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Use the Contamination template to describe a contamination situation that you must deal with.
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How do you write a Contamination document?

Use this page to describe contamination situation that you must deal with. Introduce the general topic of contamination here and explain why you are including this page. For example are you experiencing contamination issues in products you purchase from others or do you have to deal with the issue of soil or water contamination on piece of real estate. Overview Insert general description of the contamination issue here. Analysis of Problem Describe how you discovered the contamination issue and how the contamination has been analyzed. For example have samples been tested in laboratories. Describe the results and the extent of the problem. Implications Insert discussion of the problems that you anticipate from the contamination. Contamination may cause loss of inventory total shutdown of sales or forced closing of locations or it might prevent project from moving forward before cleanup is complete. Recommendations

Describe in general the process needed to clean up or remedy the contamination problem. If the decontamination process is complex refer to other pages in your proposal for details.

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