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Use the Bookkeeping page to describe the services you propose for posting and maintaining financial records for your clients organization or for your own. You may also need to describe reporting requirements, tax payments, and other bookkeeping matters specific to a particular business.
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How to write my Bookkeeping document

Use this page to describe the services you propose for posting and maintaining financial records for your client’s organization or for your own. You may need to include in your discussion the names of responsible parties; the bookkeeping routines and software used; the types of transactions to be recorded; and how and when you will record and report financial transactions. You may also need to describe reporting requirements tax payments and other bookkeeping matters specific to particular business. Note that Proposal Pack includes specific financial templates for presenting actual figures such as Break Even Analysis Cash Flow Analysis Cost Benefit Analysis Profit & Loss Statement Financial Statement and many others. Introduce the general topic of bookkeeping here and explain why you are including this page. For example must you account for every penny that flows through your organization or your project. Are you offering bookkeeping services that your client needs. Explain the typical types of records you expect to maintain and describe how you will do that by filling in the categories below. You may need to add headings that are specific to bookkeeping practices for your particular type of business. Overview Insert general description of the bookkeeping practices here. For example you might want to describe your personnel and their experience basic bookkeeping methods software used and so forth. Bookkeeping Schedules Insert discussion of typical bookkeeping timelines here. For example how long does it take transaction to be recorded how often are accounts reconciled when are reports made available. Reporting Insert discussion of what sort of reports will be provided when and to whom. For example you might need to update customer’s online account within seconds after each transaction is recorded provide daily transaction record to supervisor provide quarterly records to stockholders and taxing authorities and provide yearly summaries for annual reports. Be as specific as possible about who performs the tasks when they will happen and how they will be done.

Audits Every bookkeeping system should be periodically audited to ensure that all transactions are accounted for in legal ways. Explain how often the accounts will be audited by whom and how results will be reported. You may also want to explain how needed changes or corrections will be made if an audit indicates problem. Taxes Unless you have already covered this topic under Reporting explain how and when all required taxes will be calculated and paid. Summary Summarize the topic of bookkeeping here highlighting any points you want to emphasize and referring to other pages as needed to provide details.

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