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How to write your Daycare Center Proposal

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Daycare Center Sample Proposal
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The Child Daycare Center Services Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the opening and management of an onsite daycare center for a company.

Child Daycare Center Services Proposal is an example of a business proposal created using Proposal Pack. This example shows how our Proposal Packs can be used for virtually any type of proposal. In this example a business specializing in daycare centers is proposing a project to open a daycare center for a business along with a cost benefit analysis to show the savings.

Anyone involved in daycare services. Anyone pitching a project to manage a services center on behalf of another business.

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Daycare Center Sample Proposal

VanderMark Onsite Daycare Center

VanderMark Corporation desires to establish an onsite daycare facility for the children of its employees. VanderMark Corporation has over employees of whom are custodial parents. VanderMark wants to offer onsite daycare as an additional employee benefit. Kendrick Kidz Center is known throughout the Pacific Northwest for providing excellence in daycare facilities for children from infancy through five years of age.

We propose to use our expertise to create facility designed to benefit VanderMark’s employees.

The Objective

VanderMark Corporation desires to establish an onsite daycare facility for the children of its employees. Daycare for infants to age from a.m. to p.m. Monday Friday.

The Opportunity

VanderMark Corporation has over employees of whom are custodial parents. VanderMark wants to offer onsite daycare as an additional employee benefit. VanderMark seeks to reduce extended maternity and paternity leaves. VanderMark seeks to reduce absences of employees who leave work to transport their children to and from daycare.

VanderMark seeks to retain valuable employees who might otherwise leave the workforce to stay at home with small children.

The Solution

Kendrick Kidz Center has decade of expertise in creating and running daycare centers. Kendrick Kidz Center proposes to establish and manage an onsite daycare facility for VanderMark Corporation. Included is the detailed cost benefit analysis for the project. The costs for the development operations and on going maintenance of the project vs. the benefits are summarized for 5 year period and assume an average enrollment of children.

These figures do not take into account tax advantages for VanderMark Corporation that may substantially increase the benefits shown here. An estimated $365 month savings in personal time maternity benefits per employee per month with child enrolled is included in the benefits. As the onsite daycare center will occupy VanderMark facilities VanderMark Corporation agrees to pay for all necessary remodeling prior to opening the center. In addition VanderMark agrees to pay for ongoing maintenance for the daycare center including daily janitorial service.

For its services in setting up the daycare center VanderMark agrees to pay Kendrick Kidz Center startup fee of $10 and then to pay Kendrick Kidz Center $1000 per month per child enrolled in daycare with guaranteed minimum of $10 per month. VanderMark will charge its employees whatever costs it deems necessary to make this benefit work for the company with an initial payment per child of $450 month which is substantially lower than average daycare costs in the area. Kendrick Kidz Center agrees to keep enrollment costs at $1000 mo per child for the first two years of operation and to increase costs in subsequent years by no more than 10% per year.

At Kendrick Kidz Center the health and safety of the children entrusted to our care is paramount. Listed below are the methods we propose to ensure everyone's safety. Access to the onsite daycare center For the safety and security of staff and children access to the center will be limited to one central door which will open into the room currently known as Meeting Room 4. The door will be controlled by electronic card key and only KKC staff members and select VanderMark Human Resources employees will have cardkey.

In the event that any cardkey is lost all cardkeys will be reprogrammed with new access codes within hours. Check in and check out procedures Enrollment of children must be done at VanderMark Human Resources office which will then present to KKC photo and description of the child and the parents and or relatives authorized to pick up the child. Only after photos have been received and posted on KKC’s security board will employees and their children be admitted to the daycare facility. When checking child in or out KKC staff will compare photos and ID to ensure only authorized personnel are dropping off or removing children.

The time of entrance and exit for each child will be recorded by KKC staff. Background Checks and Proper Licensing of All KKC Personnel Kendrick Kidz Center maintains strict adherence to all rules and regulations established by law specifically WAC within the state of Washington. All of our employees have undergone background checks and have received all required training.

Health Issues If child requires medication copy of the doctor’s orders and the proper pharmacy labeled container must be provided by the parent. All our staff members have been trained in basic first aid for children and adults. In the event that any of our staff have any concerns about the health of child KKC reserves the right to call or our on call nurse for additional assistance.

KKC always makes concerted effort to contact the parent in the event of child’s accident or illness but if the parent cannot immediately be contacted KKC will have the child transported as needed and evaluated by health care professional. Parents’ insurance will pay for any needed health care for the child. For the health and safety of all the children in our care KKC staff will not check in child who appears to be very sick or contagious on arrival at the center. VanderMark Corporation will provide the physical space required for the proposed daycare center.

Kendrick Kidz Center will provide furniture and other needed supplies. After touring the corporate buildings with VanderMark’s Facilities Director Michael Goldsmith it was tentatively agreed between Mr. Goldsmith and Kendrick Kidz Center representative Alicia Frank that meeting rooms and as well as the #2 bathroom and #2 kitchen area in VanderMark Building would serve the needs of an onsite daycare facility.

Building Meeting Room and Adjoining Kitchen #2 Capacity. infants in nursery; nursing mothers in nursing room; children in eating crafts room With the addition of floor to ceiling panels to be provided by VanderMark Corporation this extensive room will be divided into three areas. A nursery room with cribs and changing tables for infants a small private room with four rocking chairs nursing pillows and cleanup cloths to accommodate mothers who wish to nurse their infants and an eating and crafts area with tables and chairs for the children. All furniture toys and additional supplies to be provided by Kendrick Kidz Center.

The #2 kitchen area in Building which adjoins Meeting Room will serve as the food preparation area for the daycare center. As this is not full service kitchen no actual cooking is planned for the facility; only foods that can easily be microwaved or eaten cold will be offered. All dinnerware and food to be provided by Kendrick Kidz Center. Building Meeting Room and Bathroom #2 Capacity. children With the addition of tumbling mats play furniture and toys provided by Kendrick Kidz Center this room will be converted into large play area with many different activities for children of differing ages.

Bathroom #2 will be reserved for exclusive use of the daycare center. The bathroom door which now opens onto the hallway will be permanently locked and new door will be installed in the wall that adjoins Meeting Room 4.

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