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How to write your Disaster Preparation and Training Proposal

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The Disaster Preparation and Training Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal from a disaster preparedness and training company offering their services to a company to provide training to their staff. This company uses a Zombie Apocalypse approach as a way to keep people more engaged in the process while teaching them important survival skills.

This is a good example to follow for anyone selling training services or involved in disaster planning.

Anyone selling training or disaster planning services.

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Disaster Preparation and Training Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Disaster Preparedness Planning & Rehearsal Boot Camp

Thank you for your interest in our Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness 3-Day Boot Camp. It was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone. The enclosed proposal should answer most of your questions. Every organization should develop a plan to handle emergencies.

You need to be assured that you can keep your employees, your assets, and your data safe so that your company will be able not only to survive a crisis but to continue normal activities after the crisis has passed. Many companies do not have written plans. Those who do have them have often never practiced them to determine their efficacy. This is usually because time has never been set aside for these exercises, and let’s face it—writing disaster preparedness plans and rehearsing the steps can be rather tedious work.

That’s why we developed the Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness 3-Day Boot Camp—it’s an entertaining but efficient way to develop emergency plans, educate your staff, and practice what you’ve planned. At his Boot Camp, we work as a team. You set aside the time at your company location and dedicate your staff to this project.

We provide the structure and training. You’ll find that using our Zombie Apocalypse scenario is a great way to make preparing and rehearsing for emergencies into entertaining and practical exercises. Everyone will want to get involved in the fun, but everyone will also learn about what needs to happen in the event of a real disaster. Days 1 and 2 of the Boot Camp are dedicated to developing plans for crisis situations.

For this, we need meeting rooms, appropriate staff to develop and document plans, and other materials such as notebooks and computers and building blueprints. Day 3 will be dedicated to a major zombie attack, whereupon your staff will need to put their plans into effect. Disaster preparedness plans must be customized to each organization. Similarly, our training sessions are customized to meet your particular needs.

When you contract with us, we will develop our training plan together at a preliminary meeting. You may find that you need to divide your staff into logical groups to develop plans or include only certain key staff members. You may supply your own zombies on Day 3 we have found that many employees are very enthusiastic about playing these roles , or we can bring a small contingent of our undead to your location. After reviewing the pages of this proposal, we feel sure you will be interested in taking advantage of this offer.

We will call you to schedule a meeting approximately two weeks from today. Thank you for your consideration. We at Prepare 4 Everything, LLC. look forward to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with you as our partners. Is your organization prepared to handle emergencies.

How about a large-scale disaster such as a prolonged power outage or a terrorist attack. Nobody likes to think about the possibilities, but we all need to. You’ll find that using the Zombie Apocalypse Scenario is a great way to make preparing for a real disaster into an entertaining and practical exercise. Everyone will want to get involved, but everyone will also learn about what needs to happen in the event of a real disaster.

The following pages describe all the emergency situations you will prepare and train for at our Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness Boot Camp. What’s the worst case scenario that might affect your organization. Odds are you can think of several. A natural disaster such as a blizzard, hurricane, tornado, flood, or earthquake might damage or destroy your physical facilities.

A fire, a prolonged loss of electrical power or a cyber attack might wipe out communications and valuable data. An accident or intentional attack might injure or kill your employees or members. Roads might be damaged or blocked, making transportation of supplies and personnel impossible. Yes, these are all terrible scenarios that nobody wants to envision happening to their organizations or the people they care about.

But all these events do happen to people and companies around the world every year. Every organization needs to have a plan in place for how to handle a disaster. To make the process of planning for emergencies easier and more fun, we have developed the Zombie Apocalypse Scenario.

During the Boot Camp, your team s should work through the following pages to consider all the elements needed to create a plan that will prepare your organization to handle not only a potential zombie attack, but almost any real disaster. Good luck, and have fun. We know that a zombie attack is unlikely to happen, but after you work through this scenario, you will create a plan that will allow Will you be able to your organization to survive almost any disaster. Here’s the Zombie Apocalypse Scenario.

Your local community has been overtaken by an army of zombies. Normal people can be converted into zombies by catching the zombie virus. Zombies want two things.

Power and human flesh. They will do everything they can to cut off communications, disrupt all your normal practices, absorb your personnel into their ranks, and in short—take over your world. How will you survive.

Will you be able to live normally again after the zombie attack is over. Here's what to expect and what you need to do. Assume that an army of zombies has surrounded your offices. Some may already be inside.

Their aim is to take everything they can get their undead hands on. Protect your facilities, your data and property, and your personnel. Plan to account for and safeguard all the elements you need to survive and thrive as an organization. Develop an action plan to establish communication within your organization.

You need to know what’s going on, who is available to help, and how to communicate plans for the future. Assign responsibilities for immediate action. In the midst of chaos, everyone needs to know who is supposed to do what. Plan for the worst case scenarios.

If you lose your leader, who will take over. If you don’t have electricity for days, will your personnel and organization survive. What does your organization need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

You must plan not only to survive, but to re-establish your normal practices.


In the broadest categories, you need. Protection to keep your personnel safe from the zombie attackers. Survival basics.

A continuous supply of breathable air, shelter and protection from the elements, water, sanitation, food, light for dark conditions. A command structure—who is in charge of what. Methods and supplies to deal with emergencies such as injuries and facility damage. Means of communication – radios, cell phones, computers, etc.

Methods and supplies to re-establish normal life. We’ll break down all these categories in the following pages.


What are the basic goals and objectives for your organization. It’s important to keep them in mind at all times and revisit them periodically to any organization should assess how well you are accomplishing those goals. Identify and assess the threat.

What is the threat. When the zombies are pounding on your door, how will you assess what they are likely to do and communicate that to everyone who needs to know. The same plan needs to be in place to deal with an explosion or a cyber-attack or a tornado. Survive the disaster.

To survive, you must be prepared to deal with the immediate needs during an emergency and have a plan in place for survival. Re-establish normal functions. You need to plan how you will get back to normal after a disaster. You don’t want a temporary disaster to destroy your business.

Minimal disruptions. The zombies knocking at your door constitute a big problem. But all big problem scenarios contain hundreds of smaller emergencies you have to deal with along the way. Listed below are a few of the common emergencies you need to plan for.

Injuries to staff or infectious disease outbreak. No matter what sort of organization you’re involved in, there’s always a chance that one or more of your staff will be injured on the job, or that a visitor may be injured while on your premises. Assume that a zombie bites one of your employees. What’s your plan of action for assessing and treating the injury.

If the zombie bite infected the victim with the plague that causes people to turn into zombies, how will you stop the infection from spreading. What will you do with the zombie perpetrator.


Zombies may accidentally or intentionally start fires. You need to have a plan in place to evacuate the building s , account for everyone who was inside, get everyone to a safe place, and fight the fire.

Flood Water damage

A flood may come from within your building or from outside. In an extensive zombie attack, the undead may open flood gates or blow up a dam, causing a flood to rush into your building. Or they could simply cause a pipe to burst on the third floor and flood all the floors below. What sort of damage would either of these scenarios do.

Do you have an action plan in place to handle the situation.

Major structural damage

A zombie attack could happen simultaneously with an earthquake or tornado or hurricane-force winds. An army of zombies on the roof could cause a cave-in. What would you do if the company offices suddenly became uninhabitable.


Most organizations depend on one or more computer systems for communication and everyday business practices. Some zombies will no doubt be geek zombies. What is your plan of action to thwart their attempts to hack into your data.

Would you be able to recover if all of your computers were suddenly rendered unusable.

Dangerous intruders or violent employees

We’ve all heard of workplace shootings. If a zombie gets inside your building or one of your employees suddenly becomes a violent zombie, how will you handle the situation.

Prolonged power outage

How would your organization cope if the power suddenly went out, and no electricity was available for days. Would you be able to communicate at all. Would all your business functions cease.

The zombies know that cutting the power to buildings would be a strategic move to gain control of society.

Loss of leadership

Zombies may kill or even eat some of your most valuable managers. Are others in your organization prepared to step into leadership positions if needed. As you can now understand, you need to have a plan for all types of emergencies. The Zombie Apocalypse will no doubt cause all sorts of disruptions to your normal business practices.

You should envision what might happen in the various disruption scenarios presented below and develop a plan for keeping your organization on track. The zombies control the transportation network. No supplies will be delivered and no products can be shipped until the situation is resolved. Do you need to shut down your manufacturing process and inform your customers that you cannot deliver on time.

How long can you continue. The zombies have cut off power to your place of business. What will happen if the lights and computers and climate control systems suddenly all go down.

Do you have a plan of action for starting up again. Zombies have put vital personnel out of action. What if the employees you most depend on are captured or devoured by zombies. How long will that disrupt the work flow.

Zombies have destroyed the connections to crucial data. If the zombies disable a server that stores information you use every day, or if your connection to the internet is lost, how will you cope. Be sure to think of all possible disruptions that could happen during a zombie attack. Zombies are definitely an unnatural disaster, but there’s always the chance that the Zombie Apocalypse could coincide with a natural disaster caused by weather or earthquake.

The risk of natural disaster depends a lot on where you live or do business. What natural disasters are your organization likely to be prone to. Consider the location of your organization’s facilities and the havoc that Mother Nature, in addition to zombies, could inflict.

If your offices or manufacturing buildings are located near a shoreline, you should develop plans for dealing with a flood. If your facilities are in an earthquake zone or in an area prone to tornados, you should know what to do if a tornado warning is issued. Is your area prone to high winds, wildfires, blizzards, or ice storms.

In the case of any disaster—including a zombie attack—the power supply is often disrupted, so you should have a plan in place to handle the immediate consequences of a power outage. Questions to ask and answer are. What is your procedure for the safety of your personnel, computer system, manufacturing equipment and communication system when the electricity abruptly shuts off. Do you need to stock flashlights, install battery-powered Exit signs, purchase and install a backup generator.

Is there a backup generator. If so, will it start automatically. If a procedure is required to start the backup generator, who is responsible for doing that.

Do you need procedures in place to handle situations when the power abruptly comes back on. All natural disasters have the potential to disrupt normal communication and transportation networks, too. Consider the following.

Do you have a plan in place for locating and communicating with all your vital personnel. What needs to happen if no vehicles can get in or out of your facility for several days. Natural disasters often damage buildings, collapsing or damaging roofs, walls, and windows.

Make a plan for what to do if the roof is damaged or windows are broken out. You are surrounded by an army of zombies who want to assimilate your personnel and take over your business. How do you plan to hold out and survive the attack.

Think about all the basic supplies your personnel would need to hold out for a few days, as well as security issues and ways to protect your business. Here are a few things to consider. Are there barricades, locking doors, or fire doors to secure areas and keep the danger out or confined to specific areas. Some buildings have barricades that will automatically be placed or fire doors that may automatically lock—does your facility include these.

If so, does everyone understand the conditions that will trigger and release them. You wouldn’t want to be unable to lock a door because you can’t find the electronic combination or the key. You don’t want to accidentally lock half the zombie army in with you or be unable to flee because you are trapped inside your own buildings.

Do you have an emergency supply of food and water. How long can you shelter in place if the zombies are scratching at your doors. Do you have basic first aid supplies on hand.

Even if zombies didn’t manage to get in, some of your personnel may be injured during the process of fleeing or barricading them out. Can you treat their injuries. Who will you call for help.

Do you have an emergency communications plan in place. Do you know the numbers of the authorities or officials you need to call. Your team should consider everything they need to know and everything they need to have on hand to survive a disaster. If zombies manage to gain control of your premises and most of your personnel, is there any sort of safety net in place to help you start over again after the crisis has passed.

List safety net elements you have in place to help restart your normal business procedures. For example, here are a few safety-net items to consider. Do you have insurance policies. Do you have insured funds.

Do you have backup computer records that are securely stored offsite. Describe all the elements of your safety net, the guarantees they offer, and how to access them when needed. To survive the Zombie Apocalypse or any other disaster, you need to make preparations before the emergency strikes. Things to consider include the following.

These might include food, water, protective items such waterproof tarps or plastic sheeting, fire extinguishers, first aid supplies, and other essential items needed for manufacturing or survival. Does everyone know where these items are stored. Make sure to keep a list and check it regularly so that you can account for all items you might need.

Backup power

Do you have an emergency generator. Flashlights. Fresh batteries.

Does everyone know where these items are stored and how to use them.

Written plans

Write down all emergency plans and established procedures, and be sure that everyone knows where to find these plans and instructions. Be sure to print them, too, and store them in a secure location. Remember that if the power is out, you might not be able to access computer records.

Education and training

An emergency plan is of little use if nobody knows what’s included or who is responsible. Be sure to educate your staff and train everyone on what is expected of them in various emergency situations. Find more information in the Training section. With proper preparation and training, your organization can survive not only the Zombie Apocalypse, but nearly any other disaster.

After you’ve developed plans for how to handle the Zombie Apocalypse, it’s time to make sure everyone knows what to do. During Day 3 of the Zombie Apocalypse Boot Camp, your team will rehearse the following scenarios. A dangerous zombie has entered your workplace intruder alert. Rehearse the procedure you have planned for a dangerous intruder.

You may want to assign one or more people to play the role of invading enraged zombies. What should the person who first notices the danger do. What happens next. Is there a secure area for your staff to retreat to.

You need to protect your personnel and get help as soon as possible. You could encounter this situation in the event of a robbery, a violent attack on an employee, or a mentally ill intruder on your premises. The zombie army has surrounded your workplace dangerous conditions outside. Rehearse the procedure you have planned for a danger coming from outside.

You may want to assign several people to play the role of zombies attacking from outside. What should the person who first notices this danger do. What happens next. You need to protect your personnel, secure your premises, and get help as soon as possible.

You might encounter this situation in the event of a fire, a violent incident in the parking lot, or a natural disaster such as a hail storm, violent electrical storm, or an approaching tornado. The zombie army has cut off your power supply abrupt electrical failure. Rehearse the procedure you have planned for a situation when all electrical power is abruptly lost.

Start your backup generator, turn on battery powered lights, or distribute flashlights as needed. If you have electronically controlled entries and exits, what happens to them when the power goes out. Does equipment need to be manually turned off to protect it from a surge when the power starts up again. Can you communicate with your staff and with the outside world.

Ensure the safety of your personnel, your premises, and your equipment, and get help as soon as possible. This is an especially important procedure to rehearse, because you may encounter this situation during any sort of emergency situation. The zombies have hacked through your roof and or broken your windows building damage.

Rehearse the procedures you have developed if part of your building becomes too damaged to occupy. Can you move personnel and vital equipment. Can you erect a barrier to prevent further damage. You might encounter this situation in the event of any sort of strong wind conditions or an earthquake;, a roof collapse due to snow, ice, or water; or damage due to a building fire.

Zombies have set fire inside the building or planted a bomb inside. Rehearse the procedures you have developed if a fire breaks out or a bomb threat is identified. How will you inform everyone and move them to a safe location. How will you account for every member of your organization.

You could experience this situation on any work day. Zombies have injured one or more employees. Rehearse the procedures you have developed if someone is injured on your premises. Assign a few people to play the role of the sick or injured.

Do some of your staff members have first aid training. Who should be called if an employee suddenly collapses. Who is responsible to make that call.

Are first aid supplies readily available. What sort of injuries are most likely to occur in your workplace. You could experience this situation on any work day.

At Zombie Apocalypse Boot Camp, Day 3 training day is always an intense and interesting day. Procedures are refined, responsibilities are assigned, and we all learn a lot. After you have survived the first Zombie Apocalypse, you have good reason to be proud of your organization and the disaster preparations you made. Most people have a tendency to become complacent after the initial training, believing that they have mastered everything they need to know.

The dangers in the world are constantly changing, and you need to keep your staff up to date on how to protect themselves and your business. The next emergency can come at any time. It might be zombies again; it might be something completely different but just as dangerous. Here are some categories you may need to keep up with by offering continuing education to your employees and associates.


Threats to computer networks change on a daily basis. How much does your organization depend on computerized communication and secure data storage. How will you keep your employees up-to-date and your computer systems and data secure. A system of ongoing updates and education is probably needed.

Protecting personnel from dangerous bacteria and viruses. You may need to be continually informed about how to recognize and how to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria and communicable disease, especially if your employees travel a lot or regularly come into contact with large numbers of the general public. Ensuring safety in the workplace.

Every workplace, even an office, has a certain number of potential dangers. Unsecured shelving can collapse, file cabinets that are not anchored can topple over, employees can trip over electrical cords, fires can result from overloaded or ungrounded electrical circuits. In a construction or manufacturing environment, there are more risks associated with equipment and processes. Repetitive motion injuries need to be guarded against in every environment.

Every new employee should receive training about all the risks present and how to ensure safety in the workplace, and all employees should receive refresher training at regular intervals. Handling hazardous materials. Many workplaces store and regularly handle hazardous materials. These might be materials that contain human tissue or body fluids and could therefore transmit disease, or chemicals like chlorine bleach and acid, or radioactive materials that are potentially hazardous to human health.

Employees need to know how to recognize these hazards, as well as how to safely store and use the materials.

Emergency drills

You may have a written plan in place to evacuate your building or protect your computer system, but that doesn’t help if nobody in your organization knows what to do. Schedule drills to remind your staff what is expected of them in a variety of situations. During our Boot Camp, we will develop a list of continuing education needs and a schedule for ensuring that everyone is kept up to date. If your employees and associates had to stay in place within your building s for hours or even several days because of the heightened zombie threat outside, how well would that work.

During the Boot Camp, your team will make a list of the safest places in your building. This is especially important in areas prone to massive zombie attacks, tornados and violent wind storms, when people need to get away from windows that could shatter and move into the most structurally strong part of a building that is likely to remain secure even if the roof or other walls collapse. This structurally strong part of a building is often a basement or a bathroom or hallway—a portion of the building where there are strong walls and a lot of overhead support beams. You should make a list of the safest places to hide if violent zombies get inside the building.

Can you lock the doors from inside. Where are the keys to these doors kept. Do you have emergency supplies of food and water that would allow your employees to stay safely in the building for as long as it takes for the authorities to conquer the zombies.

Make sure everyone knows where to go in case of an emergency. Do you have alliances with other organizations you can depend on for help in the event of a crisis. On whom will you rely within your own organization. In other words, do you know who to call when a disaster strikes.

Consider all of the following.

Internal Resources

Personnel with medical or first aid training. Personnel with electrical, plumbing, or carpentry skills. Personnel with computer and network training. Personnel with leadership capabilities who will remain calm in a crisis.

External Resources

First responders to help fight the zombies, put out the fire, treat injuries, or transport personnel to hospitals. Individuals or organizations who can supply temporary resources or services needed to survive. Organizations or facilities that can help you get back to normal after a crisis insurers, computer backup experts, etc. During our Boot Camp, your team will assign primary and backup responsibilities to specific personnel for emergency procedures and recovery procedures.

Do you have protective gear to distribute to your personnel if they need to guard against inhaling zombie plague germs. Do you have equipment to fight a fire started by zombies. Does everyone know where your first aid kits are stored. During the Zombie Apocalypse Boot Camp, we’ll work together on educating everyone about the following categories.

Personal Protection Equipment

You will list equipment you keep on hand to safeguard your personnel. This might include gloves, respirators, masks, hard hats, and other protective gear.


You never know when you’ll need a saw, wrench, a screwdriver, or a hammer to resolve a dangerous situation. Is there a tool kit on site, and if so, what does it contain and where is it stored.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Do you have sufficient fire extinguishers to fight a fire inside your building. Do you have multiple types of fire-fighting equipment. Is there a fire hose and coupling available.

Everyone should know where equipment is to fight a fire, because you never know when the zombies might start one.

First Aid Equipment

Is your first aid kit adequate to take care of a variety of injuries. Does everyone know what the kit contains and where it is. Whose job is it to keep the first aid kit complete and updated.

Emergency Communications Equipment

Do you have radios or extra cell phones reserved for use in case of an emergency.

Transportation and Heavy Equipment

The zombies may force you to move personnel and supplies in a hurry. Are company vehicles available. If yes, where are the keys kept.

Do you have heavy equipment such as forklifts, backhoes, and scissor lifts that can shift heavy loads if needed. If yes, who has the keys and the expertise to drive them. When the zombies attack, how will you spread the word.

Do you have a system in place for communicating among all your staff and accounting for everyone’s location and safety. Do you have a system in place for communicating with outside personnel who can help. At Boot Camp, you’ll develop an emergency communications plan, considering all of the following.

Calling for help. You should develop a plan for calling outside help and for calling individuals within your organization who can help in a security or medical emergency. Make sure to assign responsibility for making calls, and educate responsible individuals about the information they need to provide.

It is typically most helpful to identify the location first, and then describe the emergency situation. Disseminating information as needed to all who are present. You may need to inform everyone in your building about an emergency situation such as invading zombies, fire, bomb threat, or approaching tornado, and ask them to evacuate the building or shelter in place. How can you do that and keep everyone calm.

Is there a company-wide communications system such as an intercom or address system. If not, you may need to set up a phone tree to tell everyone what is going on and what you need them to do. Locating everyone as needed.

In a widespread emergency, normal communications may not work, or systems might be overloaded. You will develop a plan to locate your key personnel and account for their safety. Every organization should maintain an easily accessible list of contact information for its personnel.

Key individuals should know what is expected of them in an emergency. Security is of the utmost importance during a Zombie Apocalypse. Without a plan in place, situations could quickly devolve into total chaos.

You need to develop plans for all of the following.

Security of personnel

Can you account for all your employees and guests in an emergency. Do you always know who is present during the workday. Is there a safe area or an assembly station to which people should move when notified.

Security of physical facilities

What systems are in place to keep your facilities secure. Can you keep the zombies out. If they get inside the building, can you lock them out of specific areas. Are locks electronic or analog manual.

Where are combinations or physical keys kept. If you use an electronic key system, how and by whom are keys and locks coded. What happens to electronic alarms and locks if the electricity goes out.

Security of computers and data

Most organizations depend heavily on computerized systems for communications and data storage. How do you keep your computers and networks secure. How do you protect against zombies hacking into your computer system. If zombies stole a server, would you be able to recover that data.

When developing a plan for data security, be sure to consider common issues such as employee passwords and use of easily hidden USB drives. Having a written plan is the first step in preparedness, and that’s why we’ll spend two days on writing plans together. You want to be sure that all your personnel understand exactly what is expected of them during an emergency. Assume the worst has passed and the zombies have been defeated.

But now you need to resume normal life and get your business started again. During the Boot Camp, you will develop plans to recover from the situations listed below.

Loss of physical facilities

Your company facility has been damaged by the zombie attack. Do you need to shut down operations and send employees home while the building is repaired, or can you move to another location and resume work there. Together we will develop some scenarios that might happen and create plans for coping with the damage and getting started again.

Loss of key personnel

Zombies killed your CEO and another senior manager. Can you cope without them. Who is in charge now. You will need to consider who are the most important people within your organization and how your business would continue if they were suddenly gone.

Loss of computer networks and or data

Zombies attempted to hack into your computer system. How will you tell if they were successful, and what will you do if an intrusion has occurred. If zombie hackers managed to steal or erase vital data, can you recover that from secure storage elsewhere. Do you need to notify authorities or customers and clients about a data breach.

When developing a recovery plan, be sure to assign responsibilities to specific individuals or job titles, and be sure those people understand their roles in the recovery effort. We’ll cover all that during the first two days of Zombie Apocalypse Boot Camp. Listed below are examples of procedures you might develop for various emergencies, including those caused by a zombie attack. You should customize procedures to fit your organization’s needs and particular situations that might occur.

Workplace injury or illness

Various types of injuries can occur in any workplace, with or without zombies attacking, and of course illness could strike an employee at any time. The following is a typical response procedure for a medical emergency. During our Boot Camp, you’ll assign responsibilities and refine this procedure to create an appropriate plan for your organization.

If possible, the injured or ill employee should inform the supervisor. In the event that the employee cannot communicate, another should immediately inform the supervisor. The supervisor should assess the injury or illness, and send the employee home if needed for illness. In the case of minor injury, the employee or supervisor should call the company’s designated First Aid Responder for that area to attend to the injury.

In the case of major injury or serious illness, the supervisor should call 9-1-1 and ask for medical assistance, and then call the designated First Aid Responder for assistance until 9-1-1 aid can arrive. The supervisor should follow up with the ill or injured employee to be sure adequate treatment has been received. The supervisor should determine as best as possible when the employee is likely to be able to resume normal work functions.

The supervisor should report all injuries and illnesses to the Human Resources Department and if asked to do so, fill out an Incident Report form.

Electrical Outage

Electrical outages can happen at any time. Odds are that your company has experienced in the past several due to weather conditions and accidents. Outages usually only last minutes, but they could last hours or even days. Here’s a typical emergency procedure that you will adapt for your organization.

If electrical power is suddenly lost throughout the office, supervisors should ensure that all computers, printers, and other machinery are turned off so as not to overload the circuits when power is restored. Light switches may be left in the On position. Supervisor should distribute flashlights as needed for safe movement.

Battery powered flashlights are available in the break room closet. Employees should remain at their work stations for 30 minutes while supervisors determine whether the power outage is short-or long-term and whether it is safe for employees to leave the building. If power will be lost for several hours, security personnel should determine whether the building is secure and parking lots can be safely exited. If conditions are safe, employees should be sent home and asked to return the next day assuming power is restored.

If conditions are not safe, supervisors should ask employees to gather in safe rooms and remain there until the power is restored. When power is restored, supervisors should ensure that computers, printers, and other machinery are powered up in a sequential fashion.

Earthquake or Tornado Emergency

In the event that a tornado has been sighted in the vicinity or the building begins to shake due to earthquake, the following procedures should be followed. If time allows, supervisors should ask their personnel to move to the designated safe area closest to their section. If the building is already being damaged, employees should be instructed to take shelter under their desks.

After the emergency situation has passed, supervisors should account for all their personnel and report damage and injuries to Security. If dangerous situations or serious injuries exist, supervisors should call 9-1-1 and request immediate assistance. Supervisors should communicate the situation and actions taken to Security as soon as possible. Security should coordinate activities of 9-1-1 personnel onsite, ensure that all employees have been properly taken care of, and that all risks such as electrical shorts, fires, gas leaks, water leaks, and security issues have been resolved.

Supervisors and Security personnel should write incident reports as soon as possible and file them with Human Resources.

Emergency Building Evacuation

In the event that zombies have broken in, a fire breaks out inside a building, or a bomb threat has been called in, everyone should be familiar with a procedure similar to the following. You’ll write your own during our Boot Camp. The first employee to notice a fire or invasion or receive a bomb threat should notify a supervisor within seconds if possible, and then the supervisor should pull the fire alarm.

If no supervisor is immediately available, the employee should pull the fire alarm. The fire alarm will alert the local fire department, which will dispatch fire and rescue equipment and personnel. The employee pulling the fire alarm should inform Security as to the location and nature of the emergency. On hearing a fire alarm, all employees should stop work and proceed outside the building as quickly as possible, assembling at the designated location.

Supervisors should do a quick sweep if it is safe to do so of their areas to ensure all employees have left and then join their employees outside. Supervisors should make sure all their employees are accounted for. If any are missing, supervisors should communicate names of those absent to Security.

Security should coordinate with activities of fire and rescue personnel. All employees should remain outside until told to leave or re-enter the workplace. Emergency procedures should be practiced at least once a year, and procedures and assignments should be periodically revised as needed.

We’ll rehearse our plans and develop a schedule for drills during our Boot Camp. To judge the effectiveness of the disaster preparedness planning, the following evaluation plan should be used after the Zombie Apocalypse Boot Camp. We can supply forms or your organization can create your own.

Participation and Employee Evaluations

Names of all employees participating in planning sessions should be kept. All these employees will be asked to fill out evaluation forms.

Data Analysis

Were all the suggested emergency plans created during the training sessions. Were all the plans tested and evaluated for completeness and appropriateness. You need to be sure that you have covered all the areas needed for true disaster preparedness. Periodic questionnaires should be given to employees to see how well they have retained the information received.

The initial and later questionnaires should be given to your Human Resources. Total costs of the Zombie Boot Camp are dependent on numbers of personnel participating. We’ll work out a final cost at our preliminary meeting. When it comes to training and costs, one size does not fit all.

We will present you with a total cost when we work out our Boot Camp plan customized to meet your needs. We know you’ll be pleased. Based on our analysis of this project we recommend the following.

Hire professional trainers from Prepare 4 Everything, LLC. and schedule a three-day Zombie Apocalypse Disaster Preparedness Boot Camp for your company personnel. Two days will be spent assessing current readiness and creating emergency plans. Day 3 will be a simulated zombie attack to put those plans into practice.

At the conclusion of Boot Camp, analyze disaster plans created, recommendations for changes needed within your organization, and gather evaluations from participants. After 90 days have passed, evaluate whether changes have been made and all personnel have been trained, and schedule appropriate drills for six months after training. Six months after our Boot Camp, hold appropriate drills to practice all emergency procedures, and evaluate our preparedness. Create written plans for probable emergency scenarios.

Train personnel to follow emergency procedures. Periodically drill and evaluate organization preparedness for disaster. When emergencies happen, the prepared companies not only survive but are the first organizations to come back successfully. Many companies are only one disaster away from bankruptcy.

Don’t be one of these. Prepare 4 Everything, LLC. specializes in disaster preparedness plans and training. We have more than 20 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes in all industries.

Our trainers are experts in helping companies of all sizes in all industries develop custom plans that enable their organizations to survive disasters and thrive afterwards.

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