situation including other documents, reports, studies, plans and so on. You can actually create a training plan, it's just a matter of selecting the visual design theme you want to work with and then selecting an appropriate set of chapters.

So we're going to illustrate this first one with our Concepts #16 design theme and whenever we're going to create a new proposal or report or any document we just click the Document Projects button. We're going to the Pick Documents screen and this is where we're going to find all the chapters for our document. The 40 most common chapters that most people use are right here.

Like a Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Cost details and so on. If you want to find training related chapters out of the library of thousands of chapter templates available you can just scroll up and down this list and there's a Training/Education section of chapters, two pages worth. If you click that it's just going to show us training related topics.

If we're going to actually add a Lesson Plan or Training Plan, talk about the Courses, if you have Scholarships and so on. You can select from these chapters if you want to talk about the Trainers or your Facilities and so on. Any kind of proposal you're writing.

If this is a grant proposal or an RFP for a training project for a government grant or so on. Any situation you're writing a training project proposal for you've got covered. You can come down here and find more specific topics.

If this is a training proposal for a security type situation, security company, you might add some security chapters and so on. If you're writing a training plan you might just go with some plan related topics. Really the difference between a report or a plan versus a proposal is just which kinds of chapters you add.

A proposal is going to have more templates in order to pitch a project or a product or a service, cost details and so on. Whereas a report is just going to be information based templates. The structure of the documents assembled is pretty much the same.

We also have some samples so we can search the samples for a training proposal. We can just select the Training Services Sample. We can import the content from the sample as well and that will give us in this case an eight–page training proposal.

Includes a Cover Letter, Title Page, a Client Summary, a Cost Summary, the Training Plan, the Materials and then a page talking about your Clients. You can expand on this with any of the extra chapters in the library if you want to talk about training specific topics that aren't in the sample. Maybe you want to add a page about your Certifications.

Once we're done selecting our chapters you can find additional chapters in Search by Name and so on. Once you're done selecting your chapters for whatever kind of document or proposal you're going to be creating you click that Okay, Save Selected Templates button. You might fill in the Company Data and Client Data screens.

This is just going to be the name and address information that's going to get merged into the proposal. Once we're done selecting all of our chapters and setting up our data. When you click the Ok, Save Project button this is when it's going to build you your Word document for the proposal.

Okay, now the first document has been generated. We'll open that up and take a look at it. You can see this pulled in the sample text with the Concepts #16 design theme.

You can see all of the chapters are ready to finish customizing and this is just basic word processing at this point to finish filling in all the details and finish the document. This information here is merged in from whatever you enter in the Company and Client Data screens. This will be your information.

I'll illustrate another training document using a different design theme. Whatever design theme or themes you've purchased are going to be the ones that are available in the drop–down list for you to use. Typically you'll select a design theme that matches your type of business, maybe one that looks good with your logo on it, the same color scheme or just along the same type of business.

For example, maybe if you're doing medical training you might use a healthcare or medical design theme. We're going to create a second project. Now we have our Business #21 design theme selected.

For this one we're going to pick the Disaster Preparation and Training Proposal layout. This is a fairly long proposal for a very comprehensive disaster preparation and training program. A lot of times these lists of chapters are going to be much longer than you're going to use with the idea that you're going to look through this list of chapters and this will give you a lot of ideas of chapters topics you want you might want to talk about.

But now you can trim down this list to just the ones that are going to be suited for your situation. With any of these Quick Start lists or sample lists once you've imported the chapters you can customize the list. You can reorder these, you can remove chapters that don't apply, you can add more chapters.

Once you're done selecting by your chapters you again just click the Okay, Use Selected Templates button. We'll enter the Company Data and Client Data screens. Save your project, and this will build your document.

Okay, now this second document has been generated. Open that up and take a look at it and you can see this Disaster Preparation and Training Proposal has sample content included as well and our Business #21 design theme. The list of chapters and the Table of Contents.

This document is ready to start editing in Word. So we'll just scroll down and we'll see all the chapters, all the tables, the back page. This is the information that you put in the Company and Client Data screens.

This will be your information that gets put in the document. So, basically this is how you create any kind of training plan, a training services proposal, any kind of pitch for selling training services or products, responding to an RFP and so on. You just pick a design theme and pick a set of chapters.

You can base it off a sample, adjust chapters to match your specific situation. You build the document and then you open it and edit it in Word. Now once you've finished all your editing you can save as a PDF, you can print it, deliver it, upload it.

Whatever you need.

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